Ashland Threatens Billy, and Then Lies to Victoria, While Connor Blames Sharon for His Parents’ Break Up

Soaps Spoilers has the Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for the Wednesday, September 15, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Thursday, September 16. In the previous episode, Ashland revealed his past. In this episode, Connor reacts badly to his parents’ break up, while Sharon and Sally try to help, and Ashland lies to Victoria.

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At Victoria’s house, Nick asks how his sister is doing with knowing Ashland’s past. She tells him she’s fine. Nothing he told her was news to her. He’s shocked that she is taking it so well since he made so many reveals. It’s a lot to digest. Victoria admits none of what he said changes her love for him. This surprises Nick. She admits she admires him more. Nick worries there are more secrets. Victoria explodes. She’s had enough with Billy digging into Ashland’s past. Nick didn’t come here to upset her, but something about this isn’t right. He’s her brother and gets to worry about him. That’s his job. She knows. He says Billy cares, too. They all want her to be treated well. She knows. Nick thinks if his sister thought about it long enough, she’d be asking what Ash hasn’t told her and why. Victoria admits she has wondered, but she doesn’t think she should worry about his past. She knows him. “But you can’t be sure about that,” Nick says. Victoria doesn’t like that they’ve all caused doubt and mistrust. Nick thinks her doubts mean there’s more to the story than Locke is admitting. “You’re right,” she admits. She has many questions. She asks him to keep it to himself.

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Ashland walks in on Lily and Bily arguing about him. Ash asks Lily to speak to Billy alone. She says they can use her office if they remain civil. She reminds them that at the end of the day, they both care for Victoria and want what’s best for her. She goes and Ash calls his woman smart. He agrees with her, which is why he told his story, to take the pressure off his fiancee. He told the Newman’s everything there is to know and that includes Billy as a courtesy. He asks Billy to back off and stop digging. Billy knows he doesn’t hear this word that often. “No.” It’s not going to happen because he knows there’s more to know. It’s a gut feeling, though Ash tells him there’s no proof and he’s wasting time. He’ll only cause more friction. “Everyone has secrets they prefer stays buried.” Ash calls Billy out for being the savior to his villain. Billy shrugs. Isn’t that who he’s made himself out to be his whole life in business? Ash admits that’s true, “You don’t want to make an enemy of me.” Billy asks what Vic would think of his threat. Ash assumes she’d stand by him. He thinks Billy’s on his way to alienating Victoria and thinks Lily must be thrilled with him spending so much time trying to ruin his ex’s engagement. “Leave Lily out of it,” Billy warns. Ash tells I’m to stay out of it. “Or what? What could you possibly do to stop me?” Ash tells the other man, “You don’t wanna find out.” Once he’s gone, Billy flashes to telling Lily that he’s out to find the truth. Lily appears and he shares their conversation. He thinks Ash is terrified that whatever he’s hiding is about to be exposed. “He threatened me.” Lily’s surprised. Billy thinks he’s desperate, which means he’s on to something. Lily tells him to be careful. She can’t discount his suspicions. She won’t ask him to stop digging.

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Sharon takes a call from Adam at Crimson Lights. He’s about to break the news to Connor and is nervous. Sharon reassures him and tells him to keep it simple and be direct. He’s got it. She’s there if he needs her but it’ll be fine. She wishes him luck. They disconnect and Connor appears to his dad at the ranch with apples and pears for the horses and a cookie for him. He asks him to sit first. He tells him that he and his mom aren’t going to be together but they’ll love him as much as when they were together. “But why?” Sometimes people grow apart, Adam tells his son. Connor wants him to try harder and reminds him they’d always be together. Adam explains that some promises are hard to keep. Connor stands up and calls his dad out on the double standard. Adam takes him to the coffee shop.

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Victor finds Nate at Society. There ought to be a special place in hell for people who cancel appointments, he grouches but is glad to see Nate. There’s something he needs to discuss. He talks about Nikki’s fundraising abilities and the new wing at the hospital. Nate’s floored by Nikki’s connections. Vic brings up Ash as a donor and asks what he thinks of the man. Nate admits they’re friends and he’s invited to the wedding. Nate respects the grace under which he has accepted his fate. He admits the survival rate is low and with luck, he’ll be able to celebrate his year anniversary. Love’s a powerful motivator. Locke turns up and gets another text from the mystery person. “Time to meet.” Nate appears and Ash talks about his discussion with his fiancee’s family and how difficult it was. Nate hopes to cheer him up and says he accepts his request to be his best man. They shake on it.

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Adam brings Connor to see Sharon at Crimson Lights. He’s upset that his dad told Sharon what happened with his mom. Sharon offers to help them talk and say what they want to say and hear each other. Connor asks why he always calls her when there’s a problem. Adam says Sharon’s a friend and trained to deal with situations like this. “Dad chooses you, over and over again.” He bets his mom wouldn’t like it. He heard her talking and asks if Sharon’s the reason they are breaking up. Adam says they did have a romantic relationship years ago and they’re friends. There were times when his mom struggled with that but Sharon isn’t the reason they’re not together. Connor doesn’t believe it. Why is mom talking about them? He blames his dad for not being there for his mother when she had a stroke and thinks Sharon’s also to blame. Adam tries to get the kid to relax but he takes off outside. “Sorry Adam,” Sharon says. Connor makes a run for the door and Adam’s on his heels.

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Connor runs to the park and sits on a bench. Sally’s running by and sees him. “Has anyone ever told you that you look like Adam Newman?” She recognizes him from a photo in his office. He nods. She works for his dad. “I’ve heard him mention your name.” She asks if he’s there alone. He says nothing. “Does your dad know?” He shrugs. She asks if he minds if she takes a break from her run. She texts Adam that Connor’s with her at the park. Adam and Sharon arrive. Sharon thinks she’ll let him go to his son alone. He goes to talk to his kid and Sally says they’ve been talking lacrosse. They talk about how sometimes you want to blame the person who told you the bad news when it’s not your fault at all. Connor perks up. She tells him that she once made someone so mad at her that they threw a bucket of ice water over her head. HE laughed. “Really?” She says yeah, and her point is, she survived. “You will too.” Sharon watches and walks away quietly. Connor wants to go home and call his mama. Adam says they can do that. He goes to talk to Sally and thanks her for staying with him. She won’t bother him with questions but offers to help. He calls it a private family matter.

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Ashland turns up at home and sees Nick. He’s on edge and yells, warning Nick to stay out of his life. He shared his past with everyone “to put an end to this crap.” Nick wanted to check on his sister. He didn’t hurl accusations or make demands. “I was calm, unlike Ashland.” He thinks the only one unconcerned about is past is Ash. He goes. Ashland tells her about his visit with Billy and admits it went predictably how she said it would. He thinks he got his point across. He doesn’t want to discuss it anymore. When he gets a text from the mystery person. “I won’t go away just because you pretend I’m not here.” Ash lies to Victoria about the text. He says it’s Nate who agreed to be his best man.

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Nick goes to the ranch to talk to his dad about Locke. Victor thinks the man carries more than his fair share of pain. He also doesn’t think he told the entire truth. That doesn’t mean he’ll keep digging. “Why does he get a pass?” Nick asks. Victoria thinks he loves her. Nick doe too but he knows Victoria’s not okay with what’s going on. Nick thinks the secret must be huge to make the man he once was disappear. Nick will never trust Locke until he knows the truth.

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