B&B Recap: Things Get Hot for Hope and Thomas While Zende Wants Luna to Dump RJ For Him

Tuesday, Feb 20, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Thomas and Hope get passionate at work, Luna is blindsided by Zende’s pitch for a future together.

Monday’s Early B&B recap: Deacon tells Sheila he can’t marry her, Zende calls Poppy careless, and RJ assures Luna she’ll never lose him 

At home, Poppy drinks coffee as she thinks about everything Luna’s going through.

poppy drinks coffee

She flashes back to Luna telling her about taking the mints and winding up in Zende’s bed and begging her not to reveal anything to RJ. 

Zende arrives to see if she’s heard from Luna or if she told RJ.

Poppy lets him in but doesn’t think he should just show up like this.

zende goes to poppy for answers

 Neither has heard from Luna since last night.

Poppy and Zende are on edge and blame each other for what happened.

Poppy hopes this doesn’t destroy Luna’s future with RJ.

Zende calls Poppy her mother and doesn’t get how she could be so reckless. Luna never should have been in that predicament.

Poppy exclaims that she loves Luna and would never do anything intentionally to harm her. Zende’s not questioning that.

poppy didn't mean to hurt luna

At the beach house, RJ invites Luna to go for a walk.

She’s hesitant but agrees. He can see she’s not herself. She’s sorry.

rj hugs luna beach house SoapsSpoilers B&B recaps

He wanted to be with her last night.

It was nice to hold her, but guesses she hasn’t gotten much sleep.

He knows she has something on her mind.

Luna flashes back to being in Zende’s bed and RJ assures his girlfriend that he loves her and everything will be alright.

rj loves luna B&B recaps



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B&B comings and goings

At Forrester, Hope tells Thomas that “it’s too provocative.”

zoom in on Thomas' eyes

He agrees, looking at her lips.

zoom in on hope's lips B&B

She doesn’t think it’s what he was going for when he sketched his new dress.

thomas and hope kissing office

She says it evokes raw sensuality.

He asks if she has a problem with that and takes her in his arms with a kiss.

Thomas says Eric’s right that they’re not scandalous.

thomas kisses hope in office B&B recaps

It doesn’t make sense to postpone happiness.

Live is too short for that. They kiss. She means everything to him.

They make out until RJ interrupts, accidentally.

They stop making out to tell him they were taking a break. RJ laughs since that’s word for word what he and Luna say when they’re interrupted.

rj walks in on hope kissing thomas

They ask if Luna rode in with him today. He laughs and asks if they’re prying. They’re not.

He wants to spend every moment with her, telling them that he’s had other girlfriends but it’s different because of who Luna is.

RJ gets some water and smiles.

hope and thomas talk with rj

They joke about how in love he is and he smiles widely and tells them that Luna’s got something going on. He’s trying to be understanding.

Thomas thinks they have “what it takes to go the distance.” RJ agrees.

rj points at thomas

Back at Poppy’s, Zende cares about Luna and would have wanted to see where things can go.

Poppy says put that out of his mind.

She’s with RJ.

They’re surprised when Luna wanders in.

luna catches poppy with zende B&B recaps

Her mom questions how things went last night.

She hopes she hasn’t told RJ the truth.

Luna cries and says she didn’t tell RJ. She feels awful.

Her and her mom have always been so close. “Nozawa power.” She doesn’t know if they’ll ever be that close again.

poppy  asks if Luna is okay

Poppy whispers, “Oh sweetheart.” Luna asks her to go.

She wants to talk to Zende and says this isn’t his fault. “It’s all you and your mints.”

Poppy sadly takes her purse and goes. Zende’s sorry.

poppy sadly leaves

He wishes he could take it all back and thinks the only thing to do is move forward.

He knows a way for her not to feel so tormented about their night together. She cries that nothing will be the same.

Zende knows she doesn’t deserve this because she’s so amazing.

zende wants luna in his life

He knows that she thought he was RJ but he knew how incredible it felt from the moment he had her in his arms.

He’s crazy about her. Despite everything, he thinks this happened for a reason.

Maybe telling RJ will make it easier for them to be together.

luna asked to be with zende

He’s felt a connection together. Not just because of their night together.

He thinks they’d be incredible together.

He’ll make her happy and asks for her to give them a chance.

zende asks luna dump rj

He holds her hand and tells her to leave RJ. “Be with me.”

luna asked to dump rj

Thomas and Hope rush into the CEO office and lock the door before jumping on the sofa and making out.

thomas and hope on the sofa kissing

Back in the design room, RJ sketches and thinks of how much he and Luna are in love. He smiles.

rj thinks of luna


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