Elena Confronts Nate About His Relationship With Victoria as Audra Taunts Victoria and Phyllis and Stark Plan to Rob Diane

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Audra does some backpedaling when she’s outed by Elena, Victoria gushes to Elena about how incredible Nate is, the first part of Phylllis and Stark’s revenge plan goes well, but Summer’s skeptical her mother is on the up and up.

In the previous episode, Adam offered Sally a house while Chloe and Chelsea discussed Billy and her relationship with the Abbott, and Nick and Adam agreed to find some common ground.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for March 10, 2023 episode airs in the USA March 13. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Victoria finds Audra at Newman Media. She asks for Nate but isn’t happy when Audra says that he ran off for couples’ time with Elena.

She calls him sweet and thinks Elena’s a lucky woman. It’s obvious that it makes Victoria uncomfortable.

They talk about Tucker and drawing him away from Devon so that Newman can make a deal to buy his company.

vicky annoyed by audra Y&R day ahead recaps March 13, 2023

It almost seems like Victtoria’s talking about Nate to Audra who outright asks if they’re still talking about Tucker.

Victoria gets her hackles up. Who else would she be talking about?

She leaves angrily and Audra smiles to herself. “I’ll let Nate know you stopped by.”

audra and vicky Y&R day ahead recaps March 13, 2023

In the Grand Phoenix lobby, Nate talks up Victoria to Elena until she asks him how close he’s gotten and what’s going on between him and his boss.

He gets defensive and pretends he has no idea what she’s on about.

elena confronts nate about victoria cheating Y&R day ahead recaps March 13, 2023

She fills him in on Audra enlightening her about something personal going on between the two.

He again feigns innocence. He turns the tables on her.

He thought she understood and appreciated his relationship with Victoria.

She’s sorry for creating tension and thinks maybe she shouldn’t have agreed to go out tonight.

She’s tired. He tells her she has no cause to worry about his professional relationships.

He’s all hers. They decide to go cuddle in bed. 

elena and nate talk affair Y&R day ahead recaps March 13, 2023

At Crimson Lights, Kyle kisses Summer and calls her lovely. She grimaces and he asks if that was about her mom, his parents or Nick’s “strange relationship with Sally.”

She says all of it and tells him about her run-in with Phyllis.

She has a bad feeling that her mom isn’t letting go of her obsession with Diane.

She reveals that her mom asked where Jack and Diane were and thinks it’s cause to be diligent. Her mom’s acting suspiciously.

kyle and summer talk phyllis Y&R day ahead recaps March 13, 2023

At the Abbott cabin, Diane and Jack read books together. Jack notices she’s been on the same page for a half hour.

She has a bad feeling that something is wrong. There’s a storm coming back home.

She feels bad bringing it up but tells him about the strange call that rattled her on the landline.

She thinks it was Jeremy but Jack says there’s no way Stark knows they’re there. Jack says they’re playing into Stark’s hands. She wants to go home to be with family.

diane worries to jack about stark Y&R day ahead recaps March 13, 2023

In his hotel suite, Phyllis has told Stark where Jack and Diane are. They talk about thinking through each detail.

She has a lot more to lose than he does and tells him there’s nobody in this town who is more resourceful to get what she wants than her.

Stark’s glad to hear it. Phyllis wants to lure them back to Genoa City but says her family can’t be used as pawns.

They’ll make them think the dangerous element has disappeared.

stark and phyllis Y&R day ahead recaps March 13, 2023

Phyllis comes into Crimson Lights looking frazzled. She wants to talk to them about Stark.

She says he’s on his way to Paris to find Jack and Diane and says he thinks he’s going to find them. Kyle asks how she knows.

She explains that Stark has been pestering her, trying to get her help with revenge on Diane.

Kyle worries and moves to call but forgot his phone again. Phyllis hands it over and he runs.

phyllis stark dangerous Y&R day ahead recaps March 13, 2023

Back at the cabin, Jack takes Kyle’s call and is filled in about Stark supposedly going to Paris to find them.

He disconnects and the newly engaged couple agrees to go home.

Jack can’t wait to tell everyone about their engagement. They kiss and hug.

diane and jack going home Y&R day ahead recaps March 13, 2023

Back at Crimson Lights, Summer’s still skeptical but Phyllis explains she’s more important than any revenge. Summer hopes so.

She wants to believe in her and misses her mama. Phyllis misses her.

Summer says if that’s the price for not being disappointed by her, “So be it.”

phyllis lies to summer Y&R day ahead recaps March 13, 2023

In the other room, Victoria bumps into Elena. She heard she and Nate were having a night out.

Elena says they were. Victoria wants to buy her coffee as an apology for keeping Nate at the office.

Elena says that’s where he is now. She asks how working with him is going.

victoria happy working with nate Y&R day ahead recaps March 13, 2023

Vicky’s smile reaches her eyes as she calls working with him a dream and sighs. He’s strong and determined.

They’re very in tune. She sees bigger and better things in his future if this keeps up.

She continues to talk up Nate and assumes Elena’s proud. Elena is.

Victoria says good because she can’t imagine him being around people who aren’t. 

victoria hot for nate elena boyfriend Y&R day ahead recaps March 13, 2023

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Phyllis leaves and Kyle returns to Summer and tells her his parents are coming home and Stark chartered a flight to Paris.

Summer’s concerned that her mother had his phone and finds it convenient. Something doesn’t add up for her.

What if her mom is working with Jeremy? Thought crossed Kyle’s mind which makes Summer worry that Jack and Diane are heading into a trap.

kyle reassures summer Y&R day ahead recaps March 13, 2023

Nate returns to Newman and yells at Audra about turning his relationship with Victoria into something it’s not.

She denies that and apologizes if she said anything that lead to a misunderstanding.

She says she only gave her an overview about how they’re all in sync. He asks if that’s all she said.

“What else is there for me to say?” She asks. He says nothing. She offers to call Elena with an apology.

elena and nate at work Y&R day ahead recaps March 13, 2023

She goes and later, Elena arrives with coffee. She felt horrible questioning him about Vicky.

Nate understands. She fears for their relationship.

He assures her that he is happy with his work. She knows that could change on a dime.

He asks if she wants him to quit. She doesn’t but can’t forget how close she was to losing him. He vows that she won’t.

nate with elena office Y&R day ahead recaps March 13, 2023

They kiss and Victoria calls. She asks if he has time to meet for a drink to talk about McCall acquisition.

She heard Elena was home asleep. He refuses.

She tells him it’ll wait but when they disconnect, she doesn’t seem happy.

victoria upset nate can't meet Y&R recap

Jack and Diane arrive home from the cabin.

She wants to be practical and sensitive about telling their son about the engagement.

Jack thinks he’ll be fine with it but Diane worries that isn’t so.

diane worries about engagement news Y&R day ahead recaps March 13, 2023

Once he accepts it they’ll tell the world.

She puts her engagement ring into her purse since she can’t show it off.

Summer and Kyle arrive and Jack tells them that they’re engaged.

Kyle and Summer are shocked. 

summer kyle react to jack engagement Y&R spoilers recap

Phyllis drops by Stark’s suite and tells him it’s worked so far.

He thinks bringing her onto his scheme was a brilliant idea.

She calls him a mastermind and asks what’s next. Stark says she needs to get into Jack’s good graces so she can get into their house.

She isn’t doing that.

He suggests his associate can break in. She can’t allow that.

She’s protecting her family and will do anything. That’s what he wants to hear, so she’ll have to do it herself.

They need one or two small personal items of Diane’s. 

phyllis stark masterminds Y&R day ahead recaps March 13, 2023


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