Young and Restless November Sweeps: Tension Between Nikki & Victor, Mamie Vs Jill, Lauren Probes Michael and Gloria

Co-Executive Producer/Head Writer Josh Griffith previews what’s going down with all of the Genoa City residents of Young and Restless during the fall of 2023 with Soap Opera Digest.

What’s coming up on Y&R this fall?  

Some storylines seem to write themselves while others look better on paper than they turn out on screen. Meanwhile, some storylines start out with a lot of promise but fall flat. Let’s hope for the best this season. Once you’ve read the sweeps, take a look at a detailed look at what’s coming up next week on Y&R in November.

The Newman family

Tensions are still high within the Roy Newman family as Victor’s kids try to decide how to deal with his “condition.” It’s been like a wanna-be Succession storyline. Coming up, Victor will kick his master plan in motion as he tests the loyalty and intelligence of his children. 

It’s like the head of the Newman family is bored and playing a game. He includes Nate in his game plan for some reason, of course. 

Victor clarifies to everyone that he is in command of Newman Enterprises and there will be consequences for anyone who is insubordinate.

This causes tension between Nikki and Victor since she’s against his entire plan.

Honestly, I’m not sure where they’re going with this. I’m not even sure why he thinks anyone is betraying him.

Not one time have we seen this, which makes the Black Knight look off his rocker. Not that I believe he is, even for a second.

He’s often 3-4 steps ahead. Not that endears us to this story more.

victor ca ls family meeting

The New Girl, Claire

Claire, we’ve learned is obsessed at least with Nikki and Victoria, if those news clippings tell us anything. She will continue to make herself indispensable as Nikki’s personal assistant.

She insinuates herself right into Nikki’s professional life and her personal life.

We’ve theories on who she is that would fill this page but we aren’t sure if she likes the Newmans or is out for revenge.

We’d love it to be revenge, which I find is the most intriguing of storylines, though some may want Claire to be another Newman kid.

Either way, feel free to leave your own theories below in the comments.

claire is making friends

Mariah and Tessa

They didn’t forget these two. It’s a miracle.

Tessa and Mariah’s relationship gets stronger than ever as they work hard at getting their daughter Aria the care she needs for her medical condition.

Might we see them again in the Tack House? It was nice to see the old set.

tessa and maria afraid of hearing aids

Tucker versus the Abbott family

Tucker’s revenge plot against the Abbotts backfires. It all started with the silly bugged bonsai. 

The Abbott’s rail against him, which leads Ashley to make a big decision about her relationship with Tucker. It also provides Diane with an opportunity to prove her loyalty to her husband Jack, and his family. 

This causes a ricochet effect which involves Devon and Abby in the story.

Last but not least, Chelsea is back and she and Billy begin their new chapter, though we suppose that Connor’s left in school. Will he be 19 the next time we see him?

tucker can't trust ashley

Christine and Phyllis are after Danny

Danny has two women vying for his attention, and then some.

I guess as a rock star he’s used to the attention but this screams 1985 throwback.

Danny’s trying to keep peace between Phyllis and Christine who want a relationship with him of some sort

Is Christine even ready to move on yet? Is Danny even interested in Phyllis?

We know he still has feelings for Cricket, or The Bug, as Phyllis calls her. But he’s only sticking around a while, so whoever gets into a relationship with him will be looking at a long-distance affair or will tag along.

Could Christine take a risk and follow him around the globe this time?

christine and danny hug on patio

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Kyle and Audra’s affair

It looks like Kyle’s caught in the crossfire trying to balance his affair with Audra and his loyalty to his family.

Again, there are theories about whether or not he’s betraying his family.

audra asks if kyle thinks she's using him

Chance and his babes

Danny isn’t the only guy in town with women flocking to him.

The only cop in Genoa City is hospitalized and this means we get to see more of Nina. 

It also means that with Chance in the hospital, some feelings may come out that Summer’s been keeping close to her vest. 

If Sharon hears about this, we’ll be knee-deep into another love triangle when we should be more worried about what’s happened to Chance.

summer interrupts chance and sharon

Daniel and his harem

It must be something in the water because Daniel also has two women after him.

The story is that Daniel’s much hotter to women now that he has his stuff together, a job and his own hotel suite in the fanciest place in town. 

Maybe it’s just that there’s a shortage of men in Genoa City.

Lily already suspects Heather’s feelings for Daniel aren’t just friendship. 

heather is coming back immediately

Coming up, Lily questions Heather and Daniel’s connection.

We’re not sure where this is going since in real life, Christel Khalil is pregnant and could, of course, be taking a maternity leave that could leave her off canvas for a period of time. Let us know which couple you’re rooting for — if any.

daniel lily talk about heather

The love triangle that fell apart

We’ve one less love triangle but who knows if this is over yet since Nick continues to struggle with his feelings for Sally and of course her feelings for his brother Adam. Not awkward at all.

What do we want for Christmas? For this story to be over with. Behind us. 

adam interrupts nick and sally

Lauren wants answers

With Michael and Gloria returning to Genoa City, Lauren wants some answers about their time away.

Odd, considering she just told Christine that she was on a call with Michael on November 2 and filled her in a little on what naughtiness Gloworm got herself into this time.

Could something more sinister have happened during their time away? We can tell you that Christian LeBlanc’s (Michael) time away was spent fighting and beating cancer. LeBlanc is candid in a video interview about his diagnosis, treatment and return to Y&R.

What’s nice is that the whole Fisher clan is returning in time for Thanksgiving. 

lauren thinks michael needs to work magic

Mamie versus Jill

Jill returns to Genoa City with a lot of questions where Mamie’s concerned. She wants to expose Mamie’s motive for returning to town and insinuating herself at Chancellor-WInters.

Um… except, Mamie’s truth is already kind of out there and it’s not that big of a deal.

She just wants her niece and nephews to be happy and sticks her nose in there to make it happen.

Maybe we’ll get some dramatic scenes. Some slaps?  

mamie won't reveal anything to jill

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