Nikki Worries About Victor’s Cruelty, and Threatens Adam While Victor Tears Into Nick and Victoria When They Worry About His Health

Wed Oct 18, Y&R day ahead recap: Danny and Phyllis have breakfast, Daniel moves into Lily’s building, and Adam tells Nate his concerns.

Tuesday’s Y&R day ahead: After eavesdropping on Jack, Kyle reconsidered Audra’s offer, and Mamie suggested Jill’s days were numbered.

(Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for Oct 19, 2023 episode airs in the USA on Oct 19. Live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Daniel stops by Lily’s penthouse and asks if she’s busy.

He has something exciting to show her and leads her off.

daniel lures lily out

Daniel takes Lily to his new apartment down the stairs from hers.

She jokes about how hard it will be to get away from him.

They kiss. She hopes he’ll move in.

daniel and lily apartment

He was hoping she liked the idea of him in the building so he already bought it.

She thinks that was presumptuous and he jokes about how persuasive he can be.

They make out.

daniel tells lily he's moving in

He warns that he will need help decorating.

They talk about how to make it cool and comfy. She suggests he hire Sally.

Daniel suggests they tour the apartment very slowly.

Eventually, she points out they need to get to work.

daniel and lily in new place

He suggests they come back for a celebration later.

He tempts her into being late and they make out.

Phyllis arrives at the GCAC and asks Danny if she can join her.

He agrees since she’s in a good mood.

phyllis joins danny at club

She hasn’t felt so upbeat in a long time and has scraped the last bits on a nasty connection off her shoe.

She’s finally feeling optimistic about her future for the first time in a long time.

phyllis tells danny she's optimistic

Phyllis won’t explain her “nasty connection” and insists it’s over, just like she’s over all of her past.

Her enthusiasm seems over the top to him but she refuses to deal with any skepticism and only wants to seek the sun wherever she goes.

She begs him to say he’s happy for her so he does. Her upbeat attitude is infectious.

danny concerned about phyllis ott

Phyllis asks the waiter to box his breakfast and give her an order to go.

phyllis optomistic

Phyllis takes Danny to the park with their breakfasts.

She knows she’s been reckless, violent, and moody.

phyllis and danny picnic

He says that’s an understatement.

She adds competitive and fierce.

But they’ve all changed and she’s moved on.

They talk about her new job and she understands their son’s mistrust.

She’s just trying to live in the present.

phyllis on teh future

Danny wonders where all of this is coming from. Phyllis says he’s taught her that you are how you feel.

phyllis and danny earing

They chat about his concerts.

Daniel and Lily stop by and he reminds his mom she needs to get to work.

daniel and lily apartment

They tell his parents that he’s got an apartment and there’s guest room for his dad.

Danny hopes that includes extended stays because he’s thinking of sticking around longer than he’d expected.

danny might stay

They agree to have drinks later.

Lily and Danny reluctantly agree.

Nick meets his sister and mother at Newman.

After they bicker about Nate, Nick explains that he was up all night worrying.

nick tells victoria and nikki victor is fading

He’s witnessed that his father is fading and it’s happening faster than he’d ever imagined.

Nick explains that he was having a normal conversation with his father but he kept slipping up on details.

He knows everyone has lapses, but Victor seemed to think that Adam and Sally were still having a baby.

That confused him and he took off.

This is worse than Victoria thought.

Nick adds his father wants him back at the company.

victoria and nick talk dad

He assumes that was an unconscious cry for help.

nick explains his concerns about his father

His sister takes this as proof that her concerns have been justified and she’s not just hatching a revenge plot.

Nikki says it could just be natural memory loss.

Her kids think it could be something worse.

It’s killing them to talk about this.

nikki says could be normal memory loss

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Victor finds Adam at Society.

His son assures him that he’s not slacking.

adam claims he's working

His father tells him he knows what he’s up to and orders him to stop insulting his intelligence.

When Adam claims he’s trying to fix things by starting from the bottom, his father snaps that he’s done with him playing the victim.

He doesn’t want anything to do with him and he’s fired.

victor rails at adam

Victor sits with his back to him and bangs the table.

Adam looks baffled.

victor turns back on adam

Nate walks in, looks around and arches an eyebrow.

“Nate? How the hell are you man?”

Victor asks, offering him a seat.

victor asks nate to sit

Nate explains he has a meeting with Adam and adds he’s doing a great job. Victor tells him to have a good day.

Unbuttoning his jacket, Nate sits with Adam and notices he seems off. He wonders if he had a run-in with his father.

Taking a breath, Adam says they can discuss that later.

nate sits with adam

They walk over to Victor, who says he will see them at the office. Adam stares at him for a moment and then leaves.

nate and adam confused by victior

Victor eats chocolate cake and smiles.

victor eating cake

At Newman, Adam tells Nate about his father’s extreme memory lapses and his meltdown.

He fired him and then forgot about it.

nate and adam worry about company

That sounds off to Nate and he adds that Victoria thinks her father has been erratic.

Adam worries it could be more than that but Nate has his doubts.

nate and adam worry about company

They all need to go into protective mode.

Nate nods and squints.

nate thinks about the company

Victoria and Nick go to Crimson Lights.

She’s relieved he’s finally on her side.

nick worries to sister about how to handle things

He makes it clear he won’t be part of some attempt to push their father out.

She insists this is real worry and they start worrying about their mom handling this.

It’s crazy for him to even think about the invincible Victor Newman slipping away.

His sister wonders what else is wrong.

He explains he’s done with Sally and doesn’t want to discuss it.

victoria and nick talk situation

They need to have a serious talk with their father.

They need to be upfront or their father will push back harder than normal.

nick worries to victoria about confronting dad

She’s not sure how well he will react to this.

Nikki joins Victor at Society and tells him how shaken up his children are about him.

victor tells nikki he doesn't recall

He claims his son was just confused. She asks if he is. He insists he’s not.

Nikki is frightened and so are the children.

Her husband says there’s nothing to worry about.

nikki asks victor about plan

She wonders if this is part of his plan to look for who will betray him. If it is, this is too cruel.

She’s sure that must be Adam, but he suggests it will prove things one way or another.

victro tells nikki not to worry

When Nikki and Victor get to the office, he walks right by Adam, who asks Nikki to talk.

victor walks past adam

They step aside and he asks if his father has seemed off lately.

She doesn’t want to discuss that with him but he insists the one thing they have in common is they care for him.

nikki tells adam to back off

Nikki warns that if he tries to undermine his father, she will destroy him.

Adam says she’s wrong and she orders him to walk away before this gets ugly.

adam asks nikki about father

She tells him she is watching his every move and won’t let him break Victor’s heart again.

Nick and Victoria corner their father in his office to tell them how concerned they are.

victoria and nick are concerned

“What the hell are you talking about?” he asks.

victor is not impressed

They tell him they are worried the pressure is getting to him and know he would express the same concern if either of them seemed off.

Waving his finger at his daughter, he asks if this is her doing, accusing her of trying to reclaim the CEO position.

His daughter promises she’s just trying to protect him.

Victor promises he will no longer tolerate them stabbing him in the back. He orders them out.

They walk out past Adam.

victor waving finger

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