Days Recap: Sarah and Xander Move, Alex Steals the Price File With Maggie’s Help & Ava Gets Advice From Dead Charlie

Days of our Lives Peacock recap for Monday, October 31, 2022.

In today’s Days episode, as Halloween in Salem winds down, Maggie runs into Alex while trick-or-treating with Holly, Alex steals from Sloan, and Xander and Sarah move out of the manse.

In the last Days recap, it was Halloween in Salem, the kids went trick-or-treating, and Gabi and Brady got a little jealous of Stefan and Chloe, while Ava stalked EJ.

Sarah prepares for the trick-or-treaters in the Kiriakis living room. She fills up the candy bowl when Xander walks in already eating candy. He reaches for more but Sarah smacks his hand away.

“These are for the kids!” she admonishes him.

victor halloween 2022

Victor looks on from his favorite chair and gives Xander a pile of mail. Every letter is from a bill collector.

Uncle Victor knows that Xander is broke and can’t pay his bills.

Sarah sticks up for her husband and says that he already has a job.

“Oh?” Victor scoffs. “Doing what? Lawn care?”

Sarah informs the grumpy billionaire that Jack has offered Xander an executive job at The Spectator.

Xander tries to get Sarah to stop, but she’s on a tear! She rips into Victor for belittling Xander to make himself feel big.

Xander interrupts Sarah’s tirade to tell her the bad news – he didn’t get the job at The Spectator after all. She’s stunned and Victor looks like he’s stifling a laugh.

Sarah is surprised at Xander’s unemployment news. He tells her that Jack changed his mind about Xander working for him because of Gwen.

xander jobless halloween days

She’s working at The Spectator, too and Jack doesn’t think it was a good idea for Xander to be around his ex, who still has feelings for him.

Victor reminds his nephew that he needs to find a way to pay his bills.

“Don’t worry, Victor,” Xander says. “It’s all going to sort itself out.”

How? Victor wants to know. Sarah declares that she will pay off Xander’s debt and they kiss.

“Ah, the romance of a joint checking account,” Victor observes.

Victor chides Xander about not being man enough to put a roof over his wife’s head. Xander tells him to shut his mouth or Xander will shut it for him!

sarah gets mad days

Stephanie commiserates with Chad in the Horton living room about their failed scam to pay Sloane off with counterfeit bills, which resulted in Stephanie being fired from Paulina’s campaign.

Stephanie apologizes to Chad for bringing him aboard a sinking ship.

steph was fired days

Chad tells her about EJ’s job offer at DiMera Enterprises and Stephanie encourages him to accept the job. Chad tells her that “sinking ship or not,” he likes working with Stephanie.

Stephanie’s upset that she botched the situation with Sloane but Chad reminds her they would have got away with it if it weren’t for Leo.

Stephanie drowns her sorrows in red licorice and tells Chad she used to eat them until her tongue turned red when she was a kid. He leans in for a closer look at said tongue. They lock eyes.

chad sinking ship days

Just then, Thomas and Charlotte come running down the stairs.

“Daddy! We need you!” cries Charlotte.

Thomas tells his dad that Charlotte had a nightmare about clowns. Stephanie tells them that she’s afraid of clowns, too and Chad introduces her as “Mommy’s cousin.”

“What are you doing here and why haven’t I seen you before?” Thomas asks.

charlotte johnny clown nightmare days

Stephanie tells them about living in California and Abby visiting her when they were kids. Abby stayed up all night with Stephanie after watching a scary movie.

“She was the bravest girl I ever met,” Stephanie tells the kids about their mom.

Stephanie suggests they listen to Charlotte’s favorite song to make the scariness go away and they head upstairs with Thomas.

When Stephanie comes back down, she reports that the kids are tucked in bed and no longer scared.

Chad thanks her for telling the kids about Abby. Stephanie says it’s time to go and she needs to go see her mom in the hospital.

Chad boosts her spirits about her public relations skills and tells her she’ll get this sinking ship floating again.

Stephanie laughs and says she’s glad she hired Chad.

They say goodnight and Stephanie leaves.

chad talks books days

Sloane is tied to the bed at her apartment while Alex is secretly rifling through her files. Someone rings the doorbell!

“Well, are you going to see who it is?” asks a blindfolded and unaware Sloane.

sloan and alex halloween days

Alex, looking through the file marked Price assures Sloane that whoever it is will go away but the bell keeps ringing.

He puts the file aside and opens the door. It’s Maggie and little Holly trick-or-treating!

Alex comes out into the corridor and shuts the door behind him.

“What took you so long to answer?” asks Holly.

Alex tells her they’re having a Halloween party but Holly is suspicious.

“Who is that lady on the bed? Why is she blindfolded?” Holly asks.

Alex seems too surprised to answer.

maggie holly halloween days

“Is the blindfold part of her costume?” Holly continues. “And why is she handcuffed to the bed?”

Maggie sees what’s happening and tells Holly they need to move along. Alex fills up Holly’s bag with all the candy and Holly declares she’s hit the jackpot!

Then Alex slips the Price file into Maggie’s handbag and tells her to hold on to it and he’ll explain later.

Maggie and Holly exit to find more candy.

Alex goes back to an irritated Sloane. The whole scene was a mood-killer for the blindfolded blackmailer… almost. She’s ready to get back to their play date!

She asks Alex to take the blindfold off and he does. Then he surprises her by saying he can’t stay.

Sloane is not happy and demands an explanation. He tells her that Victor has called him home to deal with Titan business.

