From Old-fashioned Dialogue, After School Specials — Y&R Is Missing ‘Messy’

There’s a lot of ranting to be done this week…Young and the Restless beat us over the head again with their alcoholism storyline. They’re back to writing another transplant story and boy do they love their dark writing with kids being hospitalized. It’s almost a fetish at this point and one that nobody wants to see. The dialogue on this show continues to be shockingly older than dirt. “You’ll always be the bastard child, the family shame,” Imani told Amanda. And worse, Amanda didn’t fall on the floor laughing her ass off. Nobody cares about that shit anymore. This isn’t the 1970s. And worse, Imani is what 30? Since when did 30-something-year-olds talk that way? They don’t care about the same things that their great-grandparents cared about.

Faith’s back in the hospital

Faith had three drinks and suddenly she’s forced into rehab and needs a new kidney? And she admitted that she was craving a drink when she was being bullied? This story seems so forced and honestly, it’s bloody boring. Like an after-school special back in the 90s. Remember those? They were okay when you were young and needed these learning tools but soap operas don’t need to do constant PSAs. It’s such a turn-off. Faith just spent a week in the hospital and now she’s back and needs a kidney transplant. And Adam just happens to be the only person in the family who has the same blood type. Obviously, he’ll donate his and be redeemed, but could they also do a rewrite and make him Faith’s father? That’s the soapy thing to do and when I mentioned it on Twitter, all hell broke loose. I found that shocking until I realized which soap I was dealing with. Y&R likely won’t go that route because it is so deliciously soapy and they don’t employ that in their storytelling. I digress. My other rant is that I was left wondering where the rest of Faith’s family was during her crisis? At a time when family should gather together, they were nowhere to be seen. Possibly they’re only allowing a few to a scene because of COVID.

Biggest surprise: Nick became emotional, you know, to show that he’s human, not just a replicant.
Most boring: The repeated dialogue where Sharon tells Faith how proud she is of her daughter. Every other scene. The repeated dialogue with all players is annoying, not just our Sharon. It’s like Groundhog Day.
Eye-roll inducing: I like Moses and his friendship with Faith but I didn’t like that he came to her rescue when she was being bullied. Faith should be able to stand up for herself. She doesn’t need a man rescuing her. Let’s get rid of those old-fashioned ideas.

faith kidney failure young restless

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Lily could do better

Lily accused Billy Boy of being obsessive over Cyaxares. Yes, my dear. Billy’s an addict. You’re dating an addict. Get used to it or get out of the relationship, which is your best bet at this point. Lily’s far too good for Billy. Anyone’s far too good for Billy. But is she smart enough to get outta dodge?

Highlight: I’m still not sure how to feel about them but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the hell out of their sex scenes.

What was the point?

Victoria invited Nick to Society for dinner and after some super boring chit-chat, Nick finally realized she wanted him there to rant about their dad. Then she really didn’t do much ranting. The scene was backward and didn’t seem to go anywhere. It left me wondering what the point was. It didn’t further the story. Sure it’s nice to see soap siblings together, but it’d have given us some excitement if they had been having dinner when Faith passed out. Then Victoria could have offered her support while ranting and visiting. As it stands, Faith is back in the hospital and Victoria doesn’t even know. It makes no sense!

Highlight: They did shots.

nick toasts victoria young restless


The last time Adam called Sharon, he seemed to be telling her he wasn’t going to be in contact. At least that’s how I translated his call. But then he called her again just to let her know that he’s sorry for causing added issues to her precarious marriage. Um. Then stop calling her if you’re really worried. And on top of it all, he talked about his “unexplainable pull toward her.” It’s not an unexplainable pull, man. It’s called attraction. They’re attracted to each other. Either do something about it or stop talking about it. It’s maddening to the fans who can’t figure out if the show is reminding them that they have amazing chemistry and will soon be together or if they’re stringing the Shadam fanbase along. Either put these two in each other’s orbit permanently or let them move on so that the viewers can move on. Frankly, why they’d ignore this incredible chemistry is beyond me, but they can’t seem to move on from the misdeeds this guy has done over the years. If you can’t handle messy, why write it in? If Rey had any self-respect, he’d tell Sharon flat out that he wants a divorce as soon as possible. Even he sees the big red flags.

Highlight: Adam went on the run and got a haircut. Looks good, but the timing is ridiculous.

adam on a call young restless

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Nina and Esther

Nina and Esther appear to be on a completely different show than Y&R. Two normal, sweet, kind albeit boring babes that I’m never quite sure why they’re on seem to grace our screens for no apparent reason once in a while. What’s the point of either of them? Either give them a story or put them in the middle of a current one (not that horrid surrogacy one) or cut them loose! This scene went nowhere. It was all filler and aside from drumming up nostalgia for those who loved them in their heydey, I don’t understand what the point of their conversation was. Esther’s bored and wants to clean the Chancellor manse again? Nina couldn’t find a study in the Chancellor mansion all by herself? It’s not that big. Do you know what would have been good? Watching the scene that Nina was talking about. Seeing Tessa practice while Nina ran from room to room to try to get away from the sound so she could write. It could have been funny! Sigh.

Highlight: At least the conversation wasn’t repeated.

esther talks nina coffee house young restless

Ashland’s mental

Ashland actually went through all the trouble to attempt to ruin Jabot, he had a heart attack, signed over his company to Victor, and then had a change of heart in the hospital — sight unseen, and now he’s turning things around, letting Jabot go back to production and signing his lame assed company over to Jack? What was the entire point of this story? What’s with Ashland? The guy is a mental case. Can Ashland and Tara go back to New York forever now? Just make Harrison Ashland’s kid and let’s move on from this. Plan the Skyle wedding and give us something pretty to look forward to this summer. A wedding on the beach for these two.

Highlight: Not only did Skyle make out and have sex, but Tara left town. Bu-bye!

tara says ashland gets out hospital young restless

Sally’s lies and manipulations

Last week I started to believe that Sally might love Jack. I was taken for a ride. Hey, it’s not the first time. It won’t be the last, I’m sure. This week I realize the error of my ways. She deliberately kept Tara hanging around Crimson Lights, knowing Jack was on his way to talk, so she could expound to Tara about her feelings for Jack and how incredible he was, while he eavesdropped. It smelled like manipulation to me and Jackie Boy was taken right in by her machinations.

Highlight: Tara smiled. For once.

jack eavesdrops on Sally young restless

Odds and ends

Karla Mosley temporarily took over for Mishael Morgan and she’s doing a great job. No surprise. I even liked that the show did a voiceover to tell the audience. Well done! What I don’t get is Imani’s warning to Amanda. Is Imani just worried that she’ll have to share her inheritance with Sutton? On another note, did you see how gorgeous she was in that jacket? Fuscia is her colour.

Why isn’t Michelle Stafford still not given anything to do? Phyllis should be involved a little more with Faith’s story, and she should have more to do than run Phoenix or play that cringey roleplaying game with Nick. Roleplaying is fun but that was…lame.

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