While Victoria Remains Cagey About Her Plans for Ashland, Sally and Adam Plot to Take Control of Newman-Locke

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Billy gives Victoria another warning, Rey has a solution to Chelsea’s problem, and Nate and his friends toast to their futures. In the previous episode, Jack snapped at Diane after learning the real reason for her return.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for April 1, 2022 episode airs in the USA April 4. Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.)

nate billy talk locke YR

Nate gets coffee at Crimson Lights and sighs as he thinks about his confrontation with Ashland. Billy startles him and wonders why the doctor isn’t looking happier.

Nate had a run-in with Ashland and that killed the mood. Their friendship is over.

Billy asks what he knows about Locke’s current medical condition. He guesses that Nate is the one who shared the evidence about his fake illness. Nate has lost a lot of sleep over it and brought it all to Victor and Adam.

Billy explains that Victoria has been confronted with the truth. He can only hope she will push Ashland out of her life.

He gets a text from Nick saying she’s on her way to Tuscany with Locke. Nate is surprised. Billy takes off.

ashland victoria prepare trip YR

Ashland joins Victoria in her office at Newman-Locke. He hopes she’s ready for their trip. She’s just putting some finishing touches on things before they can leave.

Victoria is convinced that once they can get away from her family they can figure out who is behind the attacks on him.

She informs him that Victor has put Adam in charge while they are away. He can’t understand why her father has a say in this.

She says they can let Adam feel like a king for the day since they will still be the ones making meaningful decisions.

ashland billy bicker YR

Billy barges in and demands to talk to her now. Locke tells him it’s a bad time. Billy claims there is an emergency involving the kids.

Victoria asks her husband to step out for a few minutes.

Once Ashland is gone, Billy tells Victoria he’s there to make sure she does the right thing. He’s concerned.

“Don’t be,” she says, asking if he’s planning to take the kids away and accusing him of being judgmental.

He insists she can trust him. Billy just wants to know that she isn’t giving her husband another chance. She tells him not to dare to suggest she would put their kids in jeopardy.

billy victoria argue YR

Billy thinks that Ashland is dangerous but she doesn’t accept that he will physically harm her. Besides, her father’s men will be secretly shadowing her the whole time.

That makes him feel a little better but this still doesn’t make sense to him.

victoria billy plan YR

When he refuses to back down, she admits she knows he knows her. She’s looked at this from every angle and has a plan.

Victoria promises their children will not be exposed to Ashland once she is done. Asking her again to be careful, he walks out. She sighs.

sally adam talk position YR

Down the hall, Sally is amazed when Adam tells her that he has been made interim CEO. He has no illusions about where his father is concerned but he will take this.

Adam assures her that she is part of his team and that he’ll need her to step up.

This all sounds very encouraging to her. Adam is a lot less enthusiastic. He can’t figure out what game his sister is playing but he’s sure she has one.

adam phone call chelsea YR

She wants to be informed of everything that’s going on and suggests they get some food and hunker down. Chelsea calls him to say she got hockey tickets for Connor, but she just found out she has to go to New York for business.

Ordinarily, Adam would love to take his son but the timing is off. He can’t think of leaving town because of how busy he is with work. She’s already told their son and he will be bummed.

adam fills sally in business YR

When Adam gets off the phone, he tells Sally that was a tough call. She understands and assures him he will have other trips with his son. Right now, they need to focus on his career.

elena welcomes devon amanda YR

In the penthouse, Elena is getting things ready to welcome Nate home. Devon and Amanda show up with housewarming gifts. She lets them in and asks them to sit. They are thrilled to have them close by.

Elena is sure they will like living there. Amanda admires the personal touches she’s made to the pre-furnished apartment.

Judging by how she is dressed, Devon guesses she was planning a date with Nate. She insists they stay.

Nate arrives. He forgot the food. Devon and Amanda offer to leave. The doctor explains he bumped into Ashland and that was unsettling. He’s looking forward to forgetting that with a toast.

toast at penthouse YR

They debate what to toast to given how great their lives are. Devon asks Elena how she really feels about Nate leaving medicine to work with him. She admits it took some getting used to.

She’s only ever thought of him as a doctor. That’s how they met and she learned a lot working with him. He tells her the hours and pay are now better.

She’s just happy he’ll be working with his family and she’s sure it will be rewarding.

The four of them talk about how blessed they are and then toast to their new adventures.

sally chelsea society YR

Sally bumps into Chelsea at Society. The redhead is amazed when she is polite to her. Chelsea doesn’t have the energy to wage war.

Sally is sorry the plans for the hockey game plan didn’t work.

chelsea sally civil YR

They talk about how buried Adam is with work. That sounds tedious to Chelsea but Sally says it’s a blast. They force smiles and nod at each other.

Sally wonders if their newfound civility extends to the personal realm. Chelsea claims not to be interested and will deal with whatever it is.

Rey arrives and watches the women before interrupting. Sally exits. As the cop sits down, he tells Chelsea he’s happy to see her getting Adam out of her system. She is really happy.

rey chelsea chat YR

After being in a toxic cycle for so long, it’s strange to be out of it. It wasn’t even necessary to pretend that Adam and Sally hooking up doesn’t bother her. She owes a lot of that to Rey and all of his little pep talks.

She tells him that she splurged on hockey tickets for her son and now she can’t take him. She’s worried about how Connor will react.

Rey offers to take him to the game. Chelsea is thrilled.

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ashland adam face off YR

Ashland drops by Adam’s office and informs him he is leaving town and not because of all the threats and ultimatums. Before he could leave, he wanted to give Adam some lessons.

He points out that he can’t publish any of the negative stories about him because it would reflect badly on him as the interim boss and it would damage the company.

That would only get worse after he reveals the whole story is based on lies.

Adam says he will be making his own business calls. Locke tells him he’s just a babysitter; he’s not running the empire.

The Newman thinks he should be feeling lucky. It blows his mind that Victoria still seems to trust him.

adam ashland snipe each other YR

Locke says that his wife is not as easily duped as the rest of the family. Adam can admire him playing the innocent card almost as much as he despises it.

He wonders what Harrison will think of all this.

“You son of a bitch,” Ashland says, warning him not to get too comfortable and walking out.

ashland victoria talk harm YR

Ashland returns to Victoria’s office. She admits Billy just used the kids as an excuse to talk alone and suggested that Locke would do her harm. This outrages him. His wife insists she knows he would never harm her.

Locke thinks this smear campaign is getting out of control. He worries that it could be getting to her and can’t stand the thought of her thinking he would ever harm her.

Taking his hand, she asks him to tell her again that he would never deceive her.

Looking into her eyes, he tells her that the thought she doubted him for even a moment has hurt him more than anything else. “That’s all I needed to hear,” she says, embracing him.

adam fills sally in YR

Sally returns to Adam’s office with food. He tells her that Ashland came by to school him. The guy seemed off and unnerved. It was a weak move. If he’s smart, he must be scared. Victoria is up to something too and he’d like to think she is playing Locke.

It’s fine with him if his sister takes off to sort that out. It leaves him the chance to prove to his father that he is more capable of running the company than his gullible sister.

Sally finds his steely determination unbelievably hot. He suggests she eat something. She wonders what happens to her if his plans succeed.

If he replaces his sister as CEO, he will have to find someone creative to take over his role at Newman Media. “I absolutely love the way you think,” she says. They make out.

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