Trina and Curtis Are Furious with Portia, Austin Arrives at Wyndemere as Ryan Holds Ava and Felicia at Gunpoint and is Attacked by the Hook

General Hospital recap for Friday, February 17, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Victor tells Ashby she can’t back out, Valentin remains skeptical about the plan, and .

We also have Thursday’s GH recap where Trina had a meltdown as Portia admitted Curtis could be her father, and Ryan attacked Mac before going after Ava as Dante learned Ryan is Esme’s dad.

Felicia is about to exit Wyndemere when Ryan shows up. She and Ava gasp.

felicia ava hostage General Hospital recaps Soaps Spoilers

“Oh, happy day,” Ryan says. They are shocked.

Ava claims she knew he was faking it. She recalls all the times she taunted him.

They start goading him for having to listen to them when they showed up to mock him and he couldn’t react.

After they rehash the past, he points out that he has Mac’s gun. After all that time he spent in the hospital bottling everything up, he might have gotten carried away.

The three of them taunt each other. Ava points out he ran off to an island where it is easy to be trapped.

He threatens Avery and then asks where Nikolas is.

Jordan is shocked when she finds Mac unconscious on the road.

jordan shocked General Hospital recaps Soaps Spoilers

She calls an ambulance and Laura arrives. They tell her that Heather and Esme escaped from Spring Ridge.


After the medics take him off, Laura and Jordan wonder if Heather and Esme had an accomplice and how they bonded in the first place.

In the safe house, Anna helps Valentin do some yoga. They complain about Martin and Lucy’s constant shagging.

GH recaps Soaps Spoilers

They are still waiting for their next move and have to keep on their gaslighting of Eileen Ashby.

He’s still skeptical about this plan but Anna sees no other options. Getting her to flip on Victor is the only way.

He’s not sure she has a conscience. They notice Felicia is still gone. He gets a text confirming that they have control of Ashby’s phone.




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At the Metro Court, Victor calls someone to handle the situation in Paris. He spots Ashby and calls her over.

victor rants on a call GH recaps Soaps Spoilers

She tells him she can’t work with him anymore. He points out that she works for him and that will continue.

Victor tells her to get a grip. She flashes back to Anna haunting her through her car radio. Ashby says things have gone too far.

He says sometimes sacrifices have to be made and she needs to keep working for him.

She needs to do whatever it takes so she doesn’t disappoint him.

victor ashby losing will General Hospital recaps Soaps Spoilers

Spencer sits at the bar and worries about Trina.

His great-uncle joins him and tells him how much he wants to mend the rift in the family now that Valentin is gone.

Spencer explains Ava claims Nikolas has left town.

At the pub in England, Maggie tells Sam and Dante that Esme’s father Ryan is the serial killer, not Esme.


She thought that Ryan had sent them. They explain they have nothing to do with Ryan, who is paralyzed and imprisoned.

Pouring them coffee, she explains how Esme was left with nuns and how they pieced together who her father is.

At General Hospital, the warden tells Laura and Jordan that a guard went missing along with Heather and Esme.

Eileen joins them and suggests he could be an accomplice.

Once the warden is gone, Laura wonders why Ashby is there. She’d heard about the attack and wanted to check on things.

She apologizes if she overstepped while Laura was away. Laura asks her to go and deal with the press.

laura plans General Hospital recaps Soaps Spoilers

Eileen steps outside and immediately calls Victor to fill him in on Esme’s escape.

When she calls the warden for an update, Anna leaps into the call and accuses her of killing her. Eileen flips out.

ada ashby duped by anna GH recaps Soaps Spoilers

Meanwhile, Jordan calls Dante and he fills her in on Ryan being Esme’s father.

They join Mac and he starts panicking when Felicia isn’t answering his phone.

mac in hospital GH recaps Soaps Spoilers

Eventually, Ryan picks up and explains that Felicia is with him. If he sees a cop, she dies.

Austin slips into Wyndemere. He can hear Ryan with Felicia and Ava. When Ava says they aren’t going with him, he says she might be right. There isn’t enough room on the boat for all of them. One of them is never leaving this room.

ryan gun to ava and felicia GH recaps Soaps Spoilers

As Austin is about to call the police, the hook attacks.

Back at the Metro Court, Victor and Spencer try to figure out how Esme could have escaped. Spencer is sure she must be out for revenge.

Victor calls one of his people to find Nikolas.

Back at the safe house, Anna asks Valentin if her haunting call was scary. He thought it was hot. They get back to worrying about Felicia.

In the bridal suite, Trina tells her mother that she doesn’t even know who she is anymore. As she heads for the door, Taggert and Curtis arrive and see her in tears.


Curtis asks what’s going on. Sniffling, Portia admits that she doesn’t know who Trina’s father really is.

Trina and Taggert walk out. Closing the door, Curtis tells Portia she’s been lying to him.

She points out that he walked out on her after discovering she was lying about not being married. Portia wasn’t about to destroy her marriage for the chance that he might want to be a part-time dad.

Curtis accuses her of justifying her lies. She sobs that she was afraid.

She knows she should have been honest but there was a chance Marcus might have been the father so that’s what she kept telling herself.

portia confronted General Hospital recaps Soaps Spoilers

Portia knows that what she did was wrong but she did what she thought was the best for all of them at the time.

He walked away from her but he never would have walked away from his child. Besides, why didn’t she tell him the truth at any point over the past two years?

curtis shocked portia liar GH recaps Soaps Spoilers

She admits she’s been agonizing over this for two years but Trina already has a father and she didn’t want to blow that up.

portia cries lies GH recaps Soaps Spoilers

She’s been living with constant anxiety and guilt and didn’t want to jeopardize their lives. He doesn’t see what kind of life they could have with a lie like this between them.

Trina and Taggert go outside. She wonders why he’s not angrier that her mom has been lying to them.

trina asks taggert cares General Hospital recaps Soaps Spoilers

He says she will always be his baby girl and gives her a hug. She wonders if he ever suspected that she’s not his.

Taggert never for a moment thought that. She wonders how he could forgive her mom for betraying him. He admits he struggled but the affair just reminded him he didn’t want to lose Portia.

When he found out she was pregnant, he decided to forgive her.

Trina will never forgive her. As he gives her a hug, Spencer interrupts. Trina doesn’t want to discuss this anymore and tells Taggert she will call him.

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