Y&R Spoilers Nov 13 -17: Claire Tells Nikki Why She Kidnapped her

Monday, Nov 13 to Friday, Nov 17.

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Mamie goes to bat for Nate.


“You just focus on taking care of your aunt. I know how important she is to you,” says Nikki.

nikki tells claire to go

“There’s something else I should probably tell you about her,” Claire adds.

claire tells nikki there's something she needs to know

“Maybe I shouldn’t leave town at all this weekend with all this family upheaval,” Nikki tells Victor.

nikki is hesitant to go

He wants her to take the trip, reminding her that she’s been waiting to see her sister Casey for a long time.

victor encourages nikki to go

In a house, Nikki tries desperately to get a phone to work when Claire lunges at her with a syringe and jabs her in the neck.

claire injecting nikki


Young and Restless Spoilers Monday, November 13:

In Monday’s Young and Restless recap, Claire and Nikki plan a trip to Oregon

Victor does damage control with Adam.

Adam admits he deceived his father.

Victor’s not sure if Adam will be welcomed back to Newman. If he is, he has to work with Victoria on their relationship. 

Victoria rails on Nikki for betraying her.

Nate withdraws from Victoria, refuses her calls and she complains to Nick about it.

Claire tells Nikki her aunt broke her arm and she needs to spend a few days helping her.

Nikki’s going to see Casey in Reno so offers to take Claire to Oregon.

Nikki does an ‘I told ya so’ to Victor.

victor encourages nikki to go

Young and Restless Spoilers Tuesday, November 14:

In Tuesday’s day ahead recap, Claire drugs Nikki once they are at the lake house.

Victoria faces her dad and tells him off.

Victor wants Victoria to dump Nate.

Nate and Adam have words and taunt one another.

Nick decides to return to Newman and tells his father the news. He wants to move on from the issues they face.

Victoria will return to Newman but she will take a while to trust her dad again. He tells her the same.

Diane sides with Ashley about the expose on Tucker.

Abby and Ashley discuss what Tucker’s next move is.

Nikki and Claire head out to Oregon.

Nikki and Claire sip tea while they wait for Aunt Jordan to show up.

Claire drugs Nikki’s tea and Nikki sees double and falls.

Kyle dumps Audra and their plans. 

claire drugs nikki Y&R recaps

Young and Restless Spoilers Wednesday, November 15:

In Wednesday’s Y&R recap, Nikki wakes up and tries to escape, but Claire has her locked in a room. 

Nick and Adam visit Victor at work. Adam asks if he’ll be Nick’s assistant this time. 

Victor gives his family an ultimatum. He dares his family to cross him.

Victoria asks if Nate’s going to dump her. 

Nate asks Victoria to go to her father and stand up for herself.

Claire puts Nikki to bed and gets into her phone. 

Kyle’s starting to wonder if he has given his loyalty to the wrong people.

The trip Claire and Nikki are on takes a drastic turn. For Nikki.

Claire’s co-conspirator comes to the door as Nikki’s trying to escape. 

Claire tells Nikki she’ll be with her family soon enough. 

claire checking on nikki

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Young and Restless Spoilers Thursday, November 16:

In Thursday’s Y&R recap, Nikki’s escape is thwarted by Claire who leaves her a creepy present.

Jill confronts Tucker about working with Mamie.

Nikki finally sees Claire for who she is.

Victor offers Victoria another chance.

nikki tries to call cops on claire

Young and Restless Spoilers Friday, November 17:

Nikki is backed into a corner. 

claire injects nikki

Daniel and Heather discuss their new dynamic now that they’re both living in Genoa City together again.

heather lily smile

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