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The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for the Friday, August 27, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Monday, August 30. In the previous episode, Stitch confessed he kidnapped Mariah. In this episode, Nick questions Phyllis’ feelings for Jack.

At the hospital, Nate assures Mariah, Abby and Devon that the baby is doing well in the nursery. They thank him for his help during labor. He credits them and congratulates them all. He goes and Mariah admits she never thought she’d get out of that room. She thought they were going to keep her in the room until after she gave birth. She doesn’t understand why Stitch kidnapped her. Abby looks uneasy. Outside, Victor and Rey discuss how Stitch left minutes before he got to the house. “He took off and now there’s no sign of him.” Back in her room, Mariah gets upset as she talks about her feelings during captivity. Abby explains his motivation. Mariah wants him locked up forever. Devon says the police are on top of it. He’ll be found. Elena arrives. There are two people anxiously waiting to see Mariah. The duo steps out of the room and Tessa and Sharon rush in, Tessa in tears. Tessa hugs Mariah and they cry a little. “I was so scared,” Tessa tells her girlfriend. They embrace again.

tessa mariah reunite young and restless

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At Society, Chloe lets Sally meet Chelsea through a video chat. Sally boasts about how she’s a huge fan and that it’s an honor to work for her. Chelsea admits that she hasn’t decided if she’s taking the position yet. Chloe reminds her friend that she’s the reason she accepted Adam’s offer. They were going to work together when she returned. “Did you think I accepted the job just to torture Adam?” Chelsea appreciates her effort but she can’t commit.

chelsea meets sally young and restless

Nick finds Phyllis at Grand Phoenix. She’s sad she missed his text about take-out. She’s sorry she was tied up. Nick reveals Sally told him she was with Jack. Phyllis is annoyed that she continues to antagonize her. Nick knows she’s retaliating by trying to make him jealous of Jack. Nick does have a question. He asks her to be honest. Red claims, “I’m always honest with you.” Nick knows. He asks if he wasn’t in the picture if she’d be tempted to get together with Jack. Phyllis doesn’t like the hypothetical question. She’s just friends with him and that’s all. He’s not threatened by that, is he? Nick says not at all. She tells him, “Good because I’m a one-man woman and you’re my man.” They discuss his concern over Victoria marrying Ashland so soon when she barely knows him. Phyllis gets his concern and won’t argue with him. Victor calls to tell Nick he’s an uncle once again and that Mariah’s resting at Memorial. Victor says to wait on visiting. “Congratulations, Grandpa,” Nick says happily. He fills his girlfriend in.

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Chelsea video chats Adam. They discuss how Anita’s doing well and Connor’s looking forward to school. Chelsea’s glad to hear that Adam wants Connor in her life. “You sound like you mean it.” She brings up Sally Spectra. She’s not so sure about her. “Have you seen her resume? Have you looked into her track record?” Adam knows. He seems impatient as Chelsea slings the dirt on Sally. Adam thinks Newman Media is a better fit. She thinks Sally’s a manipulator. Adam says she should trust him. He’s got his eye on her.

chelsea warns adam young restless

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Back at the hospital in the waiting room, Devon tells Nate about feeling a connection to his son, immediately. He’s thinking about his time with Hilary. In Mariah’s room, Sharon tells her kid she was so afraid for her. She gives the couple private time. Tessa professes her love and they embrace. Each felt the other with them. Tessa prayed she’d see her again. She cries that she’ll never let go again. They hug. Outside, Abby finds Victor with a Fenmore’s bag. He went shopping for his grandson and hands it to her to open. It’s a little stuffed bear that reminds him of “Oodles,” the bear she had as a kid. Abby loves it. Victor professes his love and goes, while Devon appears. They talk about making that perfect little boy. He’s thankful for how things turned out. Abby credits him for saving the kid’s life. She was too bowled over by Ben’s kindness until it was almost too late. Sharon goes back into Mariah’s room and Mariah sleeps while Tessa goes to get some things from home. Sharon will stay with her so she doesn’t wake up alone. Tessa thanks Devon for finding Mariah and bringing her home. She asks where the chapel is. She wants to say thanks. Later, Devon calls Lily with the news and Abby sits with Mariah while she talks about Chance being a father.

victor abby bear young restless

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Elena listens to Nate talk about how well the birth went. Phyllis surprises Sally at Society. “Oh! Phyllis. Someone should put a bell around your neck.” Through gritted teeth, Phyllis says, “I’d like to put something around your neck.” Sally retorts, “Why don’t you say that a little louder?” Phyllis brings up what she said to Nick about her spending time with Jack and warns her not to do it again. Sally claims she barely remembers seeing Nick and then feigns remembering that he was busy planning a romantic night while Phyllis was too busy “fawning over her ex.” She thinks it was inappropriate, which makes Phyllis warn that “This isn’t a good idea. Haven’t you had enough? Isn’t this over for you?” Sally says, “I’m still here, aren’t I?” Phyllis laughs and calls the other redhead delusional. Chelsea through her a bone and Adam likes working with the town pariah. Sally sings her own praises and admits she and Adam get each other. Phyllis finds that amusing and warns the woman, “Get out of my orbit. Get out of my life.”

phyllis puts sally in place young and restless

At Crimson Lights, Nick tells Adam about their new nephew. They discuss Victoria and Locke’s wedding. Nick keeps his feelings close to his vest and when Sally turns up, Nick takes off. Adam gets the feeling his brother doesn’t care for her. Sally will turn it around. She loves a challenge. Adam inspired her. He’s never had his name and the word ‘inspire’ in a sentence together. She has a plan. Chloe finds them together and they discuss the upcoming party for Newman Media. Adam goes and Chloe talks to Sally about Chelsea’s ambivalence over working at NM. Later, Chloe video chats Chelsea again. They discuss Sally. Chloe defends her talent and motivation.

adam nick talk victoria young restless

Elena brings the baby to Mariah at the hospital but she’s sleeping. Abby tells her Mariah was going to pump and bottle the breast milk. Elena hands her a bottle and the kid. She feeds the baby and calls him brave as Devon watches. Mariah wakes up and looks confused as Abby tells the baby she’s with her mama now.

abby and her baby young restless

Saly waltzes into Adam’s office. She took a break from plotting Phyllis’ downfall to ask him for a fashion decision. He leaves those to Chloe. She shows him anyway. He likes it. “You really are talented, Sally Spectra.” He asks her plans to make a name for herself. She’s not ready to discuss it yet. He’s determined to get it out of her and asks her to accompany him to the launch party. “We’ll see,” she says before she goes.

adam ask sally out young and restless
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