Esme’s Water Breaks as the Cops Prepare to Storm Wyndemere, Curtis Walks Away from Portia, and Trina Kisses Spencer

General Hospital recap for Monday, February 20, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Curtis confronts Portia about keeping the truth from him, Trina tells Spencer Curtis might be her father, and Gregory and Alexis try to piece together how the escape from Spring Ridge happened.

We also have Friday’s GH recap where Trina and Curtis were furious with Portia, Austin arrived at Wyndemere as Ryan held Ava and Felicia at gunpoint and was attacked by the hook.

In their bridal suite, Portia tells Curtis that she loves him and has lived with constant anxiety and guilt, unwilling to risk their lives together for something that might not be true.


He reminds her of how important honesty and transparency are to him. He clearly doesn’t know the woman he just pledged his life to.

He accuses her of not trusting him but she says this was abut Trina.

She admits she was afraid of losing him but she wasn’t willing to hurt her child. Now her heart is breaking.

They sit down and he tells her he cares about what happens to Trina too. Portia watched as his love for her daughter grew and she stood back and never told them they could be related.

He wonders what she was thinking during all those conversations they had about children. How could she have kept this from him when she knows how important having a child has always been to him?

She says that Taggert and her daughter have been each other’s world. She also thought of how this news would affect him and how miserable all of them would be.

He reminds her that she pushed him to get to know his father.

She insists the situations are different. But she hopes that he can have a relationship with Trina.

He asks if she was planning to take her lie to the grave. She admits that’s likely true.

When he asks how Stella found out about this, she admits she suspects Jordan.


He starts pacing and complaining that Jordan has known for weeks and said nothing to him.

Portia knows this is bad but believes they can work through this.

He reminds her that she told him exactly the same thing when she admitted she was married. This is starting to feel like a pattern.

Curtis wants to leave for some air. He’s not sure he will come back.

Portia sobs.

Spencer and Trina arrive at Ava’s gallery. She tells him this is a place she’s been mostly happy.


They discuss Esme being on the loose. He thinks they need to take every precaution.

She paces as he asks what happened tonight. She explains that her mother has lied to her for her entire life.

Taggert might not be her biological father. Curtis might be.

The details are vague. She had to get away from her mom. He thinks her mom must be going through hell.

“She deserves it!” Trina snaps. He won’t make excuses for her mom but knows what it’s still to hurt people you love.

Trina says she finally understands his issues with his father. He reminds her that her mother is no Nikolas Cassadine. She’ll never abandon her.

Trina knows she’ll always be there for her. “So will I,” he adds.

They recall meeting there for the first time, when he accidentally doused her in fake blood. They laugh about that.

She explains that Taggert assured her that nothing will change between them, but she doesn’t believe it. She’s already changed and doesn’t know who she is.

He knows who she is. She’s the same Trina who mocks his love or ginger snaps and wouldn’t rat him out on the stand.

She’s blunt but big-hearted, fair and forgiving, improving the lives of all those who know her.

Taking her hands, he says she’s the sweetest, smartest and bravest person he knows.

They kiss.

Gregory arrives at Alexis’ office and she has sparkling apple cider waiting.


Before she can open it, he explains that the university sees his working for The Invader as a conflict of interest.

Smoltz calls with a scoop. Alexis is dismissive until he sends her the names of the escaped convicts.


She fills him in on Esme, Ryan, and Heather getting out. They rehash all they know and try to figure out why Heather went with them.

Alexis shows him the letter from the hook. He says it sounds personal.

She wonders if it could be Maggie and decides to call Sam. It’s voicemail.

He leaves her to her musings. She re-reads the letter from the hook and then calls the warden.




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At Wyndemere, Ryan tells Ava and Felicia that there is only room for one of them on the boat so only one is leaving alive.


They start goading him. Ava suggests there are people on the island who could stop him.

Austin has been listening and is about to barge in when Heather attacks him with the hook. Esme screams.


Austin falls through the door and Esme collapses. Ryan reminds Heather he told them to wait on the launch.

He hands her the gun to watch them. She admits to everyone that she’s the hook and she did it all to protect people.

Ava tries to stop Austin’s bleeding. Ryan wants to finish things but Heather reminds him the authorities are after them.

Esme comes to and starts freaking out. It gets worse when Ryan points a gun at her. He gets clobbered by Felicia with a firepoker and she runs out the door.

Heather wrestles her firepoker away and Ryan gets up and keeps Ava from escaping.

Handing Heather the gun, he tells her to do whatever she wants with the Aztec Princess and takes off to find his daughter.


They ladies are shocked when she lets them go. They are reluctant to believe this and start asking her questions.

This bores Heather, who tells Ava to take the underground tunnel out.

Felicia won’t leave Austin behind. Heather suggests that the Jerome stay back and end things with Ryan. She offers to tell her all about how he destroyed her life.

Ryan finds Esme in the woods and reminds her that he’s the best chance she and the baby have.


She announces that her water just broke.

At General Hospital, Mac worries to Jordan about Felicia dropping out of contact. Laura worries about Ava.


Given that Mac’s stolen car has been spotted by the pier, they assume everyone is on the island.

Mac, Jordan and Laura arrive at the pier with some cops. He’s eager to get to the island but they warn that will only put the hostages in more danger.

Kevin joins them and they fill him in. He assumes his brother was paralyzed but recovered.

They try to figure out how Heather and Esme are involved in this. The mayor explains that Ryan is Esme’s father.

Mac and Jordan continue debating their options. They speak to Laura and she suggests they use the tunnels.

Mac pulls out a map of them and Laura tries to figure out the best route.

Something nags at her. She wonders if Ryan really knows who the hook is.

The cops head off. Alexis arrives, yelping after Jordan.

Laura asks what she wants. Alexis tells them that the hook’s hit list was compiled to avenge Esme.

“I know who the hook is,” she says.

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