Phyllis Has an Encounter With Tara and Tells Nick, ‘She’s Nuts. It’s Just my Instinct. She’s Nuts’

This is the Canadian Y&R day ahead recap from the Tuesday, June 22, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Wednesday, June 23. In the previous episode, Summer told Phyllis about her job offer, and Nate and Elena made love, and today, Summer’s stressed out, Kyle tries to get her to open up, and Billy eavesdrops.

In the lobby of Grand Phoenix, Phyllis sits and thinks. She leaves a message for Summer to call, while upstairs, Summer flashes to Tara blackmailing her into taking the job in Milan. Summer gets a call from Angelina while Kyle’s in the shower. She asks if she’s planning on taking the job. Kyle comes from the shower and asks who is on the phone. She ignores him and tells Angelina she’s not in the office yet. They’ll talk later. They disconnect and Kyle questions her. She covers that work calls are getting earlier and earlier. He asks what’s going on with her and she says she’s stressed. She feels guilty for asking him to come home. He reminds her that his kid was asleep. She doesn’t want him to choose between them. He’s supportive and tells her he loves her. They agree to talk later. Summer runs into Phyllis downstairs, who asks if she told Kyle what was going on. Summer hasn’t. Phyllis comes up with scenario after scenario of what Summer’s going to do. Summer isn’t ready to talk. Nothing has changed. “You’re driving me a little crazy now.” Phyllis promises to calm down but she needs something. Summer tears up and wonders if she’s getting in the way of Kyle being with his son.

angelina job offer young restless

Jack finds Ashland in the living room at the mansion. They talk about what a delight Harrison is. The kid appears with his mama. “Father!” he says. Ash kisses him. The kid plays and the men talk about how amazing the kid is. Tara gets Jack to take Harrison into the kitchen and Ash asks if Tara orchestrated that to grill him. Tara’s worried about him. She wants to be on good terms. He tells her they’ll get along for the child’s sake. She doesn’t want him to be in any pain. He says he feels good today and will treat each day like the last. He doesn’t know when it’ll take over. He’s used to being in control. Tara makes a joke about it that she hadn’t noticed. Ash and his son go and Jack returns and says he’s impressed with how she’s handled things so far with her divorce. Kyle returns and learns Ash took Harris out. Tara heads to the spa at Grand Phoenix. “Well good for you. You deserve to be pampered,” Jack says. Jack thinks Tara needs all Kyle’s support as long as it doesn’t make Summer uncomfortable. Kyle says she’s his priority. Jack extolls Summer’s virtues and he says he thinks of them as a package deal.

jack and kyle talk summer young restless

At the office, Nick and Adam discuss a big project. Billy arrives with a bottle of bubble bath. They’re not welcoming. He says, “Best six dollars I’ve spent.” Adam is glad he’s there. They can have a meeting with security now and tell them who not to let in. Billy and Adam have a stare-down. Billy accuses Adam of going after him but Adam denies it so Billy gets Nicholas in the middle of things. Nick defends his brother and Billy takes off. Adam says he’s looking for a fight but isn’t getting one. He asks how Faith is. Nick says she’s great. She fell asleep with Christian last night and it was adorable.

adam hates billy young restless

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Ashland tells his kid at Crimson Lights that he wants to take him to a baseball game. Victoria walks in and asks if she can come. Ash introduces them and she tells him she knows he’s staying with Jack. She talks up Jack and talks about her son Johnny. Ashland thinks his child likes her. Billy walks in and eavesdrops as Ash says his son must have exceptional taste. They get coffee and discuss their merger. Once she’s gone, Billy shows himself and greets them. Billy starts telling the kid that he lives with his brother. Ash sends the kid for another cookie and Ash calls him out for eavesdropping. Billy is protective of Victoria and throws his weight around. “You don’t want me as an enemy.” Ash thinks it speaks to who Victoria is that Billy’s so protective of his ex, but if he hasn’t noticed yet, Victoria doesn’t need his protection.

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Tara walks into Grand Phoenix and overhears as Phyllis tells her daughter that it sounds like she has made up her mind. Summer goes and Tara asks Phyllis if there’s room for a treatment. Her son is with his father. Phyllis asks which one. She tells the redhead it’s Ashland and that Kyle’s such a good father, too. Phyllis is surprised that she can tell already. Tara tells her she’s moving to GC and Lauren offered her a job. Phyllis almost falls over with shock. Isn’t she going to miss her friends? Tara says they were Ash’s friends. Phyllis looks rocked when Tara starts telling her how generous the Abbott’s are and how she’s made friends with them and that they’re practically living at the mansion.

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Nick meets Phyllis at Grand Phoenix and tells him Summer may not marry Kyle. Nick’s confused. Was she never ready to marry him? She has no idea. Nick says she’s never been interested in high fashion. Maybe she’s intimidated by Tara. What can they do? Phyllis says the decision is Summer’s but maybe there is something…

phyllis calls tara nuts young restless

Kyle enters Society to wait for Summer. She arrives and watches him from the window. She heads in and he can tell something is on her mind. He begs her to tell him.

kyle asks summer to come clean young and restless

Billy finds Victoria at work. She calls him out for spying on her earlier and warns that ChanceComm is about to publish a story on Locke’s divorce and her name will be in it. She thinks it’s a way of him prying into her personal life. “I think you’re overselling ChanceCom’s reach.” She says she’ll have news for him to post soon but refuses to reveal it, instead only teases him. He can tell she’s enjoying this.

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