Steffy and Finn’s Moment of Passion Is Interrupted by Paris, While Wyatt Walks in on Quinn & Carter

In the Thursday, September 16, 2021, full episode recap of Bold and the Beautiful, Paris interrupts Steffy and Finn’s passion, while Ridge and Brooke get into Eric’s love life, and Wyatt walks in on something that upsets him.

In the office, Ridge yells at his father about his reunion with Quinn. It doesn’t make sense. “You wanted her out of your life for very good reason and no one knows why.” Now that they’re suddenly reunited, he thinks something’s going on. Brooke interrupts with samples of fabric. She realizes they’re in the middle of a private conversation. Ridge explains that he’s trying to tell “this guy” that he’s concerned about his marriage. Brooke confesses that they both are. Ridge turns to Brooke and says Eric can’t blame Quinn for everything. Brooke nods. She thinks Eric seems more troubled since the reconciliation. “Why is that?” He says he and Quinn have been more open to each other than ever. Ridge thinks honesty is good. “You know what else is good? Trust, companionship.” Brooke adds, “And warmth and affection.” Ridge talks about making his way back to Brooke and how magical it was. “We didn’t leave the bedroom.” Eric looks away as his son says he wants that for him. His reunion doesn’t seem as joyous. Eric barks that they’re judging him. Brooke hisses that they’re not. She says he always tries to do the right thing but it’s not worth sacrificing his wellbeing to honor a commitment. “This is my marriage,” Eric argues and it’s none of their business! He lets them know that he and Quinn know what they’re doing. He takes off. Ridge tries to tell Brooke not to worry. She calls his dad an amazing man. His willingness to love is boundless. She doesn’t think Quinn deserves him. “No man has ever given her what Eric has.”

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At the cliff house, Finn wanders shirtless, then tosses the towels Steffy was folding on the sofa before giving her a kiss. It’s the first time they’ve been alone all day. She thinks he’s trying to make her forget about the Dad joke competition with Liam. They enjoyed their time with the kids and Steffy says she and Hope wanted to be a big, blended family for the longest time. They didn’t think it’d be possible. Hope was right — she’s never been happier, because of Finn. They kiss. He pulls her in and wants to take her to the bedroom. “I like the sound of that,” she says. They start making out passionately until Paris strolls in and watches. Steffy pulls away and apologizes. It’s awkward. Paris didn’t mean to interrupt and will go to her room. She hopes this means that Sheila’s machinations didn’t ruin anything between them.  They let her know what happened and that they don’t even know where Sheila is. Steffy asks her to contact them if she sees Sheila. It’s important that Finn’s mama stays out of their life.

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In her office, Carter tells Quinn that if they give in to their feelings, it could get very complicated. Wyatt knocks and they move apart. He asks if he’s interrupting. “Not at all,” Carter lies. Wyatt sneers. Is he supposed to believe that? They jumped apart when he came into the room! They brush his concerns off and Quinn admits she’s focusing on Eric and giving him everything he needs. She’s made a lot of mistakes with her husband and doesn’t want to make another. She and Eric are trying to make a marriage that works for them both. “Good.” He thinks it’s a miracle that Eric took her back. Quinn says he’s willing to do what it takes to make her happy. Wyatt thinks she should do the same. “Whatever he asks you to do, just do it!”

Eric finds Quinn alone in her office. She’s distracted and explains she has a lot on her mind. “You think you know what I want but you don’t.” He reminds her of when they got married. It was just the two of them and the minister. “Yeah,” she says cause his family protested and refused to give up. Eric says they had no idea what she meant to him — how far he’d go to give her what she wanted. He promised to give her happiness, joy, and fulfillment. “I can still do that,” he says. He hands her an envelope for Carter. She says he went home for the day. Eric knows. “Take it to him.” He smiles. He’ll see her at home. He goes and Quinn purses her lips.

At home, Eric makes himself a drink and stares at Quinn’s portrait, pensively.

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At home, Carter flashes to Eric telling Quinn that her sex life doesn’t have to be over. He sighs and drinks some beer, shirtless. He can’t help but flash to making love to Quinn and reminiscing about professing their love to each other. Quinn arrives.