GH Recap: Alexis is Shocked When Valentin Buys The Invader and Makes Nina Publisher, Carly Wants Joss to Let Dex Go

Mon Feb 19, 2024: Joss asks Carly to help her find Dex, Trina vents to Curtis about feeling like a zombie, and Tracy bickers with Lois about wedding invitations.

Friday’s GH recap: Joss was outraged after Sonny made Dex disappear, and Cyrus arranged to have Nikolas protected in Pentonville.

Carly bangs on Dex’s door looking for Joss.

Eventually, Joss opens up and announces he’s gone.

joss opens up for carly

Sonny claims he didn’t hurt him. Dex left a goodbye letter.

They all knew this would happen but Joss isn’t grateful that Sonny just sent him away instead of having him killed.

Joss vents about Sonny and asks her mom if she really thinks Dex is safe.

joss complains about sonny to mom

Joss is determined to find out where Dex is.

He did two tours in Afghanistan and came back so he can’t be gone now.

joss wants to find dex

She thanks her mom for saving Dex’s life and wonders how he could continue protecting Sonny like she does.

Carly knows she might not understand but she and Sonny have a long history of hurting each other but she won’t quit on him even when he’s wrong.

Joss doesn’t think that Sonny deserves her loyalty.

joss sobbing about dex

Carly knows about Sonny and his code but that’s just how he operates. Joss doesn’t know why everyone is blindly loyal to him.

Her mom says Dex is lucky he had Sonny and she’s the reason he’s still alive. If Sonny didn’t love her, Dex would be dead.

Joss is determined to find her boyfriend.

Her mom asks her to think about what happens if she actually finds him.

carly asks joss what she'll do

She wants to bring him back.

Her mom points out she should let him start a new life. Joss won’t back down.

At the Quartermaine estate, BLQ is impressed by her grandmother’s negotiating skills as they discuss the latest issue of Crimson.

blq tracy new issue

Lois rushes in with a surprise. She shows them the wedding invitations.

As she goes in about how perfect they are, Tracy flashes back to Gregory urging her to let the couple have the wedding they want.

lois with invitations

Tracy points out that her invitation lacks an “and a guest” and assumes this is Lois suggesting she couldn’t find a date.

They bicker and BLQ says it was a misprint.

They tell her to bring whoever she wants.

tracy bickers with lois

Lois pokes her and asks who the lucky guy will be.

She offers to set up a dating profile for her.

Tracy passes on that.

Once she walks off, Lois senses BLQ is worried about her grandma and assures her she’s okay. BLQ worries she’s lonely.

trina talks spencer to curtis

Stella finds Marshall lost in thought by the General Hospital elevators.

stella marshall at gh

He explains he just came from his psychiatrist. He got good news and he doesn’t know how to handle it.

They’ve been weaning him off his meds for months and he’s doing well.

He was clearly misdiagnosed in the past.

It’s not like he can track the doctor down and beat him up. She thinks they should just be thankful he’s free

He’s not feeling free.

marhsall vents to stella

He can’t blame himself for accepting one diagnosis and not questioning it.

If what he was experiencing wasn’t schizophrenia, then what was it and what if it happens again?

marshall wonders what;s wrong

She can understand why he’s having a hard time with this. He lost half his life.

He wants answers but isn’t sure he has time to find them.

Venting about all this has made him feel better.

She says he’s been carrying a heavy burden.

stella thinks marshall should be grateful

He wants to focus on today. What other choice is there? He does some scat singing and tells her how he appreciates her.

He kisses her cheek and thanks her.

marshall looking forward

As soon as he walks off, she calls Felicia.

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At The Invader office, Gregory thinks that Alexis’ coverage of Olivia’s death is pretty lurid.

gregory alexis at invader

As she goes on about exploiting this to explore social issues, Valentin interrupts and says no one can bring up an issue better than his cousin.

After some chit chat, he guesses she hasn’t spoken to Sean Butler yet. He announces that he’s bought The Invader.

valentin announces he bought invader

This is a surprise to her. He explains he made an above market offer and it will bolster Sean’s non-profits.

She worries that this is about money but he claims he respects her “incorruptibility”. She threatens to quit if he takes away her editorial control.

alexis threatens to quit

Valentin makes it clear he has no interest in meddling with the publication, but he does have a new publisher in mind.

Nina rushes in. Alexis’ mouth hangs open.

alexis new publisher

This is uncomfortable. Alexis is not happy.

Nina makes it clear that she is not angling to push her out and talks about how much she admires what she has done with the paper.

She’s honored to become part of the team.

Gregory tries to keep her calm, but Alexis wants to know why she was fired from her last job.

gregory keeps alexis calm

Nina explains that Drew fired her as revenge. Alexis thanks her for being forthright.

Reeves assures her that a little scandalousness won’t get in the way. She hasn’t run a daily, but she has more experience in publishing than Alexis and is prepared to make this work.

nina talks publishing

The ladies shake on it.

As soon as Nina and Valentin are gone, Alexis tells Gregory she wants to see what they are planning.

alexis tells gregory she wants to find out

In the hall, Nina complains that The Invader is a bit sanctimonious and could use some sexing up.

nina tells valentin paper needs to be sexed up

She’s going to focus on what people want to see, like Carly and Drew.

Trina paces at home and looks at her turtledove.

Curtis wheels in from physical therapy and she tells him he’s constantly improving.

curttis trina talk

She and her mom will throw him a huge celebration when he walks again.

He doesn’t need a party and urges her to open up about her feelings.

Trina claims she’s fine. He’ll take her at her word but reminds her she doesn’t have to pretend.

trina asks how therapy is

They talk about whether people really want to hear about how they are doing.

He knows how awkward things can get but assures her that’s not the case with him.

She’s afraid she’ll fall apart if she lets her feelings out and won’t be able to put herself together again.

trina vents to curtis

He can understand but that hurt can’t be contained forever and it won’t get smaller but turn toxic.

Eventually, her heart will be filled with toxic waste and her magical light will dim.

Curtis urges her to let the pain out to the family and they will fix her.

curtis offers listen trina

She rests her head on him and he promises they will catch her if she falls.

Trina complains that teh world is grey without Spencer and she feels like a zombie. Will that go away with time?

She keeps getting emails about the fall semester and doesn’t know if she can ever go back.

He knows it might take some time to talk her mom around, but if she’s not feeling it, she shouldn’t go.

Trina doesn’t think she can ever be happy again.

trina and her turtle dove GH recaps

nina publisher of the invader

She needs to find a way to keep Spencer present in her life. She’s worried all she has left is her turtledove.

Curtis says if she wants to keep him present, she needs to share her memories.

She remembers the origin of the turtledove and how they used to take them everywhere.

She loves them like she loved him.

trina zombie

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