Jake Reveals Kate, Kayla and Marlena Aren’t Really Dead, Orpheus Confesses a DiMera Stole the Orchid & Allie and Chanel Say a Touching Goodbye

Days of our Lives recap for Monday, February 20, 2023.

In today’s Days recap, Kate, Kayla and Marlena are saved from Hell by Jake DiMera, who reveals they’re actually alive, Roman stops John and Steve from killing Orpheus, who rewards the favor by telling them a DiMera stole the orchid and Allie and Chanel say their goodbyes and go their separate ways.

In the last Days recap, Marlena made a deal with the Devil, Anna convinced Roman to stop the plot against Orpheus, while John and Steve were shocked when Orpheus claimed someone else was responsible for their wives’ deaths.

In the Statesville Prison lounge, Roman has told Lucas he’s calling off the plan to kill Orpheus. Lucas is outraged Roman wants to let Kate’s killer off the hook.

Roman tells Lucas that Kate communicated with him via her urn to tell him to call the murder plot off.

Lucas doesn’t believe it, so Roman explains Kate was reaching out to stop them from doing something they would regret for the rest of their lives.

Lucas reminds Roman they’re in a guarded prison. They can’t just storm the infirmary and stop John and Steve without blowing their cover.

Roman has a flash of an idea. He tells Lucas to pretend he’s drunk – right now! 

Lucas kiboshes the idea because the guards already saw him “drunk.” They need to come up with another plan.

Roman says he’ll figure out a way to get to the infirmary. He has to, for Kate.

roman wants to stop the men days recaps


Anna sits alone at the Brady Pub bar eyeballing Kate’s urn. After a moment, she starts a conversation, asking why Kate only talks to Roman from the great beyond.

Anna wonders if it’s like a Magic 8-Ball situation, so she picks the urn up and gives it a shake. She asks if she’ll get everything she wants for her birthday this year, but there’s no response.

“Please keep watching out over Roman,” Anna tells the urn. “And let him get to Statesville in time.”

anna and kate's urn days of our lives recaps soaps spoilers

“In time for what?” Paulina asks. She’s just walked into the pub.

Anna tries to make small talk with Paulina about how sad the triple funeral for Kate, Kayla and Marlena was, but Paulina can tell that Anna is trying to change the subject.

Paulina asks if she just overheard Anna talking to a dead woman.

Anna admits she was talking to Kate’s urn. She says she’s very comfortable talking to urns after she thought she’d lost Tony.

Paulina gets the conversation back on track and asks what Anna meant when she said she hoped Roman gets to the prison in time.

Anna lies and says Kate was concerned about Lucas’s sobriety, so Roman was going to visit him.

anna and paulina talk about roman days of our lives recaps soaps spoilers

Despite Orpheus’s claim that someone else is responsible for the deaths of Kate, Kayla and Marlena, Steve still wants to give him the fatal morphine injection.

John asks Orpheus who the culprit is, but Steve wants to go through with the murder. Orpheus says that once he’s gone, they’ll never know who the real killer is.

Steve thinks Orpheus is stalling and recounts Orpheus taking revenge against them through their wives. Orpheus admits to that but reminds them the women survived their first bout of the poisoning.

The person responsible for their wives’ deaths is the orchid thief and Orpheus can tell them who it is – if they don’t kill him first.

steve john orpheus in statesville days of our lives recaps soaps spoilers

Orpheus thinks whoever stole the orchid is just as guilty as he is and just as deserving of their revenge.

John wants to hear what Orpheus has to say, but Steve thinks he’s stalling for time.

Orpheus says he’ll identify the thief when Steve puts down the syringe. He reminds them he’s in prison while the real culprit is out living it up, free as a bird.

If they kill Orpheus, they made never know who was responsible for their wives’ deaths.

“I can live with that,” Steve says and starts to give Orpheus the morphine injection.

Just then, Roman bursts in and pulls the syringe away.

roman stops steve from killing orpheus Days recaps SoapsSpoilers

Steve can’t believe Roman is calling the whole thing off because he heard Kate talking to him from beyond the grave.

“How is the old bird?” Orpheus asks. “Settling in, is she?”

Steve thinks Roman’s guilty conscience has his mind playing tricks on him. John interjects to remind Steve of his own experience with Kayla.

John tells Roman about Orpheus’s claim that he knows who stole the orchid and then releases Orpheus from his restraints.

roman and steve statesville Days recaps SoapsSpoilers

The plot is over and Orpheus will not be identifying the orchid thief.

Roman says they need to go home, honor their wives’ memories, and leave Orpheus to rot in prison.

As they leave, Orpheus stops them with the offer of thanks for sparing his life. He’s willing to offer them a clue to the identity of the orchid thief.

orpheus says a dimera stole the orchid Days recaps

Back at the pub, Anna’s phone rings. It’s Lucas calling from Statesville. He says Roman asked him to call so Anna wouldn’t worry.

Lucas tells her Roman is still trying to stop John and Steve from killing Orpheus.

After Anna hangs up, Paulina tells her she overheard and is outraged that Roman is stopping the plan. She thinks Orpheus should get what he deserves.

