Amanda Reminds Imani That Nate’s Off-Limits, Sharon & Nick Visit Cassie’s Grave, and Elena’s Insecurities Spill Into her Dreams

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Nick and Sharon remember Cassie, Nate and Elena try to make time for each other, and Amanda gives her sister another warning. In the previous episode, Sharon ripped into Ashland, Diane taunted Phyllis, and Victor wanted Summer to take Locke to court.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for May 30, 2022 episode airs in the USA May 31. Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.)

Abby brings Dominic to the penthouse to spend some time with Devon and Amanda. He’s eager to show him his new books. Abby says he’s getting stronger too and is throwing breakfast everywhere.

Abby says his doctors have been following his progress and he’s doing great. She and Devon think he’s perfect.


After Devon and Amanda have put the kid to sleep, she asks him about the dynamic at work. He thinks it’s great but will take some getting used to. She’s also having a hard time getting used to working with her sister and giving her orders.

They were supposed to be partners originally. Devon thinks being family should make everything easier. “If you say so,” she says.

Nick stops by Crimson Lights and is happy to see Sharon smiling. He thought she’d want downtime after the wedding. She wants to keep busy and having Ashland and Diane around has been diverting her.


Chance strolls in and asks to speak to her. They sit and he congratulates her on how well the wedding went. Nick listens in as they discuss Rey. Chance assures the therapist that things get better eventually.

He’s sure she hasn’t a moment to sit and process things. She knows the hard part is on the way. It’s still been really tough and she has lots of people to lean on. Chance says that includes him.

The detective tells her how much the department misses Rey. She says his spirit is with her all the time. Chance can feel his presence too. Sharon was sure things would always turn around for him.

Rey never gave up his belief in love and basic decency. Chance is trying to close all his cases to pay tribute.

After Chance leaves, Nick joins Sharon. He reminds her it was the anniversary of losing Cassie a few days ago.

They normally get together to remember her. He wanted to give her some space. But now he’s worried this is affecting her more than she expected.

She tells him that their daughter was in her mind when she woke up that day. Lots of memories returned to her but she realized that Cassie has been gone longer than she was with them.

Then she looked at where Rey was supposed to be and thought she was going to lose it. She had to compartmentalize her grief so she could make it through the day. Nick understands.

The next morning, Sharon felt like she’s got through the deepest darkest part and could move on. That’s what he wanted to hear and wonders if there’s anything he can do.

She’d like to lay some flowers on Cassie’s grave and asks him to go with her. He takes her hand.

After they visit the grave, they return and she says she feels at peace. She thanks him for helping her through this rough patch. They hug.

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Elena arrives at her penthouse sighing. Nate asks her how work was and massages her shoulders. She thought they’d spend more time together when he changed careers but it looks like it might be a while.

He suggests they schedule a date night for the weekend and offers to stick around. She doesn’t want to slow him down and needs a nap. He’ll try to see her before her next shift and takes off.


She has a drink and falls asleep, dreaming on the couch about Imani and Nate discussing business beside her. Imani invites him to the shower to help her think. Furious, Elena wakes up.


When Nate stops by Crimson Lights for coffee, Imani corners him and compliments him on his business suggestions. She hopes that Amanda and Devon can see how great he is but they are pretty conservative.

Imani thinks they have new energy and should be flaunting it.


Later, Elena arrives and is surprised to see Imani sitting there alone. She asks Elena to join her and then cringes when the doctor turns away to get coffee.

When Elena returns, Imani tells her about all the great potential at the new company. Elena is happy to be by Nate’s side. Amanda shows up and tells her how much they appreciate still having a doctor in their extended family.

After Elena takes off, Amanda asks her sister what she is doing. Imani pretends to be oblivious. Her sister reminds her Nate is off-limits. Imani insists she has no agenda with Nate and tells her to relax.


Billy and Nate joins Devon at the penthouse to discuss generating buzz. Nate asks what they thought of the suggestions he sent them. Devon thinks what he’s suggesting is too premature.

Devon thinks they need to hold back and tease. Nate thinks they need to be bold and forward. Billy agrees with Devon and insists they do things gradually. However, he thinks they should tease more than Devon is allowing.

Devon agrees to this. They all decide this is fine.


In her room at the Athletic Club, Diane sends Kyle a text asking to meet for lunch. He’s in meetings all afternoon so she thinks of sending Jack a text but stops herself. Diane takes off.


Diane arrives at Society and finds Abby texting. There are sighs. The women begin bickering and Abby vents about what a terrible person Diane is. Jenkins apologizes and begs her to put Kyle’s feelings ahead of her own.

Abby has no intention of making things any harder for Kyle, especially after what his mom did to him. But when it’s just the two of them, she’ll be as hostile as she wants.

Diane decides to get a table anyway. Abby stares at her. Billy arrives and assures her that Diane gets under most people’s skin. She fills him in on Kyle putting his mom up at the Athletic Club.

Billy suggests they have to get used to her being around and maybe she’s changed. She understands why he wants to give her a second chance but he’s giving her more credit than she deserves.

Billy strolls over to Diane’s table. She’s surprised when he ask to sit with her. Abby glares at them and pouts. She gets a text from her husband and goes outside. He kisses her and then tells her he got a break in a case. She’s proud.

bill sees diane young and the restless

Meanwhile, Billy and Diane talk about being ostracized. He makes it clear he hasn’t forgotten what she did but is curious about what she will do. She informs him that Kyle and Summer are planning to move back.

He’s surprised to hear she is thinking of staying permanently. She knows Jack isn’t happy about it but he is supportive of his son’s wishes. He’s become a good man and father and she’d like to emulate his example.

town pariahs young and the restless

Billy tells her to focus on being the best version of herself. She wonders when he got so wise. He believes people can change. If he can be redeemed, maybe she can be too.

Amanda gets back to the penthouse and listens to Devon playing with Dominic over the baby monitor before going up to join them.

When Nate gets home, he tells Elena that the meeting ended well thanks to Billy but there was a lot of tension with Devon. He’s starting to worry about the vibes, maybe. It must be difficult for Devon to share decision-making.

She’s sure that everything will settle and be fine. It doesn’t surprise her that there would be some clashes but they all want Chancellor-Winters to succeed. He admits he’s feeling guilty about something.

Elena looks uncomfortable. He tells her he feels bad about them not spending more time together. He’s determined to work around her schedule and being with her is at the top of his priority list.

She loves him for that and thinks they both need to nurture their relationship. They make out and the clothes come off. Sax music plays.