Summer and Daniel are Devastated to Learn Phyllis Died After the Ambulance Crashed and Caused an Explosion

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, everyone reacts to news that Phyllis’ ambulance crashed and is on fire, while Audra and Tucker discuss a new scheme.

In the previous episode, Phyllis’ ambulance went missing and Ashley agreed to consider Tucker’s new proposal which isn’t real, and Chance showed up at the gala to find out what happened between Diane and Phyllis. 

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for March 31, 2023 episode airs in the USA April 3. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At GCAC, Jack tells Traci that there’s been news of a terrible accident. She gasps.

It can’t be about Phyllis. Jack’s frustrated. Chance gets a call.

Nearby, Leanna asks if Sharon is close with Chance and if he gave her the inside scoop.

Sharon says people are concerned about someone they love.

She has no scoop and if she did, she wouldn’t give her any.

chance on a call about phyllis dying

Victor refuses to speculate. Victoria wonders why the ambulance was on Collins Road.

Nikki and Lauren reappear after saying goodbye to the last of the guests.

Lauren cries. She needs to know what happened to her friend.

victoria talks to family about phyllis

Stark demands Chance tell him where his wife is.

Summer whips out his marriage license to a stunned Summer and Daniel who question him.

Jack says he shared this “charade” with them while those two were at the hospital.

Stark turns on Chance again for answers and everyone gets more upset.

stark questions chance about phyllis

Summer and Daniel yell at him for calling her his wife.

Stark taunts them for not being on speaking terms with their mother who he gathers didn’t tell them about their marriage.

Daniel snipes that his mother would never marry a lowlife like Jeremy.

summer and daniel learn Phyllis was married

At Society, Tucker tells Audra JT used to work for him and pleaded guilty to the attempted murder of Victor.

Audra finds his medical case fascinating. She wants to feature him on a podcast with Dr. Dawson.

Tucker says it’d have a profound effect on Victoria. She knows but he had a tumor.

Tucker doesn’t think Victoria would want that chapter revisited.

What about Victor and Nikki’s reactions? She’s already thought of all that.

Nick arrives at GCAC after getting Summer’s text. She hugs her dad and is worried about her mother.

She doesn’t think her mom was in that accident. 

Leanna finds Michael and Lauren and asks for a quote.

Lauren tells her to buzz off and Micahel says, “No comment.”

Kyle asks Diane if she’s alright. She wonders if she should leave.

She doesn’t want to cause more pain by being there. Kyle says none of this is her fault.

Jack and Summer need her support. She nods as Stark watches.

leanna wants the scoop from michael

Traci goes to Jack, knowing this has to be hard on him. He’s worried about everyone.

Leanna approaches, looking for her scoop and Traci asks her to stop badgering these people. Jack tells her to go.

She calls them rude. “I’m just doing my job.” Jack says to find different work.

Victor, Nikki, Victoria and Nick watch and Victor says he wants Leanna out of there.

Nick will take care of it. He suggests everyone else go home.

He’ll keep them updated.

victor wants leanna to be kicked out

Leanna finds Stark and introduces herself. She wants the hot goss.

He’s up for an interview but Nick kicks Leanna out. It’s not a press event but a family matter.

Leanna tells Stark she’ll be in touch. “Oh we will,” he agrees.

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victor at society talking about tucker

Nikki, Victoria and Victor stop at Society for a drink. They’re too stirred up to sleep.

Nikki’s sorry she thought of bringing Stark to town. Victoria and Nikki felt awful seeing Phyllis on the floor.

Victor feels awful for Summer. Vicky knows her brother cares for Phyllis still.

Nikki blames herself for all of this but the others tell her to stop the guilt. It’s not her fault.

vicky learns phyllis might be dead

Nearby, Tucker knows that Audra is only vying for Nate’s attention in bringing JT back to Genoa City.

She tries to deny it but he says she’s playing with fire.

Tucker learns the man was released for good behavior and the tumor.

The problem is, she can’t locate him and that’s why she needs Tucker’s help.

