Young & Restless Spoilers September 13 – 17; Ashland Comes Clean, & Mariah’s Heartbreaking Decision

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While Nick cautions Billy about his investigation, Billy tells Victoria that there’s no registration of Ashland’s parents’ births and deaths, and it turns out there are no records of Ash’s birth. Victoria tells Ashland about Billy’s investigation into his past. Victoria thinks Billy’s research only deals with what he wants to believe Ashland is up to. Ashland tells Victoria the truth, telling her things that make her wonder just how well she knows her husband-to-be. Meanwhile, Devon and Mariah get used to their new circumstances.

Monday, September 13

Chelsea gives Adam an ultimatum.
Jack backpedals with Phyllis.
Victor interrogates Ashland about his past.

Tuesday, September 14

Nick catches Jack off guard.
Nikki calls Billy’s bluff.
Abby shares news with Mariah and Devon.

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Wednesday, September 15

Lily does her best to reason with Billy.
Ashland comes clean with the Newmans.

Thursday, September 16

Sharon helps Adam with Connor.
Victor weighs in on Ashland’s confession.

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Friday, September 17

Mariah makes a heartbreaking decision.
Amanda surprises Devon.
Victor and Ashley worry about Abby.

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Sharon’s forced to defend herself, while Amanda receives an unexpected invitation, as Victor shows his support for Victoria, and Jack takes stock in his life.

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