Y&R Opinion: Top Ten Scenes From the Gala Including Mamie Dissing Jill, Jill Calling Nina a Hypocrite and Phyllis & Diane’s Brawl

Top ten scenes from the gala.

The Bicentennial gala had some pretty interesting moments. We were treated to a new and beautiful new set, we watched dancing, and divas.

Near the end of the gala, devastation set in for some citizens of Genoa City as tragic news spread through the Athletic Club that Phyllis Summers’ ambulance was in an accident. 

For spoilers on what happens on the Monday, April 3 episode, here’s the full recap.

Michael lowkey calling Jill an old ho

It’s fun when characters call each other out for their wrongdoings.

It’s even funnier when the character in question laughs at themselves. We don’t see enough of this on Y&R.

Michael playfully told Jill that she should have a suite at the GCAC named after her since she took a lot of lovers there back in the day. And Jill agreed.

She told him that she would be adding to that list if she wasn’t so busy. “In fact, I still might,” she said.

michael calls jill an old ho


Mamie dissing Jill

Jill and Mamie have a history. Mamie was John Abbott’s confidant and Jill was the new, jealous wife.

Jill would scheme and Mamie would see right through it.

That’s why it was so funny when decades later, this feud is as fresh as it was in the 80s.

Jill wanted to let bygones be bygones and Mamie wasn’t having any of it. 

Mamie said, “I don’t think so,” before she put on her mask and sauntered off. 

jill wants to befriend mamie

Bringing Leanna Love back

It’s shocking how easily Barbara Crampton slid right into Leanna Love’s shoes. 

It’s been as though she never left, right down to the return of her old-fashioned style of gathering gossip for her next book.

Leanna brings light fun to Genoa City where most dwellers might be called too mature for their own good.

Jill was especially happy to see her. Jill called her out for “Trashing up the place.”

Leanna didn’t bat an eyelash. During the entire gala, she went from person to person, looking for a scoop.   

This is the soapy goodness we’ve been missing but long-term, we all know this type of character wouldn’t work. She gets on everyone’s last nerve. 

jill and victor


Nina drags Abby and gets dragged by Jill

Nina to me has been a strong woman who doesn’t mind telling people how she really feels but the show literally stopped writing for her and she became sweet and bland like half the other characters seem to be lately.

That’s why Nina dragging Abby for cheating on her son with Devon was good soapy fun.

She said she’d never get over it. Never is a long time to hold a grudge!

nina approaches abby about chance broken heart Y&R

Christine found it quite ironic as did Jill, who reminded Nina that she was no better than Abby. Nina seduced Philip when he was dating Christine and wound up pregnant with his baby. 

Nina says it was different then but realized Jill was absolutely right. They all l laughed at their own pasts and Christine, Jill, Esther and Chloe toasted to each other.

jill taunts nina

Tucker, “Oh this is a lot of fun.”

You have to have that one person at a party who just isn’t into it. 

Tucker amuses in so many situations and this time, while Ashley was going after Leanna Love, and I was having a great time watching, he seemed bored.

“Oh, this is a lot of fun,” he said. His delivery was spectacular and the rest of the week, he didn’t disappoint.

Phyllis vs Diane

Finally. Y&R, the soap opera that forgot how to soap, finally gave us what we wanted. An epic fight.

Phyllis shoved Diane, Diane slapped Phyllis, there was a scuffle and Diane tried to choke Phyllis out.

We’ve been waiting for a knock-down drag-out fight like this, literally, for years.  


Many of us in the beginning of the week were wondering what Jeremy’s part in the scheme was. At the time, I thought myself that Jeremy could rearrange his mask like nobody’s business but I couldn’t figure out what else his part was in the scheme.

Further on in the week, he redeemed himself with the proclamation that he married Phyllis three days ago. What?! 

stark arranges mask


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Kyle has eyes for Audra

In a surprise moment, Kyle meets and is entranced with Audra, just before Summer comes in and snippily tells him that she’s Noah’s ex who emotionally destroyed him.

Kyle watched Audra walk away, he was so besotted. And she was eying him too.

Probably wondering if she could get him and how much fun it’d be to piss Summer off. Two birds, one stone.

I hope we’re getting a cheating storyline out of this. We need to continue the momentum of the soapy goodness, after all.

kyle hot for audra charles


Elena gets a clue

Elena finally saw Victoria and Nate holding hands with her own two eyes and realized that something was up. 

She showed Victoria that she knew what the other woman was up to by leaning in and kissing her man in front of Vicky, marking her territory.

Little does she know that Victoria doesn’t give up that easily.  

elena stops victoria with nate

Neil’s dedication

Victor and Nikki did since they said the renovated Athletic Club lounge was dedicated to Neil and is now called The Neil Winters Jazz Lounge. 

Nikki talked about celebrating and honoring their heritage and that they created the room in his memory to welcome visitors and citizens to share the music he loved so much.

But mostly, it felt as if Victor only did this to reunite Lily and Devon.

I don’t have Lily and Devon as part of the top ten because their reunion was so anticlimactic.

It made me wonder what it was all for, considering nothing came of it. We need consequences and we so rarely get them.

neil winters

The spectacles 

Phyllis made a striking performance and collapsed after having been poisoned but once the ambulance came, it was Jeremy who put on quite the display.

phyllis collapses

He put on a big show of telling everyone he was married to Phyllis and just happened to have a marriage license to prove it and then held her hand and called her, “my love.”

It was all so ridiculous and obviously a setup. It was dumbed down so badly, it was almost worthy of Passions.


stark produces marriage license