He agrees to it. For a price. It’s an unknown marker. She refuses.

He doesn’t think JT will want to talk to her anyway, but taunts Audra by saying JT will probably be willing to talk to him.

Audra decides to think about his offer. He says his generosity has limits, causing her to laugh. 

tucker and audra talk about jt hellstrom

At the other table, Victor doesn’t like Audra and Tucker having a chat.

Victoria calls them old friends and Nikki hasn’t forgiven her for breaking Noah’s heart.

Vicky says relationships end. She told them about Tucker’s plan to sell McCall. Victor finds her curious.

nikki doesn't trust audra

Back at the gala, Nick gets Sharon some water and she asks how to help.

His mind is only on Daniel and Summer. Sharon talks about their complicated past.

They hated each other but when she was battling cancer, Phyllis dropped the animosity overnight.

Sharon’s glad that Phyllis befriended her when she needed one.

sharon recalls phylli's friendship Y&R recaps

Nearby, Lauren asks how this even turned into a catastrophe.

She worries she could have prevented it by convincing Phyllis to back off.

Michael says they tried. Michael reassures her.

Phyllis is the most determined person he met. Nobody can take her down.

They joke about how Phyllis will razz them when she learns they were worried about her for nothing.

lauren and michael worry about phyllis

Chance gets a call. Everyone watches silently as he asks, “Are you sure?”

He disconnects and Stark bellows that he wants answers. Is Phyllis okay? Chance says the ambulance crashed.

It was Phyllis. It appears it caused an explosion. Everyone looks down, taking the information in.

Summer is in denial. Diane says this day could not get worse. She apologizes to Jack.

didi upset

Nearby, Danny tells Daniel that his mom is a survivor. Daniel says they’re still trying to fight the fire.

She’s strong but can anyone beat that? Danny says he’s there for his son no matter what.

Daniel hugs his father. Traci goes to Danny and they talk about how invincible Phyllis is.

Danny talks about how alone Daniel is right now. Traci’s sure his presence brings his son comfort.

summer gets tragic news

Chance brings the EMT to GCAC to ask him to walk through the events of the night while in the other room, Stark taunts Daniel about marrying his mom three days ago.

He whips out his marriage license again to throw it in his face. Daniel rips it up, causing Stark to laugh.

That’s what his mother would have done.

Meanwhile, the EMT tells Chance about Diane taking the ring out of Phylli’s hand and that Jack saw. He says Phyllis woke up and didn’t seem with it.

the emt at phyllis' ambulance

She whispered, “Poison, poison.” He took a blood test on her and the vehicle crashed.

The back doors blew open on impact and he flew twenty feet from the ambulance.

The patient was still strapped in as was the driver.

The vehicle caught fire and he saw that the other guy was belted in and the flames came roaring out.

The entire vehicle was engulfed. He couldn’t get to them.

chance talks to EMT about phyllis dying

Back at Society, Victor takes a call and learns about the ambulance accident and the fire.

Vicky’s upset and Nikki goes to make a call.

Audra approaches their table and Victor asks her to join.

vicky learns phyllis might be dead

He wants to know what she and Tucker were talking about. “I’m just keeping our enemies close,” she says quietly.

Victor asks if she talked him into selling to him. She says to focus on getting Devon to say no.

Newman will be in a better position. Vicky learns Devon dropped the lawsuit and is happy about that. It’s an open for them.

Audra goes and Victoria asks why her dad didn’t tell her before about the drop of the lawsuit.

She needs to be one step ahead of employees. Nikki returns after talking to Nicholas.

The kids are beside themselves. She wants to go home. Victoria says she’ll finish her drink first. Tucker nods at her and she goes to sit with him. 

Victoria at society with victor

Chance goes to the family and friends back at GCAC and tells them about what the EMT told him.

summer devastated phyllis died

Phyllis didn’t make it. “I’m so sorry for your loss,” he says.

daniel hears mom dead

Summer collapses and Lauren cries on Michael’s shoulder as everyone takes in the tragic news.

lauren and michael learn phyllis died

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