Y&R Recap: Nikki’s Caught and Drugged by Claire, During an Escape Attempt, and Diane Asks Kyle to Become a Mole for the Abbott’s

Thurs Nov 16: Today on Young and Restless, Nikki is left a creepy doll in her room, Victoria confronts her father, and Jill confronts Tucker about working with Mamie.

Wednesday’s recap: Doped Nikki Wakes Up Claire’s Captive and Tries to Escape, Nate Urges Victoria Not to Leave Newman, and Kyle Walks Out on Audra and Her Scheme

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on Nov 16. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Jill arrives at Lily’s condo and they talk about Dominic.  

jilll laughs about mamie and tucker in cahoots Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

Daniel walks in and immediately gets down to business about Tucker working with Mamie to take over the company.

Jill calls it a match made in hell. He details what happened and Jill learns Devon doesn’t yet know.

Jill assumes Tucker put this in motion and Mamie was gleeful to be a part of this.

Jill goes to confront Tucker while Lily and Daniel rehash what’s happened.

Lily wants to tell her brother who she knows will appreciate not being left in the dark.

daniel reveals that devon doesn't know about tucker and mamie Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

At the Athletic Club, Tucker finds Audra sipping alcohol.

She tells him to get a drink because he won’t like this.

She lets him know Kyle has grown a conscience and is backing out of their arrangement. Tucker shrugs.

tucker expected kyle to leave their scheme Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

He knew this was coming. He doesn’t trust anyone and is disappointed that she didn’t expect this.

Carnal attraction only goes far. She sneers. He learned from Ashley that ‘Abbott blood is as thick as tar’.

He tells Audra to relax. They haven’t heard the last of Kyle.

He assumes that Kyle will spill his guts to his family and they’ll tell him to go back in as a mole.

audra reveals kyle is out Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

Audra doubts it but Tucker knows he’s desperate for Jack’s approval.

Jill drops by the table and interrupts. She asks Audra to leave them alone and takes her place at the table. She doesn’t want to play games.

She knows what he’s up to and it isn’t going to work. Tucker begs to differ.

His plans almost always succeed. “Tell that to Ashley,” she says. 

jill interrupts tucker at athletic club. soapsspoilers

Diane finds Kyle drinking at the Abbott mansion and questions him.

He tells her to pour herself a drink. “You’re gonna need it.” She vows not to judge him so he fills her in on his shame.

“I almost sold out our entire family to Tucker McCall.” Kyle reveals Audra’s tempting offer, and Tucker and Audra’s scheme.

Diane realizes that in return, Tucker offered Kyle the position Jack wouldn’t give him.

Diane’s proud that he turned them down.

This surprises Kyle who thought she’d call him an idiot. Diane asks him to hold off on telling Jack.

She asks him to go back to them and become a mole for the company.

diane learns kyle was tempted Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

At Neil’s lounge, Victoria refuses to come back to Newman. Adam asks if he should call Dad.

Nick ignores him. Their dad wants them to work together at his company. “And he is not wrong.” Victoria scoffs. Nick left the company.

newman siblings talk about going back to the company soapsspoilers

He realizes he was wrong but he’s back and needs an ally. Adam asks why they can’t have faith in him.

Again, Nick ignores his brother and goes on. It’s an all-or-nothing scenario.

Either the three of them work together or they’re out. Victoria knows Adam will survive.

He whispers that it’s a gift. Nate’s name is brought up and Victoria defends him.

victoria doesn't trust adam soapsspoilers

They agree they don’t want Adam in charge. Adam shakes his head at how unbelievable they are.

He could cure cancer and feed the poor and they’d still think he was up to something.

He only cares about making this work, not besting them or destroying the company. He takes off.

adam doesn't like that he isn't trusted Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers


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At the lakehouse, Nikki opens the wardrobe and finds the can opener.

nikki gets the door open at the lakehouse Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

She tries to get the door unlocked with it, her mouth falling open when it actually works.

nikki quietly goes down the stairs of the lakehouse Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

When the door squeaks, she lubes it with soap and removes her shoes, letting herself out before she closes the door behind her.

She heads stealthily down the stairs.

nikki going down stairs in the lakehouse Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

When the patio doors don’t open, she searches her purse for her phone.

Since it’s not there, she tries the front door which is also locked, and notices a phone.

claire with a syringe

She tries to make a call when Claire comes up behind her with a syringe and injects her.

Nikki gasps. Claire puts her down on a chair and Nikki asks why she’s doing this. Claire says not until everyone else is here.

She’s taking revenge on the Newmans and calls them all vicious, and sanctimonious. They disgust her.

nikki gets drugged again by claire in the lake house Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

Nikki’s baffled so Claire says she’s been patient and time’s up. Did Nikki not think they wouldn’t even the score?

Nikki is ready to pass out when she whispers to stay away from her family.

Claire says she’s no longer calling the shots. She texts her co-conspirator, “She got out. It’s handled. But I need your help.”

claire texts her co- conspirator soapsspoilers

Later, Nikki’s back in her room in bed asleep with an IV in her arm.

She imagines Victor’s there with her, smiling.

nikki out cold with iv in her arm young and restless

She calls his name and he sits with her and asks her to keep quiet.

He’ll get her out of here. She seems to fade in and out and imaginary Victor pulls out her IV and she opens her eyes and he’s gone.

imaginary victor Y&R

On the bed is a doll with a blood-red tear falling from its eye.

She picks up the doll and throws it across the room.

creepy doll nikki finds Y&R soapsspoilers

Victoria arrives at Newman and tells her dad she isn’t happy he sent her brothers to strong-arm her.

He doesn’t respect her instincts.

Victor again reminds her that her instincts lead her to “Billy Boy Abbott, TJ Hellstrom, Ashland Locke, and now Nate Hastings.”

Victoria asks him to leave her personal business out of it but he reminds her that she brings her personal business to the office.

victoria questions her father about work Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

She asks why then he wants her back. “For your mother, and for yourself,” the mustache says. Her mom wants her to thrive.

Victoria feels he constantly pushes her down and he tells her to watch her tone. 

She thinks Mom has more respect for her. She touches on Adam and his egregious moves that Victor always brushes over. 

Mom might applaud her for cleaning her desk out and walking away.

He asks what she’d have without this company and him, and then tells her. “You’d have nothing!” Her eyes widen.

victoria tells her father off soapsspoilers

He accuses her of falling apart without this company and has a meaningless life.

Nick enters and she yells at Victor, “Maybe I’m just going to fall apart.” She yells that maybe that’s what is coming.

She yells, “Look out world. Victoria Newman’s about to spin out!”

She gathers her coat and stomps out. 

victoria yells at her dad Y&R


Victoria winds up alone at Neil’s lounge, drinking red wine.

Nick arrives at Crimson Lights and since Sharon’s not there, he orders a green tea.

nick alone orders green tea Y&R

At home, Kyle is back at drinking while DIane watches, concerned from the foyer. 

Back at the Athletic Club, Adam arrives as Tucker’s leaving and lets Audra that he’ll call her later. “It’s all good.” She leaves while Adam drinks.

adam gets drink on Y&R

Victor sits alone in his office, staring at a family photo, that doesn’t have Adam in it, looking decidedly upset. 

victor looks at kids photo

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