Victor Threatens Stark, Diane Gloats to Phyllis, Stark Rattles Diane & Adam Agrees to Return to Newman if Victor Gives him Victoria’s Job

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Jack and Phyllis get into it, Phyllis is snubbed by family, and Kyle and Summer rehash their issues.

In the previous episode of Y&R, Stark and Phyllis discuss taking Diane down and Elena wanted to go away with Nate but he put her off, and Lucy saw her dad. 

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for February 16, 2023 episode airs in the USA February 17. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Daniel, Heather, and Lucy dine at Society when Phyllis arrives and comments that it’s a surprise to see them all together.

She gets a cold reception.

When Lucy calls her Phyllis, Heather corrects her that it’s Grandma. Phyllis corrects that it’s Phyllis.

phyllis interrupts family Y&R early recaps soaps spoilers

She asks why Heather didn’t fly back with her. Daniel tells her to stop butting in.

She assumes Lucy will want to see family but they tell her they’re going to see Christine and Paul before they go home.

Phyllis is shocked they didn’t set up a visit with her. They walk out on her and she reels.

phyllis and lucy Y&R early recaps soaps spoilers

Stark says hello to Victor at Crimson Lights.

Vic lowers his glasses. “Do I know you?” He realizes who he is.

victor at crimson lights Y&R early recaps soaps spoilers

“You’re the slimeball who was involved in stealing my necklace.” How is he walking free?

Stark says Diane and Jack framed him. That doesn’t surprise Victor. Stark thinks they have a lot in common.

Victor doesn’t think the enemy of his enemy makes them friends. He puts the man on notice, telling him to stay away from those he cares about or he’ll come after him.

stark greets victor Y&R early recaps soaps spoilers

Jack and Diane joke at home about making an important decision about what side of the bed each wants when Summer appears.

She notes her mother-in-law has made herself comfortable.

Jack says he doesn’t like her tone.

diane drinks tea with jackie boy Y&R early recaps soaps spoilers

She’s sorry. She’s so angry with Kyle it came out naturally. Jack gets it. She can’t believe he went behind her back.

Diane’s sure he’s sorry but that doesn’t make it right. Jack says pretty much everything’s forgivable.

He woke up today determined to put this behind him. Kyle’s repentant, so they can forgive.

Summer knows. She wants to forgive him but isn’t there yet.

summer looks fab Y&R early recaps soaps spoilers

At Jabot, Adam wishes that  Kylye would make up with Jack. It’s a bad idea to team up with Victor. “I’m not you but thanks,” Kyle says.

Adam says he’s not giving an inch. Adam admires his willingness to go to extremes to protect his family.

Kyle bites out that it’ll never change. Adam takes off and brings a box back.

Summer has arrived and Adam says there are no hard feelings.

adam forgives kyle Y&R early recaps soaps spoilers

He did what he had to do. Summer denies that he had to hurt his family.

Adam doesn’t want to get involved but his intentions were well-meaning.

He wishes them success and goes, leaving Kyle to ask why she can’t forgive him when Adam can. “He’s not married to you,” she reminds him.

kyle and summer with adam Y&R early recaps soaps spoilers


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He’s apologetic and asks to put it behind them. She scowls. If nobody found out what he did, would he have felt bad.

He treated her like an obstacle to overcome. She felt like he couldn’t trust her.

He says he can and calls it a mistake. She’s not sure it was. They go back and forth.

She worries if she sweeps it under the rug, it’ll happen again. He tries to convince her otherwise and she asks for patience. They say I love you and kiss.

summer wont' forgive kyle Y&R early recaps soaps spoilers

At Society, Phyllis sees Jack and Diane, who gloats and rubs their relationship in Phyllis’ face.

Phyllis finds that ironic that Jack doesn’t mind Diane rubbing her face in their relationship but when she did it, he didn’t like it.

phyllis annoyed by jack Y&R early recaps soaps spoilers

Jack says this is nothing like that. He wants to move on from the past with forgiveness.

“You’re kidding, right?” Phyllis says and leaves.

Jack admits Diane was being overzealous but he likes it.

phyllis with diane and jack Y&R early recaps soaps spoilers

Outside, Phyllis is surprised to see Stark walk by her. She watches as he goes in and approaches Jack and Diane.

Jack jumps up and Diane asks if he broke out of jail.

He says no, his lawyers got rid of the ridiculous charges.

He asks to join them and Jack says no and asks what he wants.

stark wants money Y&R recaps

Stark wants money. He warns Jack not to underestimate Diane and lets them know he’ll be sticking around Genoa City for a while.

He leaves and Phyllis is still outside. He asks how that looked. She asks what he’s doing.

He seems amused that she can’t look away. He sees himself in her. She lives for the game like him.

She calls him deranged and walks away.stark wants phyllis help Y&R recaps

Adam finds Victor at Crimson Lights.

He tells his dad he resigned from Jabot. “I’ll be damned,” Vic says.

Adam says his interference played a big part. Victor chuckles.

Adam thinks it’s despicable how he went after this, though he was right all along.

adam knows the truth Y&R early recaps soaps spoilers

He didn’t fit in there. Victor says it took him a while to figure that out. Adam wants to know what his phase two is.

When Vic doesn’t say, Adam assumes he wants him back at Newman. Victor has a challenge in mind for him.

Victor hates that his son is so cynical. He’s bright and talented.

He thinks Adam took the Jabot job to piss him off but Adam says that’s not it. Victor wants them to work together and wants him in their family.

Adam says to give him Victoria’s job and he’s all his.

victor with adam Y&R early recaps soaps spoilers

At Grand Phoenix, Heather gives Daniel and Lucy time to talk in his room.

She’s upset to give her phone up. When Daniel prods her to see how she’s feeling, she insists she’s fine.

He thought they were doing so well yesterday and seems like things have changed.

He notices her bracelet’s blue and thought her favorite color is pink. She says it’s sage green, now.

He asks why she’s wearing blue.

heather lucy daniel Y&R early recaps soaps spoilers

She says his favorite color is blue. She missed him a lot when they moved to Portugal.

The old him. The kids all talked about their dad’s visit.

She couldn’t. He says she has a lot of people who love him but she points out there’s only one him.

daniel learns fave colour of lucy Y&R early recaps soaps spoilers

She bought the bracelet so she wouldn’t forget that she had a dad who loved her once.

Daniel’s sorry he wasn’t there for her. He’s becoming that man she can be proud of.

He talks about how hard it was for him to think of others when he was in the dumps.

He’ll regret it always. She gifts him her bracelet and says she never forgot him. It made her feel closer to him.

little lucy Y&R recaps

Coming up on Y&R next week!

Victoria tells Victor there’s no time to make a move on Tucker’s company.

“Somebody beat us to the punch.”

vicky says someone beat them to the punch Y&R recaps

Billy stops by Jabot. He jokes about Jack hiring him as Co-CEO.

Jack admits that if Billy wanted to, he would hire him.

billy wants job Y&R recaps

 In Crimson Lights, Sally tells Nick, “Oh my God, the paternity results are in.”

nick at crimson lights Y&R recaps



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