Nick Finds Adam, Who Agrees to Return to Genoa City, but a Tornado Puts a Damper on Their Plans

Canadian Y&R day ahead recap from the Friday, April 30, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Monday, May 3. Yesterday’s episode had Faith needing a new kidney, and in today’s episode, Nick found Adam and talked him into returning home to become Faith’s donor, while Devon and Jack had coffee, and Nina watched as Abby acted like a helicopter mom over Mariah.

Due to technical difficulties, I started to recap at 4:40, missing ten minutes. My apologies!

At Crimson Lights, Devon and Jack have coffee and discuss how the drug and alcohol rehab programs should be a huge success. Jack’s thrilled. Devon pats himself on the back at how rewarding it is and they discuss expansion plans. They talk about what they’ve accomplished in Neil’s name. Both think he’d be pleased. Jack congratulates Devon once again and then Devon says he’s planning on stating a Jazz label that will help fund the expansion of the rehab program. Talk turns to the surrogacy and they’re both thrilled with that, too. They discuss Devon being involved with Hilary and then Amanda, her twin. He doesn’t compare the two and doesn’t think it’s remotely weird. Jack doesn’t care. He isn’t judging. He looks forward to getting to know Amanda.

devon and jack talk neil young restless

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At Society, Abby is celebrating her anniversary with Nina and Lola. Abby reads a note from Chance that he misses her and she opens a present that includes all of the senses — a wave machine, pina colada candies, a photo of the beach outside their room on their honeymoon, mango body cream, and a tropical candle. Lola can see Chance put a lot of thought into this.

nina party with abby young and restless

At the hospital, Faith learns that Adam’s got the same blood type as she does and if she needs a transplant, he might be the one to donate. Faith feels bad for treating him like garbage. Sharon tries to drive the discussion to her sleeping habits. Faith wasn’t able to sleep and had a bad dream. A dark shadow chased her and she kept falling. Sharon had those same dreams during chemo. “It wasn’t a bad omen,” she says when she had them and she’ll get better, too. Later, Elena tells Sharon that her optimism is misplaced. The steroids didn’t work and if they don’t start to see improvement or identify a living donor, dialysis is a possibility. Sharon sobs. Elena reveals it could take years to find a donor, considering her blood type. Mariah arrives and Sharon fills her in.

sharon sobs over faith young and restless

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At AJ’s old place in Kansas, Nick tells Adam that Faith needs a kidney and he’s the only one who has the same blood type. Adam doesn’t believe him. Nick knows he risked getting caught when Faith needed his help. He’s grateful. Adam didn’t do it for Nick. Nick doesn’t care, he’ll be forever in his brother’s debt. “Sharon is counting on you, Adam.” He goes on and on for a while and Adam won’t budge. The wind is getting worse and the storm is progressing. Adam has concerns about the tornados but Nick just wants to hop on the Newman jet. Nick finally agrees to wait until after the storm has passed. Adam knows his brother still sees him as an irredeemable monster who poisoned Sharon’s husband. Nick doesn’t want to discuss that but offers to hide him from the cops if he does this for his kid. Things bang around upstairs and Adam agrees to go get tested to see if he can be Faith’s donor. Adam grabs his bag and Nick heads up the stairs but the tornado seems to be above them and everything shakes.

nick adam yelling young restless

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At home, Abby puts away all her lovely presents from her MIA husband and mopes to Nina that she’s sad. “You probably think I’m so spoiled,” she tells Nina. Then she asks, “What’s wrong with me?” She knew what she was getting into when she married Chance. She has so much, and a new baby coming along. Everyone is healthy and that’s what matters. Nina gets a text. There’s a big action movie that lost its leading lady. The producers want her to look at the script and improve on it. Abby finds that very glamorous. Nina laughs and goes off to make a call while Abby strokes the photo of the beach. Later, Mariah turns up and Abby’s happy to see her. How was the trip? Mariah says it was productive but her concerns are for Faith. She fills Abby in on what’s happening and Abby calls it rough. They discuss her morning sickness. Mariah’s mostly over it but sniffs the air. She smells the Tropical Passion candle scent and clutches her stomach. Abby blows it out and offers to open the windows. Mariah runs to shower and change. She has to get to work. Abby cringes hard. She packs ginger tea and saltines for Mariah. Mariah is thankful but doesn’t need it. She feels fine. She’s more worried about what’s going on with Faith and reminds Abby that this is predictable for a pregnancy. Nina jokes around about waiting until the heartburn starts.  Nina winces when Abby hands Mariah her snack anyway before she goes.

abby missing chance young and restless

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Devon sees Elena at Crimson Lights. She has a lot on her mind and asks how he is. He tells her he’s excited about his new project. She’s glad. He’ll tell her about it another time since her mind is elsewhere. He brings up Faith Newman and assumes that’s the issue. Elena feels like their family has been through so much. Devon will say his prayers. Later, Lola and Elena talk about when Rey and Sharon married and how this year was supposed to be their reward for getting through last year.

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“Sharon there’s something I need to confess,” Rey says.

Chelsea has a cane at the condo that lies across a table. She’s startled to see Victor sitting in a chair in the darkened place. “Good evening, ladies,” he says. “That cane is a nice touch.”

Nick and Adam try to break down the door with a beam. “I’m not quitting,” Nick tells his brother. “Faith needs you. Her clock is ticking.”

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