Phyllis Threatens to Expose Tucker’s Link to Mamie and Audra Asks Kyle to Join Her Alliance with Tucker to Get Jabot

Mon Oct 16, Y&R day ahead recap: Billy and Jack discuss Phyllis’ loyalties, Phyllis’ kids wonder about her relationship with Tucker, and Tucker tells Phyllis she owes him.

Wednesday’s Y&R day ahead: Sally told Adam she couldn’t let go of him, and Victor tricked Nick into thinking he’s losing it.

(Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for Oct 16, 2023 episode airs in the USA on Oct 17. Live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Kyle and Audra have sex in her suite. After, she asks him why they ever stopped so he reminds her she fired him.

kyle audra kissing in bed

They kiss and she changes the subject.

Although she suspects his first instinct will be to say no, she has a proposition.

Before making it, she asks if he’s convinced his father to give him Billy’s job.

Angrily, he says it’s a non-starter.

kyle and audra in bed

Kyle assumes his dad doesn’t think he has what it takes. He’s feeling pushed out of the family.

Why is she so interested in this?

He prompts her to get back to her risky proposition. They have sex.

Once that’s out of the way, she tells him they have no more sneaking around to do. It will be just them.

kyle and audra in bed

She explains she might be able to offer him a position at Jabot.

That confuses him.

She’s offering the job he wants and tells him his family only owns the company for now.

“What are you asking me to do?” he asks.

She wants him to join her alliance with Tucker.

audra has proposition for kyle

One way or another, Tucker will get his hands on the company.

He asks if she was playing him.

She urges him to hear her out and admits that McCall offered her the top job.

They could run Jabot together.

kyle thinks this is crazy

He won’t betray his parents. She says he doesn’t owe them.

This sounds insane to him but she thinks it’s an opportunity for both of them.

She isn’t exactly hearing a “no.”

audra tells kyle plan

As they dress, he asks what makes her think she won’t tell his father about this.

She’s sure he knows this makes sense and asks him to think of himself rather than accept crumbs from his family.

kyle audra dressing

He thinks what she’s proposing would blow up his family.

She says they could keep his family dynasty alive.

Kyle points out she’s not family.

She repeats this could be the chance of a lifetime for him and his family won’t give it to him.

audra urges kyle to be selfish

Billy arrives at the Abbott estate and Jack informs him that Tucker’s bonsai had a listening device in it.

McCall is still after them.

jack tells billy about bug

Their sister did almost the same thing years ago.

Phyllis tipped Jack off this time.

That makes Billy suspicious.

Jack agrees but the information she gave them is useable.

billy and jack talk mccall

Part of him thinks she wants to redeem herself since she’s tired of people crossing the street when they see her.

Billy remains skeptical and is sure Tucker is using her.

His brother thinks they need to look past her motivations as long as what she does benefits them.

jack hands billy drink

Billy wonders what hold Tucker must have on her.

Her lies will catch up on her and that must be exhausting.

Jack is sure that Phyllis is trying to win back her children.

That’s to their benefit.

jack listens to billy plan

He says Tucker doesn’t know they are onto him about the listening device and they can use it for misdirection.

Billy is sure McCall would see through that.

billy and jack consider next move

He thinks they should release all the dirt they have on Tucker to show they are not backing down.

Kyle rushes in. His father senses something is wrong.

kyle not looking alright

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Phyllis joins her kids for dinner at Society, happy they can all act normal.

Her son reminds her they’ve given her a clean start.

phyllis with kids

She tells them all about her new job and how she’s not the boss.

She’s working for a “so very young lady” and behaved herself.

phyllis talks new job

Daniel says the trick will be showing her team spirit can last more than a day.

His mom promises not to let him down.

She’s feeling really positive like it will be all smooth sailing from here on out.

Her children look unconvinced.

Tucker walks in. He saunters over to say how radiant Phyllis is looking and then goes to the bar.

tucker glares at phyllis and kids

Summer asks her mom what is going on between them.

Phyllis says he just likes making people uncomfortable.

When McCall glares over at her, Daniel goes over to have a word.

McCall claims he was just jealous to see how beautiful they look as a family.

It makes him wonder if he should be more forgiving of Ashley.

Daniel suggests he jump on a plane and find out.

tucker tells daniel he's jealous

Tucker offers to pay their dinner tab.

Daniel returns to his family and his mom says McCall is playing games with them.

She’s happy to let him pick up the tab though.

daniel sarcastic to mom

Summer asks again what is going on between them.

Her mom tells her to let it go.

phyllis tells kids it's nothing

Phyllis insists that she and Tucker are nothing to each other and are nothing alike.

She suggests they leave immediately and calls for the check.

phyllis calls for bill

Tucker already paid. Summer tells her to thank him. Daniel back this up.

They watch their mom walk over to Tucker to thank him, mumbling “bottom feeder” under her breath.

He laughs.

tucker laughs at phyllis

He knows she’s been feeding Jack information and asks if she really thinks she can play both sides.

She’s not on his side.

He’s upset that she’s sold him out and has to make it up to him.

Phyllis tells him they are done and he is paranoid.

phyllis bickering with tucker

He plays a recording of Jack talking about what she has on him. As McCall tells her to meet him in his room, the kids come over to investigate.

summer daniel interrupt mom and tucker

Tucker covers and takes off.

The kids ask her why that thank you took so long.

Summer demands she give them the truth. Otherwise, they are walking away from her.

summer and daniel demand answers from phyllis

Phyllis claims she’s just been helping Jack.

She hacked into Tucker’s computer and found out about the listening devices.

McCall found out and demanded help in turn but she refused.

“Tucker McCall has met his match,” she says.

phyllis explains herself to kids

She insists that she’s the good guy in all this.

Her kids point out that she was working a scam and has made herself a target.

Daniel points out she could have refused to be part of all this and assumes she’s taking a shortcut to win back Jack’s favor.

daniel and summer ague with mom

His mom insists there was no less sketchy way for her to do the right thing.

They bicker about being fair and she declares she’s giving up on trying to do the right thing to please them.

phyllis tired of trying to do right thing

Phyllis storms off and Summer sighs and slouches.

summer sigh

After Phyllis downs a glass of wine, her kids apologize if they have been unfair.

It’s not cool for them to always doubt her motives.

phyllis downs some wine

She assures them she can handle Tucker.

“Don’t do anything stupid,” Summer begs.

“Me?” asks Phyllis, insisting she’s far from stupid.

phyllis claims she's in control

She gets a text and claims she has unfinished work and needs to get back to the office.

After telling them this is the beginning of her new life, she takes off.

Summer doesn’t know what to think of this but wishes they could have a normal night with their mom.

She’s sure there is more to this story and it doesn’t have a happy ending.

summer wishes things were normal

Phyllis drops by Tucker’s suite.

He expects she’s seen the reason of falling in line.

tucker lets phyllis in

Laughing, she says she’s holding the cards.

She did a deep dive and found out about the connection he has to Mamie.

phyllis tells tucker she's in driver's seat

She knows they are silent partners.

The redhead is sure this puts her in the driver’s seat and asks how they should proceed.

tucker listens to phyllis

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