Gwen Blames her Baby’s Death on Abigail

Monday, May 3, 2020: On today’s full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Gabi’s pleased to know Jake and Kate broke up, Philip suggests Gabi go after Jake, and Chad grills Abby.

Days Friday recap – Gwen miscarries.

Kate continues to struggle, locked up in the DiMera tunnels.

At the square, Ben and Jake discuss his breakup. Jake could tell she’s hiding something big. Jake notes how stupid he was to admit he was jealous of Gabi and Philip. “I was a friggin moron,” he admits. But he thinks something else is going on. Ben asks, “You didn’t make her tell you why?” Jake says, “No friggin Roman Brady came up.” Ben brings up Gabi but Jake claims he’s over her. “She’s always trying to turn me into Stefan.” Ben can see through his friend. Jake would rather talk about Ciara but Ben says she left town with Theo. If he talks about it, he’ll “tear this place apart.” Ben urges Jake to fight for the woman he wants.

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At Titan, Philip’s surprised that Gabi wasn’t yelling at a supplier. He thinks it’s because she heard Jake and Kate aren’t on their romantic beach vacation. Gabi acts as if she doesn’t care. Philip invites her to dinner. “It’s not a date,” he says. She’s buying. “No, we’re going to put it on your expense account, big shot,” she jokes.

At the pub, Roman asks “Kate” to reunite. “Kate” tells him she’s not the same woman she was years ago. She takes off. Philip and Gabi arrive and Roman tells them about the breakup. Roman spills the tea and Gabi struggles not to grin. Roman admits he was hoping “since she dumped the kid, she might want a grown-up.” He doesn’t know what Kate wants but it’s not him. Philip thinks Jake’s just been served to Gabs on a silver platter. Philip goes to the bar to eat and makes some calls for work. “Feel free to do whatever your little heart desires,” he suggests.

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Jack and Chad watch Gwen fall down the stairs. Jack rushes to her side and yells her name and Chad stares at Abigail. Jack notes Gwen has a pulse. “The baby,” Chad says. He calls an ambulance. Later, Kristen as Kate appears. She sees that a plant has fallen and hopes the action wasn’t due to Kate’s rescue. She sneaks to the tunnel and whips off her wig before she heads inside. “Honey, I’m home,” she says, laughing. Kate rolls her eyes. Kristen lies that Jake didn’t care about being broken off with and Kate snorts, knowing that was a lie. Later, Jake arrives and calls Kate. Gabi appears. “I heard she dumped you.” Jake says if she thinks that they’re reuniting, it’s not happening. He blames Gabi for the breakup. Gabs denies it. She thinks any woman would have to be out of their mind to want to be with him. “That must make you certifiable.” Gabi snipes at him and takes off upstairs.

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Marlena paces the townhouse. Sami arrives and is told about John witnessing Belle shoot  “that jerk.” Sami’s blown away and angry that he didn’t say anything while she was stuck in a jail cell. Marlena explains he blocked it out. Besides, Sami confessed. Sami thinks this must be terrible for her mom. Marlena explains about the hypnosis and recording. Sami rubs her mom’s arm. She’s so sorry. They embrace.

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Jack, Chad, and Abby arrive at the hospital. Jack goes to find which room Gwen is in and Chad asks what happened at the house. Abigail reveals everything. Jack finds Gwen and holds her hand. She’ll be okay. He was terrified watching her fall. He hopes the baby will be okay. Gwen flashes to Dr. Snyder telling her that her baby was dead before the fall. Snyder turns up and asks why they admitted Gwen. Jack tells him that his daughter fell down the stairs. It just happened. Jack goes so Gwen can be examined. Dr. Snyder asks if she’d like to tell her dad about the baby. Gwen recalls how Abigail treated her and asks Snyder to keep it quiet. He can’t tell them anyway. She’s not sure what she’ll tell them yet. Dr. Snyder goes to Jack, Chad and Abigail and tells them Gwen’s fine. Chad goes to see her. Once Snyder’s gone, Jack says he has the feeling Snyder already knew something was wrong. Talk turns to Gwen manipulating Jack. Jenn calls and Jack fills her in about the fall. “It could have killed her.” Meanwhile, in her room, Gwen tells Chad their baby is a girl. “He also told me that I lost her,” she says, crying. She blames Abigail.

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Ben arrives home and sees his wedding photo. He cries and throws it and then starts beating up his room.

Back at the pub, Philip’s done dinner and Roman tells him that he knows his mother’s one tough cookie is a mask. Sometimes he thinks she’s two entirely different people.

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