Alex uncuffs her and leaves.

alex done days

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Susan, wearing the same clown costume as Chad and Ava, has revealed herself to her son EJ at the DiMera mansion. She’s in a state and running around checking the locks on the French doors.

Susan had a horrible premonition that someone is out to get her little Elvis!

susan cites danger DAYS halloween

She’s shocked at the potential dangers in the DiMera mansion and wants to know what kind of security system he has. Cameras? Dogs? Sharpshooters on the roof?

EJ tries to assure Susan that there is no danger and wants to know why she’s dressed in a clown costume.

She tells him that when she put the costume on, she had a premonition that EJ was in danger and came right over.

Susan reminds EJ that she was right about the Devil and just because he’s back in the underworld doesn’t mean that EJ is safe from harm.

EJ tells his mom about seeing the clown standing outside with the knife and how Chad came in wearing the same costume and mask. Susan can’t believe that there are three people in Salem wearing identical costumes.

EJ thinks it was just a prank but Susan assures him that he is in danger! Together, they try to figure out who the third person in the clown costume is.

susan premonition elvis days halloween

EJ thinks it’s Johnny coming after his dad for what he did to Ava, but Susan pooh-poohs the idea that her grandson would do such a thing.

He tells his mother about the whole Johnny and Ava debacle, but Susan is doubtful that Johnny is the third clown.

She races around the room until she finds a framed photo of EJ and Johnny. This is what she needs to figure out whether Johnny means EJ harm!

Holding the photo, she asks the spirits if her “itty bitty little grandbaby” Johnny is conspiring against EJ.

The spirits aren’t answering because they’re restless, Susan explains.

Ava is stunned to be face to face with her dead son Charlie in the DiMera crypt.

“How is—how is this possible?” she asks the ghoul.

Charlie reminds his mother that the Devil brought him back last Halloween.

susan clown days halloween

Ava wonders if this is all in her head, but then Charlie touches her and she flinches.

Charlie questions why she’s slinking away to Seattle with Doctor Handsome to wear plaid and drink lattes instead of staying in Salem to take her revenge on EJ.

What is Ava going to do in Seattle, Charlie wants to know. Join a grunge band? Get a job as a barista at the Space Needle?

That’s not who she is, Charlie tells her and proceeds to list her many crimes against the people of Salem.

Charlie thinks that he and Ava are more alike than she cares to admit and encourages to go for blood!

charlie back dead again halloween days

He tells her that people think they’re both monsters but they’re just people desperate for love.

“I’ve had love in my life,” Ava tells him.

Jake is dead, and Charlie reminds her and lists all the men who’ve ended up rejecting her.

“The only one who’s truly loved you is me,” Charlie tells his mom. He loves her for who she really is, unlike the Golden Boy in Seattle.

That’s why he came back to help her destroy EJ!

Charlie tells Ava to use Xander and his corrupted soul to do her bidding, but Ava balks. She doesn’t need anyone to do her bidding.

charlie dead vampire days halloween 2022

What would she even tell Xander to do, Ava wonders.

“Funny you should ask,” Charlie replies with a sly grin.

He gestures around the DiMera crypt and observes that all these dead DiMeras had a weakness.

Charlie tells Ava that he has faith that she’ll find EJ’s weakness and “slice it open with a scalpel.”

Ava needs to leave and meet Tripp, but Charlie wants her to tell Goldie that she’s changed her mind and is staying in Salem.

Charlie reminds her again how EJ humiliated her and how satisfying it would be to wipe the smug grin off his face.

Ava considers his words and when she looks back, Charlie is gone!

ava talks dead charlie days

Back at the Kiriakais mansion, Maggie gets home just in time to stop the fight. Xander declares that he and Sarah are moving out and they leave the room.

Victor feigns ignorance about Xander’s huffy exit and demands the candy bowl from Maggie.

maggie home days

She’s not having it and demands Victor tell her what he said to Xander and Sarah.

Alex walks in and asks for the file from Maggie. She gives it to him and he thanks her for the help.

Alex walks out but not before taking a pile of candy.

maggie gives alex file days

Xander and Sarah walk back in with their luggage. They’re leaving now.

Maggie wants to talk about it. Where are they going to go at this hour?

Xander says they’ll stay if Victor apologizes.

vic wants candy days halloween

Victor balks and suggests they move into “a van by the lake.”

Xander isn’t amused and he and Sarah leave.

“I hope you’re happy!” an upset Maggie says to Victor.

Alex walks into the hospital waiting room with the Price file in his hand. Stephanie is there and asks what he’s doing there when she knows he had a hot date with Sloane.

Alex presents an elated Stephanie with the Price file. What made him change his mind about stealing it?

Alex claims it was just easier to get the file than to have to interview replacements for Stephanie.

“Right,” Stephanie says. “You’ve got people to see. Beds to get handcuffed to.”

She thanks him for his help and they both smile.

alex with steph days hospital

Back at the DiMera mansion, EJ and Susan are enjoying peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwiches provided by Cook. Susan compliments Cook’s skills and declares they’re just like at Graceland.

EJ asks Susan if she needs to get back to Roger or if she’s going to stay for a while.

susan elvis eat days

Susan isn’t sure. She wants to get a clear vision of who’s after EJ. She still doesn’t believe that it’s Johnny.

“I mean our sweet little Johnny?” she asks. “He’s the sweetest thing in the world. Except when he was possessed by Beelzebub.”

EJ tells her not to worry and that he’ll speak to Johnny.

Behind them, Ava is lurking outside!

ava lurks outside days

She flashes back to her conversation with Charlie. Then she pulls out her phone and texts Tripp that she’s decided to stay in Salem.


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