Tucker is Thrown When Ashley Admits She Bought his Debt, Victor Refuses Adam’s Ultimatum, and Daniel Starts to Spiral Into Depression

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Ashley upsets Tucker, and he learns someone else put a bid in for his company while Daniel spirals after seeing Heather and Lucy off, and doesn’t want to go through with his work anymore. 

In the previous episode of Y&R, Phyllis slammed Jack for his hypocrisy and Stark pushed Phyllis to work with him against Diane, Kyle begged for forgiveness and Adam gave his father an ultimatum. 

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for February 17, 2023 episode airs in the USA February 18. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Chloe and Sally talk outside of Society. Chloe’s excited to talk to Jill about their pitch. She’s positive they’ll get it.

Sally’s not ready for a full-on celebration. Chloe knows she has a lot on her mind. Sally finds it hard to focus on anything but who her baby daddy is.

chloe excited about prospect Y&R early recaps soaps spoilers

They head inside and a worried Sally listens as her friend assures that no matter what, she’ll be a great mother. People all over the world are going to want to work with them. Sally calls Chloe a good friend. Chloe says no matter what, she can count on her. They hug. 

chloe a good friend Y&R early recaps

At his suite at Grand Phoenix, Daniel tells his kid he has always loved her and always will.

She’s the most important thing in his life and she’s the light that helped lead him out of darkness.

little lucy Y&R recaps

He’ll never be that guy who lets her down. He plans on earning her trust. He wants to be available for talks, texts, video chats or emails anytime.

He slips on the bracelet she gave him. They hug and Heather appears, sending Lucy to get her backpack. Daniel thanks her for giving them time alone.

Heather needs to say a few things. First, Daniel fills her in on his talk with their kid. Then she tells him she hopes he’s proceeding with caution.

daniel hugs lucy Y&R early recaps soaps spoilers

He’s offended. She doesn’t mean to offend but Lucy’s been hurting for a while. He knows. Heather begs him not to push her.

Lucy returns and the women go see Grandpa Paul. Later, Lily calls to talk about work. He tells her to meet him now. He could use a friend.

heather warns daniel Y&R early recaps

Christine arrives at the penthouse. Abby tells them Dom’s asleep and she’s going to check on him while they talk.

Devon appreciates her help in trying to get his company back.

Christine asks if he’s sure he wants to do this. Devon’s given Jill and Lily all the time to change their minds and they haven’t.

He thinks they backed him into a corner and will feel the consequences. Abby returns and Christine says she’ll be in touch. 

devon feels backed corner Y&R recaps


At Crimson Lights, Adam asks what his father thinks.

Remove Victoria as CEO of Newman and hire him instead.

Victor respects his brazenness.

adam knows the truth Y&R early recaps soaps spoilers

He calls it an ultimatum. Adam doesn’t care what it’s called. He wants his dad to prove himself. Victor can’t do that.

Adam gets up and Victor barks, “Son, we are not done here. Sit down!” He thinks his son’s playing games. Adam’s not.

He doesn’t want to be her lackey. Vic says he won’t allow that. He has a second phase coming.

dam doesn’t know if he believes it. He’ll give his dad 24 hours to agree to his offer. He goes.

victors crimson lights Y&R recaps

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria tells Nate and Nick that Tucker offered to sell her his company.

Nick’s skeptical. Nate tells them about Audra tattling on them to Tucker.

She assured him it was the right call. Nate thinks he made this move before they could convince him to sell for less.

She thinks it’s right time to buy it though Nick has concerns. 

vicky natae and nick Y&R early recaps soaps spoilers

Alone, Victoria and Victor meet at her office where she tells her dad about Audra’s move.

She takes a call and seems shocked.

She tells Victor there’s no chance to make a move on the company.

Someone else beat them to the chance. They wonder if it’s Devon who did it.

vicky on a call Y&R rrecaps

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Tucker arrives at the Abbott household ready to show Ashley he’s a changed man.

She asks if he made it happen already. He smiles.

He’s wiping the slate clean and selling McCall Limited. She’s stunned he’s letting it all go.

He admits he’s excited. They smile. Maybe he was ready, she says. She knows his back was against the wall.

He calls her presumptuous.

She thinks he was strategic to ensure nobody knew about his debt.

ashley and tucker at home Y&R early recaps soaps spoilers

He stops smiling. She thinks this is done out of ego, which bothers him. He said he’d do this for her.

He’s following through, divesting himself of this company he’s had for years. For her.

She likes to see him squirm. “God knows you have put me through it,” she says.

“Fair enough,” he agrees. He can’t expect her to believe he’d change overnight. He gets a text and seems shocked.

He gets on a call and learns someone else, not Victoria, bought his debt. He wonders to Ashley who it could be. She laughs.

He can tell she’s enjoying this. She admits she bought his debt. “I own you. I’m not going to make it easy for you.”

tucker yells at ashley Y&R recaps soaps spoilers

Lily arrives at Daniel’s room at Grand Phoenix and he unloads everything that happened to him with Heather seeing someone else and Lucy’s pain over what he did.

Lily thinks he should be happy he’s on the way to forgiveness with Lucy.

He knows but it’s a long way from seeing her on a daily basis.

He doesn’t have the energy or will to continue moving forward with this project.

Lily tries to talk him out of his slide into depression but he needs to be alone. “To process.”

lily with daniel Y&R early recaps


Nick arrives at Society and breaks up the women.

nick Y&R recaps

Chloe goes and Adam sees Nick snuggle Sally and looks unhappy.

He approaches and they tell him they were just leaving.

He says he’s sure they’ll cross paths again and they walk away.

adam society with nick and sally Y&R recaps

Christine runs into Nate in the hall at the condo.

He asks why she’s there and she skirts the question and he asks if it’s about his cousin’s company.

Christine ignores that and walks off.

Back inside their unit, Abby tries to talk Devon out of the lawsuit. 

christine ignores nate question Y&R early recaps

Lily runs into Christine at Society.

She tells her about the lawsuit and how she’s working with Devon.

Lily is upset. Christine asks if there’s a chance to save face. Lily says they’ve tried.

Once Christine is gone, Lily calls Amanda, begging her to return to defend their company against Devon.

christine society with lily Y&R recaps

Daniel goes to the park to think about Lucy.

daniel thinking park Y&R recaps

At Crimson Lights, Nick and Sally arrive and she tells him the paternity test results are in.

sally paternity results Y&R recaps

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