Y&R Recap: Claire Drugs Nikki at the Lake House, Victor Wants Victoria to Dump Nate — & Chloe Hounds Sally About Adam

Tues Nov 13: Today on Young and Restless, Jack and Ashley’s disagreement is cut short by Diane, Victoria agrees to stay with the company under one condition, and Mamie pressures Nate.

Monday’s recap: Victoria Feels Nikki Betrayed her, Adam Confesses to Deceiving Victor, and Nikki Agrees to Meet Claire’s Aunt

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on Nov 14. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At the Abbott’s house, Jack and Diane are upset and show Ashley an article written by a reporter friend of Jack’s that details the actions of the PR department while he was running McCall.

Jack’s ready to have the exposé published.

Ashley thinks it’s too big of a move but Jack doesn’t want to wait for Tucker to take action on them.

ashley reads news with jack Y&R recaps

Ashley doesn’t like that he did this behind her back.

The siblings argue and Diane asks them not to turn on each other. Ashley’s concerns are valid.

Ashley’s shocked her sister-in-law is siding with her.

Ashley says Tucker has nothing to lose so he can rebut any way he wants. 

jack wants to publish expose on Tucker

Jack hates that Tucker thinks they’re all squirming. Ashley asks for more time.

Tucker will know they’re squirming if he publishes that article.

Diane agrees so Jack reluctantly goes along.

Ashley leaves and he worries that he’s sending his sister back into the lions’ den.

Jack growls. He worries Ashley will fall for Tucker again. 

diane sides with ashley and jack worries about his sister

Natea finds Adam at the Athletic Club. “Oh, hey Boss,” he jokes.

Nate’s glad he doesn’t have to work with him anymore so Adam says he’ll have to pick up his own dry cleaning.

adam taunts nate about dry cleaning Y&R

Adam rubs it in and Nate insists he had Victor’s best interests at heart while Adam was plotting to advance his own agenda.

Nate calls Adam self-serving and Adam laughs about Nate being out in the cold.

“It’s chilly.” Nate thinks Adam ought to know.

adam vs nate slinging shots at one another at GCAC Y&R recaps

They continue to sing insults and when Mamie turns up, Adam goes.

Nate tells his aunt how Victor villainized him in detail. She calls the man ruthless.

She won’t say she told him so and she hates being right about this.

The silver lining is that he can return to Chancellor-Winters. “Where you belong.”

Nate has misgivings about that but Mamie’s excited and feels it’s time.

mamie is sorry nate is fired

In Victor’s office, Nikki asks what Victor will do about Victoria.

He’ll handle her and thinks it’s important for Nikki to take a break. It’ll be wonderful to see Casey and Claire’s Aunt Jordan.

Nikki sings Claire’s praises and thinks she’ll get a kick out of the Newman jet.

victor newman tells wife to go on a trip

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From Nikki’s office at Newman Media, Claire tells a caller they’re flying out today.

She knows how important this is. “Yes, of course. Do whatever’s necessary,” she says cryptically.

claire tells caller she's coming today Y&R

Nikki arrives, ready to leave. Claire’s excited, knowing her aunt will be thrilled.

They go square a few things away and Claire texts her partner in crime.

claire texting her co-conspirator

Victoria and Nick meet Victor in his office.

He wants them to know he has no intentions of vacating his chair.

He’ll remain head of Newman Enterprises.

He hopes they will work with him. Nick wants to put it behind them but it isn’t so easy for Victoria.

nick and victoria disagree over their dad in his office

It’s enough he didn’t trust her but he’s being unfair about Nate. Victor maintains his motivation was quite clear.

Nick calls him an opportunist but Victoria knows Nate cares about Victor and the stability of the company.

Victor asks why she sided with Adam. She didn’t want to see her dad sent away. 

Victor thinks it’s time Victoria dump Nate. It pains him to tell her that her trust in men has been questionable.

“Billy Boy Abbott, JT Hellstrom, Ashland Locke, now Nate Hastings?” 

victoria and nick talk about nate

Victoria’s still furious about his games and refuses to discuss it.

Despite everything, she can’t turn her back on the company.

The three of them agree that Victoria’s responsible for how well the company’s doing.

Father and daughter discuss rebuilding their trust. If Adam gets a power role though, she’s out.

Nick agrees and Victor is tired of the conflict between these three and plans on solving it.

victoria's caveat for the company

Sally and Chloe meet at Society where Sally fills in her friend about how well things are going with her company.

She credits some of it to Chloe’s great suggestions.

She knows Chloe’s working at Marchetti but asks if she’d be willing to work with her again.

sally wants chloe back on board at the company Y&R recaps

Chloe admits she quit Marchetti and she would love to work with Sally.

They embrace and when Adam strolls in, smiling at the sight of the friends, Sally flashes to sex with him.

When Chloe notices the shared look, she questions Sally.

Sally shrugs her off and Chloe continues to hound her. She hopes Sally isn’t thinking of reuniting. “Adam equals bad.”  

Sally and Adam share another look.

adam finds sally and chloe hugging at society

At Crimson Lights, Abby and Ashley greet each other warmly.

Abby’s been so busy getting ready for the holidays that they haven’t had time together.

Talk turns to Tucker and Abby’s worried when her mom admits she reached out to him.

abby is busy with holiday plans Y&R

She wants her mother to stay away from him, and reveals Devon and Nate think that he’s working with Mamie.

Ashley thinks it’s the same agenda he had in trying to get Jabto for her.

Maybe he wants to oust Jill and get CW for Devon.

Abby wonders if he just wants to focus on his family. Ashley doubts that.

She starts trashing Jill, and Abby says even though she doesn’t like the woman, it doesn’t mean she should have her company taken from her.

Ashley prefers that over Jabot but Abby has concern for Devon.

She also has some for her mom and asks her to stay far away from her ex. Ashley promises. 

ashley meets abby at crimson lights to talk about tucker's plans

Nikki and Caire arrive at Aunt Jordan’s place but the woman isn’t home.

She left a note stating that the neighbor took her to the doctor’s.

There’s tea already made so Claire pours a cup for Nikki, who finds the house beautiful.

Nikki drinks the tea and Claire talks about growing up there.

claire and nikki in the lake house in oregon

There’s a lake outside and she would fish, paddleboard, kayak.

Nikki asks if she ever got into trouble, jokingly.

Claire makes a production of watching Nikki drink the tea, though her cup sits in her lap untouched.

claire drugs nikki's tea

Nikki drains the cup and asks what it is. “Couldn’t say,” Claire says.

Nikki becomes groggy and drops the teacup.

She apologizes and touches her forehead. She doesn’t feel well.

claire drugs nikki Y&R recaps

Claire says it’s okay. “Soon, everything will be as it should.”

Nikki’s confused and sees things blurred.

She moves to get up and falls. “What is happening?” 

nikki falls over drugged by Claire Y&R recaps

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