Abby and Chance Fight Over His Job, Billy Calls Sharon for Help, and Devon Confronts Victoria and Nate Over Their Collusion

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Adam searches for Chelsea, Chance accuses Abby of resentment, and Victoria and Nate hash out the details for his contract. In the previous episode, Billy talked Chelsea off the ledge, and Victoria worked overtime to convince Nate to take the CEO job.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for October 31, 2022 episode airs in the USA November 1. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At The Glam Club, Adam tells Lily that he found Billy with Chelsea on the roof. She was really upset, and he has no idea what Billy said to her.

adam yells trouble Y&R

She’s sure Billy was being sensitive and thoughtful, and this wasn’t Billy’s fault.

Adam is sure something is going on with the mother of his child.

Lily doesn’t know what’s going on and wouldn’t tell him if she did. She stomps off.

Billy takes Chelsea back to her room.

He silences her phone and asks if there is anyone he can call for her or if she wants to take a drive.

chelsea halloween with Billy Y&R

She doesn’t want to go anywhere so he offers her food.

Chelsea insists the only way he can help is to leave her alone.

“Just let me go,” she begs.

He won’t leave her alone. She yells that he had no right to stop her from ending her pain.

Billy would do what he did again. He won’t let her do that to herself or her son.

Chelsea can’t see a way through this. It’s like she’s floating and can’t keep her head above water.

No amount of time or working through it will fix that.

He tries making bad jokes and admits he doesn’t know how to handle this.

Again, he refuses to leave.

She explains that she’s been hearing memories that remind her of how she’s failed.

People keep forgiving her for the horrible things she’s done, but she doesn’t forgive herself.

chelsea yells billy not his call to save her Y&R

He insists that nothing is unforgivable and repeats that her son needs her.

She’s sure her children and the world are better off without her.

Adam bangs on the door. Billy sends him a text and tells Chelsea that he will keep everyone out if that’s what she wants.

If she needs to talk, he will listen. The only thing that matters right now is her.

Once they know Adam has taken off, Chelsea tells Billy she can’t continue being tormented by the voices in his head.

He explains it took him years to turn off the part of his brain that Delia haunts.

Sometimes it helps to talk to someone. She has no one and is exhausted. Pulling down the covers, he helps her into bed. Chelsea sleeps.

Abby is startled when she discovers her husband sitting on the Crimson Lights patio.

He explains that work ended early, and he wanted to relax.

abby mad at chelsea Y&R

“And you chose to come here instead of home?” she asks.

He doesn’t know what to tell her.

“What is happening with us?” she demands.

He says relationships have their ups and downs and it’s nothing to worry about.

She vents about how upset she is they canceled their Halloween plans.

She admits she’s frustrated by him always running off to be a cop.

chance upset after work GH

He knows she resents that he won’t put her above his other responsibilities.

She suggests they take this home but he thinks they are better off resolving it there.

Abby insists she doesn’t resent his job.

She accepted his going to Spain and his choice to return to law enforcement.

Her husband thinks she has tried but hasn’t really accepted it.

chance abby argue home Y&R

Chance thinks they need to be real. He loves her but there is resentment on both sides of their relationship.

The cop admits he will never accept the way she protects her father.

Chance thinks she likes the idea of being married to a cop, but not the reality.

Tearful Abby says he doesn’t get to tell her how she feels and storms off.

Sharon randomly brings him a cinnamon roll.

Billy calls and asks her if she can come to Chelsea’s suite.

He asks her not to involve anyone else.

Adam comes in and asks if she’s seen Chelsea.

He’s worried something might have happened and Billy might be responsible.

adam worries billy chelsea Y&R

Sharon says she’s sure everything is okay and Chelsea is a survivor at heart.

She bustles off.


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At Society, Victoria and Nate go over the details of his potential contract.

She gives him all he asks for.

As they toast to him becoming the new CEO of Newman Media, Devon interrupts, appalled.

nate vicky celebrate Y&R

He brings up why he’s no longer in his own family’s company.

He’s sure that this is payment for betraying Chancellor-Winters. It’s obvious to him that Nate has been colluding with her the whole time.

Victoria asks what he’s accusing her of, so he makes it clear.

Nate points out the company wasn’t hurt.

Devon thought Tucker was behind this and it never occurred to him that the Newmans were involved.

Now they are trying to take over the company Neil created.

devon confronts cousin and vicky Y&R

Victoria claims she would never do anything to disrespect Neil. Besides, he would have understood it was just business. They are rivals and they owe each other nothing.

Devon won’t ignore the person going after his company. Nate asks him to leave Victoria out of this. He’s trying to find some purpose.

The Newman is happy that he is becoming part of her business. Devon warns that he might go after her job one day and walks off, sits across the room and scowls at them.

Nate apologizes to Victoria about his cousin. He doesn’t think this is over.

She says they are looking forward and she has no regrets.

After they walk out together, he’s about to call Amanda when Abby knocks over a bunch of plastic pumpkins.

He realizes she must be upset.

She fills him in on her conversation with Chance. He says fights like that are normal.

She pouts and hugs him.

devon hands abby lemon Y&R

Lily gets to the office and Billy calls her from Chelsea’s bathroom.

She’s annoyed he left her at the club.

billy calls lily incident Y&R

He explains that Chelsea is in a really bad place and he’s staying with her until she gets some help.

Sharon is on the way.

Sharon shows up at the suite.

Billy meets her in the hall and explains what happened on the roof.

Sharon knew she needed to get back into therapy but didn’t know things were this extreme.

Billy hopes she knows what to do.

billy talks sharon chelsea Y&R

Sharon says sleeping is good for Chelsea. They need to get to a facility.

She guesses this has been stressful for him.

He remembers the night Delia died. He held her in his arms and kept telling her she would be okay… but he knew she wouldn’t make it. He has that same feeling tonight.

Sharon assures him he’s handled this perfectly. They hear Chelsea call his name and go to her. He explains why he called Sharon.

Sharon knows she’s in pain but wants her to know people love her and want to help her. Rey would want her to take the next step and not throw her life away.

sharon talks chelsea suicide Y&R

They ask if she will let them help. She nods.

sharon and chelsea talk Y&R suicide hotline


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