Y&R Spoilers Oct 16 – 20: Tucker Smashes a Glass in Anger, and Mamie Tries Getting Lily to See Things Her Way

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What’s coming up on Y&R the week of October 16?

Adam checks on Sally at her suite, when he notices how upset she is at Crimson Lights. Adam thinks she’s angry about the kiss. 

Sally rages out at Adam and unloads her frustration on him. When he asks why everything he does resonates with her, she blurts that she can’t let him go.

Adam’s surprised by Sally’s admission and does something very surprising — for Adam.

Victor tests his family.

Daniel keeps a secret.

Phyllis makes a dangerous decision.

Ashley fights back.

ashley with phone and wine


In bed, Kyle asks Audra what she wants him to do.

She wants him to form an alliance with Tucker and her.

audra tries to get kyle to do her bidding

Daniel tells Danny that there is a spare bedroom with his name on it for wherever he is in town.

daniel invites his dad to stay with him

Lily and Phyllis smile.

“Does that include extended stays?”

He was thinking of sticking around Genoa City for longer.

dany staying in Genoa City

Nick tells Victoria, “Dad is fading.”

victoria worries for her father

He thinks it’s happening faster than he ever imagined.

Victoria and Nikki look stricken.

nikki worries about victor's mental health


Monday, October 16

Monday’s Y&R day ahead recap: Sally reveals true feelings to Adam

Victor tests Nick.

Victor pretends he’s going senile again, this time to Nick, twice.

Nick and Victor use the punching bag. 

Heather asks Daniel for help in finding a place.

Lily learns of Heather’s future plans.

Heather tells Lily she’s moving back to Genoa City and it looks like Lily’s uncomfortable with the news.

Lily gets jealous.

Claire fan girls over Victoria when they meet in Nikki’s office.

Nate bumps into Claire by the elevators.

Sally unloads onto Adam at his request.

Sally tells Adam she can’t let him go.

daniel drinking

Tuesday, October 17

Tuesday’s Y&R day ahead recap: Phyllis threatens to expose Tucker and Mamie

Jack and Billy set a trap for Tucker.

Audra and Kyle mess around in bed at the Athletic club and Audra presents Kyle with a proposition.

Audra suggests to Kyle she can get him the job he wants at Jabot and considering it’s his family’s company, he’s a little confused at how that’s going to happen.

Audra wants an alliance with Kyle and Kyle has to wonder if she seduced him just to play him. Audra denies it and she and Kyle get out of bed to discuss it.

Summer and Daniel have dinner with Phyllis, and she talks about her first day at work with a young woman that she mocks.

Phyllis worries when Tucker glares at her during dinner, across the room and tries to hide behind the menu.

Daniel goes to Tucker to confront him for glaring at his mother and Tucker offers to pick up the tab for Daniel’s dinner.

Phyllis thinks Tucker is playing mind games with them which makes Summer wonder what she’s talking about.

Billy is told by Jack about the bug in the bonsai and that it’s in another room, away from prying ears. 

Billy doesn’t trust Phyllis and thinks she’s playing Jack but Jack knows her and thinks that she just wants to stop being the town pariah. She doesn’t want to hurt her daughter.

audra tries to get kyle to do her bidding

Wednesday, October 18

Wednesday’s day ahead Y&R recap: Kyle reconsiders Audra’s offer

Phyllis taunts Tucker and tells him she knows he transferred money into Mamie’s account.

Tucker reveals nothing to Phyllis though she believes he and Mamie are in cahoots. 

Audra finds Phyllis in Tucker’s suite and Phyllis calls her a predator before Tucker kicks her out.

Audra asks what Tucker did to make Phyllis so feisty and isn’t happy he has an ongoing association with Phyllis, a troublemaker. 

Diane and Traci arrive home to see Jack and Kyle in the middle of an issue. Kyle takes off making Diane worry. 

Diane crosses the line by telling Kyle what to do about Audra and Kyle pushes back. 

Traci shares words of wisdom with Jack.

Mamie and Nate have drinks at the Neil Winters lounge and discuss business and Jill, Lily and Devon. She believes Jill did nothing to make Chancellor-Winters what it is today.

Mamie points Nate in the right direction. She wants Lily and Devon to bring Nate back into the fold but he doesn’t see it happening.

mamie offers nate power

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Thursday, October 19

Thursday’s Y&R day ahead recap: Victor enjoys being cruel to his kids

Victor accelerates his plans.

Victor lays into Adam and fires him again, causing Adam quite a bit of confusion.

Nick tells Nikki and Victoria about his father ‘fading’, and that he is having memory issues. Victoria and Nikki are aghast with worry.

Daniel catches Lily off-guard. He shows her an apartment in Devon’s building that he is going to move into. 

Daniel and Lily make out in his new place.

Danny is concerned about Phyllis until she tells him she just wants sunshine in her life and a fresh start. 

Danny and Phyllis learn that Daniel has a new two-bedroom condo that is in Lily’s building and tells them he is thinking of staying in Genoa City a bit longer. 

Daniel offers a room to his father in his new condo.

Nate tells Victor that Adam’s doing a great job at work and later, Adam reveals to Nate that something is up with his father.

Adam opens up to Nate about his father’s forgetfulness and his concerns and Nate recalls Victoria having the same concerns. 

Victoria and Nick have an intervention of sorts with Victor that does not go over well.

danny concerned about phyllis ott

Friday, October 20

Friday’s Y&R day ahead recap: Tucker flies into a rage

Victor prepares to retaliate against an adversary.

Nikki lashes out at Victor for his horrible and cruel plans against their children.

Victor thinks Victoria would betray him.

Devon interrogates Nate.

Nate tells Devon he doesn’t want to go to CW and he’s happy at Newman.

Jill digs for dirt on Mamie.

Jill, Devon and Lily have a meeting and Jill tries to figure out what’s going on with Mamie.

Mamie goes to Tucker and they discuss their plans, why they have an alliance and what they want from it.

Lily learns Mamie wants Nate back at CW. Lily doesn’t want that and doubts it’s what Nate wants, either.

Devon talks to his father about Ashley, that gift he gave Jack and Diane and if he’s trustworthy.

Tucker contacts Ashley to see if there is a chance for them and she shoots him down.

tucker throws a glass

Coming up on Y&R the week of October 23!

Victor makes a promise.

Nick stands his ground.

Audra entices Kyle.

Christine makes a confession.

victor acting forgetful

Thursday November 2!

A special occasion is coming. Y&R is commemorating Lauralee Bell’s 40th year on the show playing Christine Blair Williams.

Recently, Christine went to Portugal to see Paul and discuss their marriage.

When she returns, she will be at a crossroads, personally and professionally.

Look for Christine to lean on Nina (Tricia Cast) and Danny (Michael Damian).

During the episode, viewers will see flashbacks to Christine’s time on the show. 

christine vows justice

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