Sasha Angrily Confronts Gladys About Selling the Garage, a Sniper Takes a Shot at Sonny, and Ava and Nina Figure Out the Insider Trading

General Hospital recap for Friday, March 10, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Maxie goes looking for sponsors for the ball, Mac and Cody bond over beers, and Sonny tells Dex why he’s keeping him in the dark about Pikeman.

We also have Thusday’s GH recap where Maxie started planning the Nurses’ Ball with Bobbie, much to Lucy’s chagrin, Ashby offered Victor Holly’s files, and Gladys sold the garage.

At Dex’s, he makes Joss grilled cheese and they make out until he reminds her he needs to get to work.

dex jss talk summer GH recaps Friday March 10, 2023

He brags about his cooking skills. Those are news to her.

She has a hard time controlling herself when he mentions grilled asparagus.

dex naked with joss GH recaps

He tells her they will still be together in the summer and his job with Sonny will be over.

Carly and Drew go down to her kitchen after finally getting out of bed. She tells him he’ll have to clean up the mess he made. They make out.

Bold and the Beautiful recaps March 10, 2023

After they tidy the kitchen, they talk about their future. He’s confident that he can pacify Ned.

She’s sure they will be good since Ned is the only person who would turn them in to the SEC.

Carly has gotten used to the hiding. She suggests they enjoy the secrecy before the world finds out about them.

drew wants to go public carly not sure GH recaps

Joss interrupts and Drew leaves, promising Carly good times in their future.

Joss hasn’t seen her mom smiling so much in a long time.

They have coffee and Carly explains she’s cautiously optimistic about her relationship going public. She tells her that secret relationships come with baggage.

She reminds her of what being involved with a mobster like Dex is. She shouldn’t hang her future on a vague promise he will get out of the business.

Joss insists it’s not like that and Dex has a real plan. “Like what?” asks her mom, reminding her that it’s really hard to leave the mob. The way out is usually death.

Mac stops by the Quartermaine house to return the evidence from the attacks. Michael thanks him for catching the killer.

General Hospital recaps March 10, 2023

They tell him about Willow’s good news of a possible donor and he tells them what a blessing children are.

Maxie shows up at the front door. Ned answers.

They join the others and Maxie announces the Nurses’ Ball is back. Normally Ned would suggest they skip it since Lucy died but it’s the 60th anniversary of the hospital.

mac and maxie GH recaps

Mac takes off and Ned assures Maxie she will get all of ELQ’s support.

She’s going to hold them to that. Ned walks off to answer a text and Maxie asks Michael to join the planning committee and use all his connections.

He’s not sure the timing is right but Willow thinks he should consider it. She already has lots of help with the baby and the wedding plans.

Willow tells him to do this for the community and her. They will also have something positive to pour their energy into.

will encourages michael GH recaps Friday March 10, 2023

He agrees. Maxie is thrilled and bustles out. Michael tells Willow there is nothing he wouldn’t do for he.

Drew bumps into Ned in the foyer. He has a proposal to make all the tension at ELQ a thing of the past.

drew offer ned GH recaps Friday March 10, 2023

Now that Valentin is dead, they can regain control by acquiring the stick that went to Charlotte. This is a chance for them to start over.

In the interests of the family, Drew is willing to step away from ELQ entirely and run Aurora. It is only right for them to band together on the same team and make the family whole again.

Ned ponders and says he brings up some good points.

In the Quartermaine stables, Cody tells Sash he randomly overheard part of a conversation about the sale of Brando’s garage.

sasha questions cody GH recaps Friday March 10, 2023

He explains that he ran into Gladys and got the impression she was trying to sell. Sasha was worried this would happen and asks who she was selling to.

Cody thinks she should talk to Gladys herself. She intends to. After sending a text, she thanks him and storms off.

He finds a paternity test on the floor. Mac shows up as he pockets it.

The cop knows he’s reached out a few times and he hasn’t called him back. Cody thought he might need to talk after the Ryan stuff happened.

Neither of them like talking. Cody suggests he try riding. Mac recalls riding back when he lived in the outback and drank Bludgers.

mac, his son and comet the horse GH recaps

Cody drinks that brand too. He has a few in the fridge and offers him one.

As they drink, Mac explains that killing Ryan wasn’t the first time he had to take a life, but this was different. They had a complicated history. He terrorized Felicia but was the twin of his bestfriend. The day will never come when he might have changed.

He’s sure that Kevin still loved Ryan and he hates that he caused his friend pain.

Mac is glad that he and Cody are getting to know each other.

When Cody gets up to get them more beer, the test results fall on the floor and Mac picks them up.


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At the Metro Court, Sonny asks Gladys if Sasha is okay with her selling the garage. He worries she might have badgered her into accepting an offer.

General Hospital recaps March 10, 2023

If Wu has been pressuring her, he can help. Gladys assures him he doesn’t have to worry. He tells her she better know what she’s doing.

sonny asks gladys about sale GH recaps Friday March 10, 2023

She walks off as Dex arrives. He tells his boss how determined he is to prove himself still.

Sonny assumes this is about him shutting him out of the Pikeman meeting. He explains the whole thing is a “snake pit” and the less Dex knows the less reason he will have to blame him if the whole thing goes sideways.

Dex would like to be tested. Sonny warns he needs to be careful. That doesn’t mean Dex can’t help.

He’s going to take him to the warehouse where the shipment is supposed to land. The boss wants him to assess the place.

Sasha shows up and corners Gladys at the bar, demanding to know if she sold the garage.

gladys yells at sasha about selling her garage GH recaps

She’s appalled when Gladys admits she did it behind her back. “You don’t have the final say sweetheart!” Gladys says.

Sasha reminds her they had an agreement she wouldn’t do things behind her back. Gladys bursts out that she did it for herself.

She complains about all the bills she’s had to deal with related to her dead son.

Sasha wishes she’d told her about this. Gladys tells her it’s been hard on her and there were many reasons to get rid of the garage.

sasha shocked gladys GH recaps

Sasha isn’t angry with her. Now the garage is gone and they’ll be forced to move forward. They miss Brando and hug.

Nina bumps into Ava and thinks they should have a proper catch-up. They get a table and chat about all the drama at Wyndemere.

nina optimistic GH recaps Friday March 10, 2023

Nina tells her she’s welcome to stay with her as long as she needs. The topic turns to the Willow situation and Nina is glad there’s been a little thaw between them.

She tells Ava that trouble is on the way for Carly. Ava is eager for the dirt so her friend explains that Carly and Drew’s secretive behavior has been raising a lot of questions.

ava nina tlka metro court GH recaps Friday March 10, 2023

She fills her in on what she overheard about Ned possibly turning Carly and Drew in to the SEC. Ava asks how it feels to know Sonny knows the details and has been keeping them from her.

Nina waves that off and they speculate about what the SEC could be interested in. It must be a lot more than just something that would get a fine.

nina heard a secret, tells ava GH recaps

Ava puts the pieces together and they guess it was insider trading. That could mean jail time. What will Nina do with this information?

When Dex and Sonny get to the warehouse, a sniper takes a shot at the boss. Dex pushes him out of the way.

dex saves sonny life GH recaps

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