Y&R Recap: Sally Learns Adam Went Behind Her Back, Seth Connects With Jordan, and Tucker Lies to Audra After Ashley’s Confusing Visit

Tues Feb 20, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Nikki falls into Jordan’s trap, Nate gives Audra unsolicited advice and Adam goes out on another limb to help Sally.

Monday’s recap: Nikki Invites Seth to the Ranch Without Knowing Jordan is with Him, and Ashley Startles Tucker in His Suite

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on Feb 20. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)


At Society, Sally begs Adam to tell him his news. “Did you get me a puppy? A Lamborgini.” He says she’s not even close.

She jokes about him getting her a private jet and he nods and takes her hands.

“Good things come to those who wait,” he whispers, kissing her hands. 

sally lets adam kiss her hands Y&R recaps

He admits the surprise he had planned for her hit a speed bump.

She tells him her business isn’t doing well and is considering pitching Chancellor-Winters again, this time asking them to take them into the company and create a division. Adam asks her not to.

She questions why when Victor strolls in. “Well, hello.”

sallyworries about adam and his father

He needs the deal memo he’s working on by noon tomorrow.

Adam’s surprised he wants it a day early. He wants the redline on the Franklin contract which is time sensitive.

“Got it,” Adam says, looking overwhelmed. He tells Sally it’s nice to see her and meanders to the bar to drink.

Sally can sense the tension and questions Adam, who comes clean about asking his father to build a division for her and Chloe at Newman.

victor gets a drink at the bar

Sally’s flabbergasted. What if she doesn’t want that?

She says he overstepped and is angry. Adam thinks it’s good for business. He thinks it’ll also make her feel less guilty about Nick.

Newman would buy him out and she’d be off the hook for owing him.

adam argues with sally

She reminds him this is her decision to make. She asks if he’d be her boss and he denies it. Newman would be the money for her enterprise.

He trusts her and supports her vision. She knows he’s backed into a corner because he’s saying all the right things.

She reminds him Victor teased her with this and reneged. She assumed it was personal to put her in her place.

What’s to stop him from doing it again? Adam thinks he will stop it. She appreciates him wanting to protect her but Victor will run the show.

adam argues with sally

She assumes his dad turned him down because Victor doesn’t want her on his payroll.

Adam tells her that Nick’s on board but she calls that another problem. He should have come to her first. She gets in his face.

“This is my business, Adam. My future.” He urges her to take time to consider it but she says Victor already said no. He thinks his dad will come around.

sally is upset with adam for going behind her back

Newman ranch

Seth thanks Nikki for seeing him when he arrives at the ranch.

They drink coffee and he says he’s been feeling bad about letting her down. She doesn’t think he should.

He couldn’t have helped her maintain her sobriety when he couldn’t maintain his.

seth goes to see nikki newman

He laments not keeping his promise to help her and felt shattered.

It caused him to take his first drink.

She asks if he’s drunk now or maintaining a constant buzz.

He was in a bad way when he called but understands that she can’t let him help her.

seth drinks coffee with nikki newman

He feels responsible for her but she takes responsibility for her addiction.

He reached out, she says which is a positive step.

He says it’s all thanks to a friend.

She asks who and he clams up.

He promised he wouldn’t bring her up to Nikki.

nikki asks seth who his friend is Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

He gets up and paces, saying it was someone she doesn’t know, someone from AA who wants to remain anonymous.

She respects privacy. Seth’s more relaxed and shares that the woman was helpful and told him to contact her.

He hopes they can be friends again. He goes on about his guilt and she shuts it down.

She felt it was her fault for stumbling because he saw her fail. He denies it.

She says while they’re still struggling, she’s not sure they can be friends.

seth feels guilty

They’d be drinking buddies instead of friends. “One day at a time, Nikki,” he says.

He wants to make amends. She’s surprised he will when he’s still drinking.

She’s fighting her own battle and feels for him but them being in touch is a bad idea.

nikki misses seth's conversations

He asks why he’s there.

She doesn’t want to make a habit of this and doesn’t want him to feel guilty about her.

She urges him to get to a meeting and get a sponsor. “Do 90 meetings in 90 days.”

Seth likes that idea and vows to do this.

