Sally Fantasizes About Adam, Then Nick Being the Baby Daddy as Delphine Goes Into Labor

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Sally fantasizes that Adam’s the father and learns it’s really Nick, while Delphine goes into real labor and Adam and Victor’s reactions upset Sally and Nick.

In the previous episode of Y&R, Daniel spirals after Heather leaves with Lucy, and Ashley upsets Tucker when he learns she bought his debt. 

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for February 20, 2023 episode airs in the USA February 21. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At Crimson Lights, Sally and Nick learn the paternity test results are in.

She hasn’t read it yet and is putting it off.

She’s not ready.

Nick feels it’s a good thing and encourages her to read the results.

sally test results in Y&R early recaps

In the other room, Sharon talks to Faith on a call about Valentine’s Day and says even Mariah and Tessa didn’t go all out.

Their focus is on Delphine.

They don’t want her to change her mind and Sharon hopes Faith will come see the baby when they bring her home. Sharon watches Nick and Sally talk.

sharon talks faith crimson lights Y&R early recaps

Back inside, Sally hems and haws. She wants to go back to her place and read the results but asks him to hang out there with her for a bit.

Sharon interrupts to tell them that Delphine went into real labor.

She’s so excited that she accidentally hung up on Faith. Sally’s unnerved and Sharon goes to call Faith back while Sally realizes she doesn’t have the same circle of support.

She has him. Sally doubts his family will throw her a baby shower.

She admits she hasn’t called Coco or her Grams in a while.

sally test results in Y&R early recaps

At Sally’s suite at Grand Phoenix, Nick puts on soothing tunes while Sally reads the test results.

Everything turns a blue haze as she looks from the phone to Nick.

There’s no chance that Nick’s the father. She seems somehow confused. Nick says Adam’s the father.

She calls him and invites him over to talk. Adam, who is at Societty, tells his father he has to run. Victor thinks he’s desperate.

“Have some self-respect, man.” Adam says right now, Sally comes first. He rushes. Sally asks Nick to go. He wants to be there for her.

Adam knocks and asks what’s going on. Sally has news to share. He doesn’t want to know if they’re engaged.

Nick asks his brother to hear her out. Sally blurts that she’s pregnant and he’s the father. Not Nick. Adam’s in shock. Is she alright?

She says she’s fine. She didn’t want to be caught between them. Adam wants to talk to her alone and asks Nick for space.

“Whatever Sally wants,” he says. Sally needs air and grabs a coat and asks Adam to join her.

sally test results Y&R early recaps

At the park, Adam says Sally has “that glow.” She tells him she was sick in the beginning.

He’s sorry she went through that and is glad Nick helped. She asks if he really is. He’s glad someone was there. She has him now.

She says she’s known since New Years but wasn’t positive. She had a paternity test and compared the DNA with a sample from Nick.

He asks if she would have told him if it wasn’t his.

adam and sally park Y&R early recaps

She doesn’t like hypotheticals. He asks if it’s a boy or a girl but she doesn’t know. He hopes the girl has her beauty, intelligence and passion.

From him, he hopes she has his sardonic wit and chin. They laugh. If it’s a girl, he wants to build her a big tree house.

She’s always wanted a tree house. They were on the road when she was little so it’s nice to think of raising a kid in one place.

He’d ensure she has plenty of room and knows Connor would want a sister. “Wait, what if it’s a boy?”

Connor would love to have one that he could boss around. He smiles. “Me and my boys. I like that.”

She likes seeing him like this. It’s how he was when they first dated.

He thinks he’s always like this and ensures he’ll always be there for her. He asks her to marry him.

sally adam marriage fake proposal Y&R early recaps

Sally runs into Society with Adam trailing her. Victor watches as Adam tells her he knows what he wants.

He’s never loved anyone or known anyone like her. They understand one another and he knows he blew it and hurt her. He wishes he could have a do-over. It feels like destiny, for them to have a family that they never had growing up.

She cries. He tells her he hopes she can see they’re meant to be. She tells him this is a mistake.

She finds herself at Crimson Lights and interrupts Nick with Sharon. Adam follows and Sharon goes to get her water, knowing she’s flustered.

Adam asks what’s going on when he spots the two hugging. Nick reminds Adam that they’re together.

He doesn’t care that the baby is Adam’s. Adam won’t sit on the sidelines or step aside. Nick says he won’t use the baby to try to get her back.

“This is how it started with Sage and Christian,” Adam says. Sharon asks the men to calm down. Adam wants to be a father to this child.

He thinks Nick and Victor will take her baby. Victor hates her. Sharon tells Adam this isn’t necessary.

Sally cries. Everything goes slow motion and Nick hits Adam.

nick punch adam Y&R recaps

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Everything goes in fast forward and backward through the last few minutes.
It’s all a fantasy and Sally is ready to read the results. She reads that Nick’s the father. She tells him and they cheer and kiss.

sally nick Y&R recaps

Sally and Nick head to Society for a drink. They see Adam and Victor and they tell them both that she’s pregnant. Adam gripes that Nick has taken everything from him. He yells about Nick not loving Sally. No wonder she’s been so upset. She says no.

sally nick Y&R recaps

She’s been worried about his reaction. Adam tells his father congrats on becoming a grandfather.

He goes and Victor tells Nick he’s making a mistake. He tells his dad they’ve had paternity tests. Victor thinks she’s gold digging and congratulates her on getting the golden boy.

Nick demands respect. He’ll respect him or he’ll never know this child. Sally drags him away.

victor Y&R recaps

Sally and Nick return to Crimson Lights and tell Sharon the baby news. She says it’s terrific.

Mariah and Tessa’s baby will have a playmate.

Sally goes to call her Grans while Sharon asks how Nick really feels about this. He’s happy.

She calls the situation ‘tricky’. Nick says they’ll get through it.

She mentions how hard newborns are. Nick thinks Christian will love this. “What about Summer?” Sharon asks.

sharon Y&R recaps

Nick says she doesn’t know and assumes she’ll be unhappy. He tells her Vicitor and Adam know and don’t like it. In the other room, Sally talks to Coco about her pregnancy. She says Nick’s the father. Adam’s brother.

Coco finds it awkward but Sally says she’s happy and so is Nick. Sally returns as Sharon asks Nick if he loves Sally. He likes her. “It’s not love but I don’t think that matters,” he says.

nick sharon talks not loving sally Y&R recaps

“Of course it does, “Sharon says. Sally looks devastated. He doesn’t think they have what it takes but calls Sally pragmatic.

“She’s not expecting a fairytale.” Sharon spots Sally and Nick tells her he’s right, isn’t he?

Everything stops again and things go backward as Sally comes out of yet another fantasy.

She hasn’t opened the results at all and whines about how once she does, their lives will change. Sally tests him by asking if he wants a boy or girl. He has no answers.

She asks if he’d build a tree house. He laughs. No. He’ll contract someone to. They’re getting ahead of themselves. The kid will be loved no matter what the results state.

sally nick hug grand phoenix Y&R recaps


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