Liam’s Stunned When Hope Explains That She Will Be Working with Thomas Again, Despite Promising This Wouldn’t Happen

In the Monday, March 13, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Wyatt assures Liam that he’s not being overbearing, and Hope and Thomas tell Steffy Douglas is ready to return to the cabin.

We also have Friday’s B&B recap where Hope welcomed Thomas back to HFTF, and Douglas agreed to move back to the cabin.

At Forrester Creations, Hope tells Thomas how happy she was to hear that Douglas wants to return to the cabin.

She asks if he’s okay with this given how much he was hoping his son would choose to live with him.

Hope asks how thomas feels about douglas moving Bold and Beautiful recaps March 13, 2023

He admits it’s painful but it’s okay. He’s just excited they are in a better place and he’s looking forward to the future.

Thomas wants to be the kind of person she and the rest of the family can be proud of.

Steffy joins them and Hope confirms that she’s agreed to let Thomas return. Steffy thinks that’s great. Everyone is smiling.

hope smiles with thomas Bold and Beautiful recaps March 13, 2023

This all meets Hope’s approval. Thomas gives both of them his word that he’s changed. Hope admits even her mom is cautiously optimistic about him.

thomas happy hope gave him another chance Bold and Beautiful recaps March 13, 2023

They’re lucky that Taylor helped convince Brooke to accept this.

Douglas was thrilled about the news and they vowed to be a team at work and as parents.

Hope explains that her son decided he’s ready to come back home. Gasping, Steffy says that’s wonderful.

Hope has already called the judge. Steffy asks how Liam feels about all this.


steffy glad her brother coming back to work Bold and Beautiful recaps March 13, 2023

“He actually doesn’t know yet,” Hope admits. Things get awkward.

Hope explains that Liam wanted her to refuse and she doesn’t disagree with his concerns for their family. She was going to refuse but she changed her mind.

Hope loves her line and doesn’t want it to end. It will also be good for their son to see them work together. She thinks it will be different this time.

Thomas agrees it will be different. He doesn’t want to cause any pain or heartache. If she needs to let him go to protect her marriage, it’s okay.

She nods.

Once Hope is gone, Steffy notes her brother is smiling. He knows that Hope might still let him go after talking to Liam but he’s glad she and Steffy have faith in him.

His sister says there will be no backsliding. Their family has been through enough. He wonders how their father might feel about his return.

Steffy feels like they are finally coming back together. Her brother repeats he has no ill will toward Hope and Liam’s marriage.

steffy happy douglas wants to go home Bold and Beautiful recaps March 13, 2023

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At the cabin, Liam assures Wyatt that he got through to Hope and Thomas will not be returning to the line.

wyatt talks about thomas Bold and Beautiful recaps March 13, 2023

He doesn’t even think Thomas should be allowed near her ever again.

They rehash how annoyed they are by the “I’m a changed man” thing and think Thomas is just creepy. Besides, there are other designers who can take over, regardless of what Hope and Steffy say.

Liam is eager to hear from Hope and wishes there was more he could do to help. Wyatt still can’t believe Douglas chose to live with Steffy.

liam sits on chair wants to help hope Bold and Beautiful recaps March 13, 2023

Liam blames Thomas for everything. He doesn’t want Hope to be manipulated but he also doesn’t want to have to lay down the law with her.

Wyatt assures him she’s lucky to have him.

What counts is that Hope knows they can’t have Thomas in their lives.

On his way out, Wyatt tells his brother that not everything needs to be dark and senseless in their lives.

They get enough of that from their father.

Liam starts making puking noises when Wyatt jokes about Bill and Thomas becoming friends.

liam doens't think highly of thomas Bold and Beautiful recaps March 13, 2023

They both remain clueless about Bill’s relationship with Sheila.

Wyatt offers to deal with their father since his brother has enough on his plate.

After Wyatt exits, Liam starts working. Hope arrives at the door.

She flashes back to Liam begging her not to let Thomas back into her life.

hope worries liam's reaction B&B recaps

Taking a deep breath, she enters and Liam tells her how shocked Wyatt was to hear about Steffy pushing for Thomas’ return.

He thanks her for hearing him out and avoiding a bad decision.

She explains she saw Douglas and he wants to come back home.

He’s thrilled and hugs her before asking what changed the kid’s mind.

liam happy douglas coming home B&B recap

She explains that he saw her with Thomas. He assumes Thomas took the rejection on the chin.

After telling him how much she respects where he’s coming from, Hope explains she listened to all the different sides of the argument and changed her mind.

He closes his eyes and then squints, asking for clarification.

“Thomas and I are going to be working together again,” she explains.

liam reacts thomas returns HFTF B&B recap soapsspoilers

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