They admit they miss their conversations and she finally relents and agrees to coffee once in a while. Once he’s gone, Victor arrives.

She fills him in on her talk with Seth. He can sense it went well. She’s feeling good about herself which is paramount to her recovery.

victor thinks nikki is  feeling good

Outside, Seth’s by his car when he texts Jordan, who is still at The Empty Glass Lounge.

He thanks her for nudging him to reconnect with Nikki and says the visit went well.

Jordan grins to herself, happily, gloating. 

seth texts jordan

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Mishael Morgan (Amanda) returns

The Athletic Club

Nate finds Audra at the Athletic Club dining room.

They’re glad to see one another but he’s surprised she’s not with Tucker.

He says she’s all over the place with this guy and asks if she loves or hates him. He can’t keep track.

nate with audra charles

She says he doesn’t need to. She can hold her own with the man and offers to buy Nate a cocktail.

He doesn’t want to run into MacCall. Audra says he’s upstairs making calls. He’ll be a while.

Nate notes she’s happy but calls Tucker a user. She says people can change.

audra is in love

He calls her brilliant but… She asks him to be happy for her. Her eyes are wide open.

“Tucker and I are in love and it’s the real thing.” Nate doesn’t believe he reciprocates.

She calls them two of a kind and thinks it’s everything she wanted and more.

Nate’s wowed. He doesn’t want her to get hurt and calls her a fool if she lets him in. It’ll end badly.

nate thinks audra is brilliant

Just ask Devon. Audra says it’s different this time and he can count on it working.

Nate snaps. “He’s a psychologically abusive narcissist who steamrolls over anyone who gets his own way.”

He asks what he did to lure her back into his orbit. Is she that easily bought? Audra leans in, close to slapping him.

He thinks she’s using him as a fallback.

She’s traded one risk for another. She gets it. He’s made his opinion clear.

He says he wants what’s best for her. He takes off.

audra almost slaps nate

Tucker’s room, Athletic Club

Tucker tells Ashley she’s the last person he expected to break into her room.

Why is she there?

Ashley says, “I believe you. You’re right and I’m wrong.”

ashley tells tucker he was right

He says he’s right about a lot of things. She tells him it’s about the fight in Paris.

She says she reacted in extreme to everything that happened.

He laughs and thinks she’s been playing him this whole time.

She has a hard time trusting so she made him the villain in her story.

tucker with ashley abbott in his room athletic club soapsspoilers

She calls him blameless but he denies that. He asks why she broke into his room to tell him.

She wants to let go. He thinks she’s forcing herself to say this to make a break from him.

It’s a clever tactic but says there’s a hitch. He doesn’t believe it. He thinks it’ll fester and she’ll blame him for something else.

tucker smiles at ashley though doesn't understand her

She tells him she had an epiphany because of a fender bender. “Oh yeah? Are you alright?” She laughs.

She’s fine but realizes this is all her fault. She wasn’t in a place to commit to him during their marriage.

He asks her to stop this. She’s brainwashing herself. He kicks her out of his room.

She hopes to convince him someday. Tucker’s frustrated. She hates what they’ve put each other through. He scoffs.

That’s why she broke in? She hates that what they had ended so abruptly.

She asks to see where things go. He smiles and they say goodbye with him looking confused. 

tucker doesn't understand ashley

Ashley finds Audra in the dining room and approaches.

She tells Audrra that Tucker’s out of her league.

Audra thinks she sounds jealous and insecure and that she’s still in love with him.

audra uncomfortable with ashley

“You don’t know the first thing about me, little girl,” Ashley says.

“So we’re now insulting each other? Okay lady, it’s your party.”

Ash calls the brunette cocky on the outside and tries to convince her Tucker belongs to her but the dynamic is changing.

ashley shows her cards

Audra questions her and she gets up and leaves, running into Tucker.

He asks what’s going on and she smiles. She’s catching up with his assistant.

She touches his arm and he glances down, in confusion.

ashley touches tucker's arm

Audra asks what Ashley said to him over there.

He fills her in and neither understands what the heck is going on with the blonde.

Audra asks if she ran into him earlier. He lies that this is the first time he’s seen her this evening.

tucker lies to audra

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