Billy Talks Chelsea Down off the Ledge, and Victoria Works Overtime to Convince Nate to Take the CEO Job

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Billy catches Chelsea before she jumps off the ledge, and Nate initially turns down Victoria’s offer, while Lily talks to Adam about Billy’s interest in Chelsea.

In the previous episode, Chelsea contemplated ending things from the roof, while Abby was upset with Chance for working, and Connor and Johnny bonded. 

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for October 28, 2022 episode airs in the USA October 31. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)


On the dancefloor at Glam Club, Lily and Billy canoodle until he worries about where Chelsea went.

Lily sighs, not happy. Billy calls Chelsea a mess.

“What do you think she’s going to do?”

He doesn’t know but is sure she was upset by Adam. Lily thinks he’s jumping to conclusions.

Billy wants to check on her.

They go finish their drinks.

lily billy clubbing Y&R

Chelsea is on the roof, contemplating ending her life.

She gasps as she looks down and drops her purse on the ground.

chelsea roof alone Y&R

Back in the club, Billy worries more about Chelsea as he and Lily drink and watch Adam.

Lily points out that Adam doesn’t look upset at all. Maybe she went home and called it an early night?

Lily hopes his newfound free time isn’t going to be spent interfering in everyone’s lives.

It’s a pattern. Billy says he thinks he knows where she went.  He kisses her head and runs for the door as Adam watches.

Adam approaches Lily and they gripe about how Billy’s always taking off.

She says he’s looking for Chelsea. Adam tells her Cheleas’s in the restroom and that they were having a good conversation.

Every time he sees Chelsea, Billy’s not far behind. Lily snorts. It’s true.

Is he trying to make up for something?

On the roof, Chelsea stares off, crying. “Oh my God,” she says, wondering how she got there.

Friends and family voices rush through her head as she relives past conversations.

chelsea almost jumps Y&R

Chelsea keeps hearing people tell her she failed. She steps back. She needs it to stop.

“You are not my mom!” She hears Johnny yell. “He’s a kid, fixing his mom is not his job,” she hears Adam say.

She walks to the ledge again and gets up. She stands on the lege as Billy appears. “Chelsea?” She tells him to stay back. He asks why she’s there.

billy chelsea almost jump Y&R

He thought he might find her there. He’s glad that he found her at their spot.

He tells her he’ll step a little closer. “I want to be alone,” she says.

He says fine, but he’ll stay to be with her. He offers to let her yell and asks if she’s upset about Johnny.

billy chelsea roof issues Y&R

“I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere.” She doesn’t want to talk.

He wants to give her his jacket so she’s warm. He hands it to her and she doesn’t move.

He asks her to step back from the ledge and put it on. “Please?”

billy hand chelsea jacket Y&R

Since she won’t, he gets up there with her and holds her hand.

She tells him it hurts and she doesn’t want to wake up anymore. He thanks her for sharing.

She says she failed and it’s payback for her sins. What she did to Billy when they first met or what she did to Rey or Adam. “I’ve hurt so many people,” she sobs.

She doesn’t think she deserves happiness. Billy chokes up.

She’s a part of this world and a lot of people love her. She denies it. Everyone hates her.

Billy tells her that Johnny and Connor are having a sleepover as brothers.

It’s because of her! 

She whispers something to him and thanks him. He’s a good man. “Tell Connor I slipped,” she says, jumping.

billy calls roof their place Y&R

Billy grabs Chelsea and pulls her to him before she jumps off the roof.

chelea intense roof Y&R

She screams at him and he tells her it’s okay. He’s got her.

He shoves them back on the roof ground and he holds her as she sobs.

billy holds a sobbing chelsea Y&R

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Back in the club, Adam tells Lily that Chelsea’s been struggling.

She’s lost friends and struggling with this Johnny stuff. He was being encouraging.

He got the sense that she was getting better. She even agreed to counseling.

Lily assures Billy didn’t know. Adam doesn’t get why Billy thinks he knows her better.

They talk daily and she seems okay to him. He asks her and Billy to back off. She smirks and goes.

Adam calls and leaves a message for Chelsea to let him know what happened to her. Later, he texts that he’s going out for air.

adam call chelsea Y&R

Back on the roof, Billy gives Chelsea his jacket. She’s exhausted.

Everyone wants her to get therapy and to ship her off somewhere. She reminds him he rejected her and walked away from the podcast.

chelsea tired Y&R

He says that had nothing to do with her. She was right. He’s not made for the corporate world.

He promises she’ll find a way to get out of this depression.

Adam arrives on the roof and sees Chelsea in Billy’s arms.

Billy asks him to leave them be. Chelsea asks what’s going on but Billy brushes past him with Chelsea and leaves.

billy asks adam leave Y&R

In Victoria’s office, Nate says he came to turn down her offer to become CEO of Newman Enterprises.

This surprises her. He tells her he didn’t work things out with Devon.

vic surprised by nate Y&R

If that’s the case, she wonders why not come work for her.

He likes her offer but worries about how it’ll affect her. She’s confused.

He worries people will know she was his accomplice.

He doesn’t want a target on her back. She appreciates it but she doesn’t need protecting.

“Business. It’s a contact sport.”

She asks if he’s worried if they work together that his family won’t reconcile. He says no, that ship sailed.

She pushes him to take the job. He doesn’t get why she’d offer a job when he blew up the deal of a lifetime.

He’s cautious of how Ashland took advantage of his naivete.

vicky says contact sport Y&R

She says they have that in common. She tells him her family knows that she offered this to him.

And admits her brother doesn’t want Sally to exit.

Nate’s proud that she values family more than anyone. She calls him decent and wants to surround herself with people like him. She continues to try to get him to take the job.

nate decant Y&R

If you are experiencing depression and thoughts of taking your own life, there is help out there. 

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