Abby’s Anxious When Mariah Goes Missing With Dominic — & Ashland Picks a Best Man

Soaps Spoilers has the Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for the Tuesday, September 7, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Wednesday, September 8. In the previous episode, Mariah unleashed her fury on Adam. In this episode, Devon and Lily talk about Dom, Abby gets freaked when Mariah’s missing, and Ash and Nate bond, while Victor doesn’t like that Adam’s going out with Sally.

At Devon’s place, Devon shows Lily photos of Dominic. They discuss finding Mariah and helping her to give birth. He says Abby was calm and reassuring, while Mariah was heroic. Devon knew he’d feel a connection to him because of their DNA but this is something else, he muses. He tells his sister about Amanda’s trip with Imani. The Sutton case took a toll on them and finding out about Richard. Lily says Billy’s home with the kids. They like alone time with their dad. Lily senses a shift in him since the baby. Devon is happy to step in as a surrogate for Chance. They talk about his baby with Hilary, the miscarriage, and how he misses Hilary. Lily offers to be there for him if he needs to talk. Devon appreciates it. Talk turns to Chance and how Devon says he won’t get back a lot of these big moments. He doesn’t even know he has a son. Devon is beginning to think it’s safer for him not to know. Lily thinks he’ll be thankful knowing that Devon was there for Dom.

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At the mansion, Abby asks if a bartender can fill in for hostess duty. “Figure it out and call me back,” she says. Mariah appears. Abby says she’d ask Tessa if she didn’t have a gig. Mariah offers to watch the baby if she needs to work. Abby refuses her. It’s too much. Mariah’s happy to do it. Abby looks from the baby to her friend, unconvinced. Later, Mariah’s rocking Dominic and he’s bawling his head off. She can’t figure out the problem but tells him she’d do anything for him. Abby returns later and the baby and Mariah are gone. She calls for her and says she got someone to cover for the hostess gig. She heads upstairs and can’t find her. She calls Devon who hasn’t heard from her. “Just give me a moment and I’ll be right over.” He leaves his sister there and goes.

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Nate and Elena appear at Society and Victoria introduces Elena to Ashland. Sally walks in and Victoria nudges Ash. They go sit on the sofas by the windows and Sally watches uncomfortably from the bar as Nate talks in detail about some medical technology that they’ll be able to afford now that Ashland has donated money for. Elena wants to discuss their wedding plans. They discuss the dress and Victoria hasn’t nailed down a designer yet. Sally’s interest is piqued.

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At their office, Victor and Adam read the news about their launch party. Nobody wrote about the ice bucket fiasco, which surprises them. Adam has dinner plans. “You’re not meeting that woman, are you?” Adam asks which one. “That Spectra woman, or whatever the hell her name is.” Adam huffs that he is. Victor brings up the ice bucket fight again and Adam says maybe Phyllis provoked her. He’s not interested in any of that. “You’re focusing on monkey business,” he complains. He should be strategizing about how to defeat Chance Comm. Adam says they’ll talk about it later. He heads out.

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Since Micheal’s working late, Lauren visits Jack and invites him for dinner. He says he’ll order Chinese takeaway. “Sounds delicious.” They discuss how much Harrison loves Italian pizza. Summer sent a video of helping her cook. Jack boasts that he’s ahead of the curve. They have a little place just outside of Milan. Jack says he’s adaptable and adjusted to life fast. Lauren assumes he misses his mom. She almost felt sorry for her, taking on Phyllis. Jack regrets telling Phyllis to lay off her and Sally. Lauren says their friend has a gift for reading people. The kids owe their happiness to her. “She’ll never let them forget it,” Jack says. They yuk it up and she asks if he has everything he needs to be happy. He talks about all of the wonderful things he’s experienced and can’t wait until Lauren has grandkids.

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Adam arrives at Society and greets his sister and her crew. She says it looks like he met his match in Sally. He nods and says he’s glad she has in Ashland. He goes to sit with Sally and is apologetic that he was late. Sally thinks he enjoys tweaking them. He laughs. “It’s a game.” She thinks she can learn a lot from him. She’s glad they aren’t on a date. She wore her comfy shoes. He looks under the table. “Okay, those are not comfy shoes.” Elsewhere, Nate tells a story about a bride patient who twisted her ankle before the ceremony, worrying the groom. Nate starts to tell another story and Elena taps his leg, thinking that’s enough horror stories involving weddings. The women realize they share a love of cooking podcasts. They toddle off to the restroom and Ashland can see Nate knows how lucky he is. “Certainly do.” Later, Sally talks about her time at Forrester and using their designs in her show. Adam jokes that she thinks she was doing them a favor. She has the tendency to get in her own way, she admits. He can relate. Nearby, Ashland shows Nate photos of Harrison. Nate doesn’t have kids and tells Ash he was engaged once but she died. Ash thinks it makes sense that he’s not squeamish to hang out with him. He thought it was because he’s a doctor but he’s been through his own loss and doesn’t see it as foreign or frightening. The women watch and like that their beaus are getting along. Later, Adam looks at Sally’s design for Victoria’s wedding. He likes it but doubts his sister will allow her to create it. Sally asks why he invited her out. They could have done this at work in five minutes. She thinks he was trying to make someone jealous. He counters that she might have been hoping Jack would find out. Sally hasn’t thought about him once. She was enjoying herself and thinks he has been too. He smiles.

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At Victoria’s, Elena and Victoria go get some wine while Nate and Ash talk about Europe. Ash invites them to the wedding and then asks Nate to be his best man. Nate’s taken aback. “We’re still getting to know each other.” Ash says he can size people up fast. He calls Nate kind and brilliant. Nate thinks he has friends in New York he could ask. Ash says they’re work friends. He’s not in that world right now. Later, once alone, Victoria and Ash snuggle and kiss on the sofa.

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Mariah returns home with the baby. Abby frets. Mariah explains that she called the pediatrician who said to take him for a walk when she couldn’t get him to stop crying. Abby wishes she’d texted. Mariah’s sorry. When the baby cries, her brain short circuits. It’s probably hormones. Abby was worried since the last time when she went missing, she was kidnapped. Mariah apologizes again. Devon shows up and Mariah apologizes to him that Abby called him. She explains she lulled the baby to sleep with a walk and forgot her phone. “I crumbled under the pressure,” he says. Devon thinks she did the right thing. Everything worked out alright. “This being a mom thing is not for wimps. It’s a lot harder than it looks,” she says, as Abby stands behind the door, eavesdropping and looking concerned.

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