Y&R Recap: Doped Nikki Wakes Up Claire’s Captive and Tries to Escape, Nate Urges Victoria Not to Leave Newman, and Kyle Walks Out on Audra and Her Scheme

Wed Nov 15: Today on Young and Restless, Victor tells Nick and Adam what he wants, Nate urges Victoria not to walk away from Newman, and Kyle is appalled by Audra.

Tuesday’s recap: Claire drugged Nikki at the Lake House, Victor wantsd Victoria to dump Nate, and Chloe hounded Sally about Adam.

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on Nov 15. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Nick and Adam join Victor in his office at Newman. Nick explains that his sister has declined to come.

nick explains sister not showing

Victor announces he has news about Adam’s future. He explains his daughter has threatened to walk away if he offers him a position of power.

Adam assumes that means he’s out.

adam is confused

His father adds that he told his daughter she wouldn’t have a job at the company if she made demands like that.

Adam assumes this is a game but his father says the games are over. His son came up with a plan to support him and the company,.

If Victoria disagrees with how he sees this, she can take a walk.

victor is miffed victoria isn't there

His son is skeptical and wonders what the angle is. Victor repeats the games are over.

The only thing he’s ever wanted is for the family to work together and Adam is as much a part of it as his siblings.

Adam notices his brother has been quiet and asks what his take on this is.

adam asks what nick thinks

Nick is still not happy about how his father has been manipulating them all or about Adam weaseling his way back in. If it was up to him, his brother wouldn’t even be in the building.

Victor can respect his son disagreeing with him but he did all of this for the family.

victor wants everyone to work together

Adam asks if Nick will replace his sister and he will replace Nate. Victor nods to this.

Nick thought his brother was supposed to work his way up from the bottom.

nick complains about his brother

When Adam asks what happens to him if Victoria stays, his dad says they will find something to suit his “proclivities.”

Nick complains. Victor is sick of the bickering and orders them to convince Victoria to come back.

adam and nick ponder what's next

He’s calling the shots and if they don’t like it, they can all walk.

victor reminds them he's in control

Victoria tracks Nate down at the GCAC. He’s a hard man to find.

victoria tracks down nate

He thought they were taking some distance.

She assumes he wants nothing to do with her anymore.

“Be honest. Tell me that it’s over,” she prompts.

He needs time to figure things out after that “clown show” with her father.

nate is still feeling let down

She’s not trying to push but at least they could have a conversation as friends…if friendship is still on the table.

Victoria admits she’s in limbo now too. It hasn’t reached the point of her quitting her job.

He insists that Victor turned on him and she fomented it. She’ll own fomenting.

Nate says that all of his plans were for the best and he’s tired of defending himself.

She admits her life is all a “muddled confused mess” right now and she has no one to talk to.

victoria misses having someone to talk to

She misses all Nate’s “wisdom.” He’s not sure he can be that person for her right now.

He was counting on her to back him up and she backed away.

nate listens to victoria talk about talking

They go to the club and she thanks him for agreeing to listen to her.

victoria and nate talk adam

She fills him in on the chaos at Newman and how Adam is now man of the hour.

They argue about her siding with her brother when she should have been asking what was in it for him.

He’s glad she regrets what she did.

nate gets an apology

Victoria explains her dad plans to bring Adam back in a high position so she threatened to walk.

Hastings says that would be a foolish move. Victor will just think she’s a disgruntled daughter.

Would the situation at any company that would hire her be better?

nate tells victoria not to leave

How long will Victor last as CEO? A year or two?

If Adam is there, he will get the job and she will have handed him the key.

She says that’s good advice but it would turn her stomach to work with Adam.

victoria and nate talk future

Nate asks what she will do then. She’ll have to figure that out and thanks him for letting her bend his ear.

He cares about her and wants to see her happy and successful. Whatever happens between them won’t change that.

She asks what his plans are and he admits he has something big in the works. There are obstacle to overcome but it will be worth it.

Nate doesn’t want to jinx it by saying more but she begs for a hint.

“All I can say is I’m going home. My advice to you is to do the same,” he says.

nate says he's going home

Adam and Nick arrive in time to see this.

nick and adam spot sister

They interrupt and Nick says it’s nice of his sister to give Nate the benefit of the doubt after what he pulled.

nick and adam interrupt nate and victoria

Standing up, Nate says Nick doesn’t have a clue. He urges Victoria to consider his suggestion and leaves.

nate tells nick he's clueless

Victoria asks the brothers what they are doing there. They want to talk to her.

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At the lake house, Claire has unconscious Nikki tucked tight in a bed.

claire has nikki at lakehouse

Using her phone, she texts Nikki’s family to tell her she’s having dinner with Claire and her aunt.

claire sends a text from nikki's phone

When she’s left alone, Nikki groggily peers around the room and calls for Claire.

She climbs out of bed, confused about what’s happening. She tries the door but it’s locked.

nikki stands up

Nikki looks for her purse and phone but they are nowhere to be found.

When she tries opening the window, it is locked. She bangs and calls for help.

Claire listens downstairs and reads a text from Victor on Nikki’s phone.

Sitting on the bed, Nikki flashes back to Claire serving her tea and then getting woozy while Claire acted weird.

nikki flashing back

She wonders why this is happening and how to get out of there.

Nikki looks at the window and realizes she’s too high to jump. She checks the bathroom but there’s no way out.

Trying to keep herself calm, she resists drinking bottled water and looks for something to pick the lock.

nikki sits in bed

Grabbing a pencil, she attempts but breaks it in the lock.

She tells herself she will be alright and realizes Claire took her phone.

Through the intercom, Claire asks if she’s awake. Nikki shouts out at her.

nikki on the intercom

Claire tells her there is food in the armoire and the water is safe. She reminds her that her sister is not expecting her since this was a surprise visit.

She adds that she’s going back to Genoa City to finish the other arrangements and assures her she will be with her family again soon.

claire speaks through intercom

“You stay away from my family!” Nikki forbids. Claire is gone.

nikki left alone

Back in Victor’s office, he gets the text Claire sent from Nikki’s phone. He calls and leaves a message, telling his baby how lonely he is without her.

victor leaves message for nikki

Kyle meets with Audra at the office. She expects he wants to do some “personal stuff” but he actually wants to talk business.

audra thinks kyle is after sex

He’s having second thoughts about going after Jabot.

kyle tells audra he has some doubts

She shuts the door and gets him to repeat that. He can’t betray his family.

She reminds him he will never get power back at the company.

audra tells kyle to think again

Kyle can’t live with himself if he goes down this road.

Audra can sympathize with his misgivings but promises his doubts will vanish when they take over.

Putting the moves on him, she promises things will get intoxicating.

He still refuses to rip his position back from his father.

kyle has a change of mind

She declares that he’s a fraud and she should have never had this much faith in him because he doesn’t deserve it.

audra calls kyle a fraud

Kyle accuses her of using him. She welcomes him to the real world and tells him everything is transactional.

The problem is, he wants all the power and prestige but has no guts to fight for it.

He points out she has no one and Tucker wouldn’t sacrifice anything for her.

audra arguing with kyle

When he came in, he wasn’t sure what he would decide, but she’s convinced him.

“I don’t have time for cowards. Deal with it,” she says, showing him the door.

kyle walking out on audra

He exits. She crosses her arms.

audra crossing her arms

Audra later goes down to the lobby and sends Kyle an apologetic text.

kyle gets text from audra

He gets the text when he returns to the Abbott estate and then suits down for a drink.

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