Y&R Spoilers Dec 11 -15: Summer Finds Chance at the Coffee House, and Tucker Yells at Kyle

Monday, Dec 11 to Friday, Dec 15.

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Coming up on Y&R the week of December 11!

“Do you really think we can hit the reset button?” Sally asks.

sally asks adam aboutrestart

“I’m sure as hell willing to try,” says Adam.

“Please don’t tell me that you’re feeling like re-hiring your cousin was a mistake,” Abby says to Devon.

abby asks devon about regrets

Cole tells Michael that Claire is freaked out about being in jail.

Victoria adds that, “We told her that we would find her a lawyer.”

“You want me to defend her?” he asks in shock.

victoria asks michael to rep claire

“It won’t be long now Eve. The high and mighty Newman family will get exactly what they deserve. Every last one of them,” Jordan vows as she looks through a family album from her hotel room.

jordan and album

Young and Restless Spoilers Monday, December 11:

Monday’s Y&R episode recap has Nikki drinking after getting a strange text from Jordan.

Claire has a frightening dream that Jordan has visited her in jail. She taunts her.

Victor vows to protect Nikki at all costs.

Nikki tells Victor she does not feel shame for stripping. Later, she gets a strange text quoting Edgar Allen Poe.

Aunt Jordan unloads her luggage which includes drugs and a knife, and a photo of Eve.

Michael isn’t happy that Vicitoria and Cole want him to take Claire’s case but he goes to see her to check things out. 

Adam’s not happy that nobody told him about what has been going on with Nick, Victoria, Nikki and Victor.

Sally bumps into Nick and notices he’s in pain. He doesn’t tell her anything.

Adam makes progress with Sally.

Nikki hides booze in her coffee mug on Y&R

Young and Restless Spoilers Tuesday, December 12:

Tuesday’s Y&R recap has Devon wondering if he’ll get a call from the cops to bail Jill and Mamie out of jail. 

Ashley strategizes with Jack.

Ash tells Tucker she’ll sell Glacade and it won’t be cheap.

Mamie and Jill’s feud reaches a boiling point.

Devon and Nate work together.

Diane teaches Kyle a valuable lesson.

Diane and Kyle have pancakes and discuss strategy.

Tucker is hot for Audra but she just wants to know the next step in their scheme. 

Tucker keeps secrets from Audra. 

tucker is going to buy glacade.

Young and Restless Spoilers  Wednesday, December 13:

In Wednesday’s Y&R day ahead recap, Michael takes Claire’s case, calling it personal.

Devon and Nate reach an agreement.

Nate thanks Devon five times until Devon says to stop.

Heather makes herself at home with Daniel during Lily’s absence.

Abby notices Heather’s into Daniel and is concerned. 

Victoria and Cole vow to find out the truth about Claire.

Nikki drinks at work.

heather and daniel talk about his game

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Young and Restless Spoilers Thursday, December 14:

In Thursday, December 14 Y&R recap, Jordan disguises herself and Christine’s jealous of Phyllis and Danny. 

Victor receives suspicious news.

Nikki goes to great lengths to hide her drinking.

Danny receives a tempting invitation from Phyllis.

Jordan plots her next move.

Claire is told to check into a facility. 

Nikki boozes it up.

Sally and Adam start dating again. 

claire gawps Y&R

Young and Restless Spoilers Friday, December 15:

In Friday’s Y&R spoiler recaps, Tucker and Ashley made a deal and Summer accepted a friendly date with Chance. 

Ashley strikes a deal with Tucker.

Kyle and Audra settle unfinished business.

Summer struggles with her feelings for Chance.

summer gets advice from bro about love Y&R recaps

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