Valentin’s Shocked Charlotte Broke Into Anna’s Room, Trina Gets Love Advice From Curtis, and Cody Suggests He and Sasha Disappear

Tues Sept 19 GH recap: Cody hands over some pills to Dante, assuming they were going to be used to kill Sasha, Selina taunts Marshall, and Charlotte shows up at Anna’s.

Monday’s GH recap: Valentin and Nina Are Shocked by What Surveillance Footage Reveals, and Blair Tells Martin He Will Pay

At the Savoy, Marshall says hello to a few customers before N’Neka tells him this is the slowest night they’ve had in months.

marshall and n'neka at savoy where it's dead

He’s not happy to see Ms. Wu wander in with a friend.

The women tell each other how stunning they are and Selina introduces Zion.

They order champagne and say they’re headed to Intrigue, the new club downtown.

miss wu and zion

It’s always jam-packed, Selina tells Marshall when he sarcastically asks if they have gambling.

Later, she thanks Marshall for a lovely night and again asks if she can take the club off his hands.

miss wu and marshall at the savoy

He scoffs. They’ll survive, but Selina thinks that without Curtis’ charm, they have nothing.

Marshall suggests she leave for that club now. 

Trina arrives home with a video game called Sudden Death, to play with Curtis.

When Portia says she wants to play, they break into laughter.

Portia takes off and returns when they’re loading the game.

curtis thinks it's funny portia wants to play a game

She’s made popcorn to watch. She admits games aren’t her thing but she likes the thought of virtual reality.

Trina goes to get ice tea and later, they play against zombies as Portia eats popcorn.

They yell, “Crypt Surge!” Portia gets a text and takes off.

portia third wheel

After their game, Trina asks if Curtis wants to get back to work. He says going back opened his eyes to a lot.

“Some good and some that’s just hard to admit.”

It’s home away from home and calls it amazing.

Dreams can change, though. He doesn’t think he can do this in a wheelchair.

curtis talks about the savoy to trina

He changes the subject to her schooling this semester.

She admits she’s looking forward to a trip she’s planning to New York for the weekend with Spencer.

Curtis is surprised her mom didn’t tell him.

Trina hasn’t told her, reminding her dad of how Portia feels about the guy.

Trina feels she’s in love with Spencer and since neither has said so, Curtis asks why.

trina in love

She may be waiting for him to say it first and feels impatient and annoyed, sometimes even disappointed that he does the stupidest thing.

“He also does the sweetest things,” she admits. Curtis respects the man now but is she sure she can count on him emotionally?

Curtis says they’re from different worlds. “People with too much free time and money tend to get into a lot of trouble,” he advises, asking questions about how she will deal with Esme.

She doesn’t know. 

trina loves spencer

At the cabin, Sam, Sasha and Dante urge Cody to shower.

He stinks. When he returns, refreshed, he shows Dante the pills he found in Montague’s jacket.

Sam thinks the doctor was going to use them to overdose her. That, or he had some other horrible plan for her.

cody needs a shower says sam

They try to make sense of why he’d do any of this.

They know Gladys knows Montague from the Savoy.

dante holds montague's pills

They assume she roped in Montague to appear to be unfit for the courts.

If Sasha had too much clarity, she could have linked the two.

Sam wonders how to prove any of this and ensure Cody’s not brought in on kidnapping charges.

She wants to turn themselves in but Dante says there’s no proof. Sasha’s frustrated and feels they’re back to square one.

Dante thinks Mac will see Cody’s innocence and Cody remembers telling Dante that Mac’s his real father.

Once the cop and PI head out, Cody suggests they disappear as another option.

sasha says cody saved her

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Dex arrives at Sonny’s office.

Gabe texted and the knockoff shipment arrived on time.

Sonny’s not so sure. The feds will be watching his moves and who he associates with.

sonny says the shipment never arrived

NSA is riding him but Pikeman won’t back off. Later, Roman Hume (Mark Englehardt) walks in with a briefcase.

He congratulates Sonny and says Pikeman regrets the trouble he faced. He’s offering a stack of cash as an apology.

Dex opens it for Sonny who asks if it’s a downpayment for another deal. Hume says yes, and compensation.

hume shows up with money for sonny

Sonny tells the man no deal and asks Dex to give the cash back.

Dex falls over himself to do his boss’ bidding.

Sonny wants him to find the leak and until he can ensure him it’s blood, no deal.

mr hume

He won’t let the feds use Pikeman to get him.

Hume goes and Sonny wants Dex’s take on what just happened there.

Dex calls that above his pay grade but Sonny didn’t hire him just to answer doors.

He knows the younger man is smart. If he wants to move up, Sonny needs to be able to trust his judgment.

sonny with dex, asking for his take on hume's visit

Dex calls Pikeman an efficient operation with legit government contracts but seems they have a rogue offshoot.

He says none of his men tattled on him. Sonny’s impressed with his insight. He admits the feds busted him on false information that he planted.

Dex thinks they should cut ties with Pikeman but Sonny says they won’t take no for an answer.

Tonight, they bought themselves some time.

sonny and dex talk pikeman

In her hotel room at Metro Court, Anna calls to see if the officers are coming soon.

She wants to start cleaning up the mess.

When she hears a knock she jumps out of her skin and answers it to Charlotte.

anna on a call with the cops

She asks what happened to Anna’s room and learns they had a break in.

Anna’s worried that she took a ride share alone but she needed to see her dad.

charlotte turns up at anna's room at metro court

In Nina’s office, Nina and Valentin are rocked by what they see on the surveillance camera.

He begs her to play it on repeat and Nina asks what he’ll do.

“Nothing, yet.” Valentin gets up and receives a call from Anna who tells her Charlotte’s in her room.

valentin and nina shocked

He asks Nina not to show the surveillance to anyone and runs off.

When Eddie and Olivia turn up, she hides the video and covers that she was considering changing her wedding date.

The duo heads out.

valentin is worried about the video surveillance

Back in Anna’s room, Valentin arrives and asks why his kid is there.

The officers arrive and after taking a look, they aren’t sure they can help. 

Since it’s a hotel, there are thousands of prints, likely.

They think it’s mischief. She still wants to go through the proper channels.

cops with anna at her suite

They wonder if it’s related to the arson case from her house. The cops go and Valentin gets Charlotte to move them to a new suite.

She asks if Valentin accessed security footage. He says there was nothing there which surprises her.

Anna takes over the call from Charlotte as Valentin takes his daughter outside and stares at her in shock.

valentin lies to anna

Portia arrives at The Savoy and N’Neka tells her that the place is slower than her last relationship.

Marshall asks why she’s there. n'neka and portia at the savoyPortia’s head is full of dead zombies from Trina and Curtis’ gaming so she came for a drink.

Eddie and Olivia arrive, noticing it’s dead.

Once alone, N’Neka tells Portia that she thinks Wu wants to buy the place, telling the other woman what happened when she stopped by earlier.

eddie and olivia at the savoy

Portia thinks she’s dangerous. Marshall finds Eddie and Olivia and they chat about his recording and how he’s waiting for a spike of creativity.

Eddie says his song came to him but it was fuzzy and he needs more inspiration.

Marshall tells him he’s into clarinet. Eddie’s psyched.

When Marshall offers to let Eddie play next week, Eddie wonders if there will be more people there to listen. Marshall lets the couple get back to their date, which makes Eddie ask if this is a date.

Olivia’s not sure.

marshall offers to let eddie play at savoy

Back at Metro Court offices, Nina watches the footage once more as Charlotte lets herself into Anna’s room.

charlotte broke into anna's room

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