Anna says someone got Roman to change his mind and they both look at Kate’s urn.

anna call from lucas Days recaps SoapsSpoilers

Kate, Kayla and Marlena are facing down Nick in purgatory after telling him they refuse to go to Hell.

Nick is dismissive and asks them to follow him down to the bowels of eternal fire.

“Do be careful,” he warns them. “That first step is a bitch.”

kate marlena kayla fight nick days of our lives recaps soaps spoilers

Kate flips her lid and smashes one of the urns, demanding Nick stay away from them. She’s convinced the three of them can take Nick down.

Kate gives out shards of the broken urn to defend themselves. Nick isn’t scared and reminds them who he works for.

His eyes spark and the broken urn pieces disappear from their hands.

nick forces women to walk Days recaps SoapsSpoilers

With dramatic flair, Nick makes the doors to Hell to fling open. Then, the women start walking towards the entrance, against their own will.

“Wait!” someone else calls out. They all turn to see Jake DiMera.

Kate can’t believe the two-bit gangster who cheated on her made it into Heaven.

Jake says Nick tricked them and, as an angel, Jake can’t allow him to take the women to Hell under false pretenses.

Nick says the contracts they signed are valid, but Jake says this isn’t about the contracts.

jake dimera great beyond Days recaps SoapsSpoilers

Jake reminds Nick of Halloween 2021 when resurrected Nick kidnapped Jake and took him to the cemetery to bury him alive.

“Good times,” Nick smiles.

Nick says although the women suffered untimely deaths and may have been tricked into selling their souls, they’re all going to Hell. 

Jake says he can’t let that happen because Kate, Kayla and Marlena are not actually dead.

Jake tells them it’s not Kate’s ashes in the urn and it wasn’t Kayla and Marlena’s bodies that were buried this morning.

kate marlena kayla surprised not dead Days recaps SoapsSpoilers

The women are confused. If they’re still alive, why are they in purgatory? Jake explains Nick took advantage of their situations and plucked their souls from their bodies.

“But if our bodies weren’t buried or cremated, where are they?” Marlena asks. “Where are we?”

Inside a laboratory Kate, Kayla and Marlena’s bodies are in cryogenic chambers labeled with the DiMera Enterprises logo.

dimera logo on pod days recaps

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Allie is in her apartment, packing for her trip. There’s a knock at the door.

It’s Chanel. She’s there to drop off her key and get the last of her things.

Chanel sees the packed luggage and Allie tells Chanel she’s moving to New Zealand.

Allie tells her the plans are set and she and Henry leave tonight with Sonny and Will.

chanel says bye to allie days of our lives recaps soaps spoilers

Chanel is stunned and doesn’t understand why their breakup means Allie must move to another hemisphere.

Allie doesn’t think working together at the bakery would work for either one of them. She goes on to apologize again for having sex with Alex.

Allie says if she stayed in Salem, she would be constantly reminded of what a fool she’s been.

“I’ve made a mess of things here in Salem,” Allie says. “So I think it’s best if I make a go of it somewhere else.”

Chanel thinks Allie is taking things too far by moving so far away. Just because they broke up doesn’t mean Chanel never wants to see Allie again.

Chanel admits she still loves Allie and always will but encourages Allie to go if she thinks this is what’s best for her and Henry.

allie says cheating worst mistake days of our lives recaps soaps spoilers

The two women tearfully say how much they will miss each other.

When Chanel comes out of the bedroom with her stuff, Allie shows her a strip of photo booth pics of them together at their favorite club in London. They reminisce about the good times they had across the pond.

“Those were some of the best days and nights of my life,” Chanel says, and Allie agrees.

Allie tears the photo strip in half and gives one piece to Chanel.

“Who knows,” Allie says. “Maybe someday, in time, we’ll be like that again.”

allie and chanel reminisce Days recaps SoapsSpoilers

Chanel thanks Allie for the pictures and asks her to keep in touch. Chanel says to send postcards and let her know if she meets any koalas or kangaroos. Allie reminds her that’s Australia and New Zealand has kiwis and Hobbits. They laugh. They share a tender embrace and Chanel leaves.

Allie sits alone, looking at the photos of her and Chanel. She has a few flashbacks of their friendship and romance.

Then Allie wipes her tears, tucks the photos in her bag, and leaves suite #42 for the last time.

allie cries Days recaps

Chanel sits alone on a park bench looking at the photo strip of her and Allie when Paulina walks up.

Chanel tells her mother about Allie leaving Salem. In tears, Chanel collapses into Paulina’s arms.

chanel hugs paulina days recap

Alone again in the pub, Anna has poured two martinis – one for her and one she slides next to Kate’s urn.

Anna hopes Roman got to Statesville in time to stop John and Steve. For now, they must keep the faith.

Anna clinks her glass against Kate’s, then against the urn.

anna drinks with kate's urn days recaps


John, Roman and Steve reconvene with Lucas in the prison lounge. 

They discuss what Orpheus told them – that a DiMera stole the orchid.

men learn dimera stole the orchid days recaps


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