Y&R Opinion: Unpopular Opinions, Billy’s Manpain Monologues, Delusional Chelsea, Low Energy Pairings — & is Phyllis Using Jack?

Y&R rants and raves for the week of May 23 to May 27.

I’m in a mood this week. I’m a little ranty, but I’m enjoying the show more than I have in several months. Perhaps longer. I’d love to hear your own thoughts so don’t be shy about leaving a comment.

Should Ashland get visitation with Harrison?

I already dove into Ashland and Victoria’s relationship in my last Y&R opinion column. I talked about whether or not he could be redeemed. I think most characters can be redeemed if written properly, whether we like it or not. Didn’t Nikki lie about being ill at one time? I digress. Ashland’s not redeemed yet. He may never be redeemed in many viewers’ eyes.

I also talked about whether he and Victoria will reunite. You know they will. It’s been building to this for a while and if you peek at the Y&R summer previews, you’ll see more about that.

As for Harrison, obviously they need to do what’s best for the kid. I don’t have any children so I’m truly not sure what to think, but it feels wrong tearing Ashland out of Harrison’s life, because the little tyke wouldn’t understand what’s going on and it’d hurt him.

But I don’t trust Ashland and don’t think he should be alone with him, either.

Telling a child that his father lied about having cancer is cruel and unnecessary. Instead of an apology tour, he should turn himself in for committing fraud. That’d go a long way toward even giving him monitored visitation rights. Should he be able to see his son? Should it be monitored or should he be cut out of the boy’s life?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Should Ashland be able to see Harrison?

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Side note: Kellen Enriquez is absolutely adorable as are his beautiful locks.

harrison sees ashland first time while young and the restless cbs soapsspoilers

When Diane met Ashland

I’m already intrigued by Ashland and Diane. I was counting on them to become friendly. I wouldn’t mind them being co-conspirators or lovers. They do have chemistry, and we could be in for a ride if the writers went there.

The truth is, we’ve been teased by what drama could happen for so long in so many storylines with zero follow through that I’m not holding my breath, waiting for them to get up to no good.

ash meets diane young restless

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Y&R opinion: Man pain, low energy pairings and is Phyllis using Jack?

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Sally’s wardrobe

Here’s perhaps another unpopular opinion…

Everyone talks about Sally’s wardrobe. Whether she’s in the boardroom, or the bedroom, she’s put in revealing outfits. It may be an unpopular opinion but I believe that she can get away with wearing anything no matter where she is. I don’t tune in to watch my faves in dowdy outfits. I don’t want to see them all buttoned up.

Sally is hot, she has an incredible body, and I think it’d be a crime to hide it. It’d be like Xander never going shirtless on Days of our Lives. Criminal!

I understand that there’s a part of the audience who are conservative. Seeing skin makes them uncomfortable or even rattles them. Meanwhile others, are jealous.

For some, seeing someone so young and sexy is a blow to their own self-esteem. Not that it needs to be. Beauty is all around us. It doesn’t detract from our own beauty, and neither does lifting up other women. Think about that next time she’s wearing something sexy!  

Sidenote: Did anyone else notice

sally looks spectacular black young and the restless

Billy’s man pain

I think Friday in Canada coined the term “Manpain Monologues,” which really should have been the title of Billy’s podcast. 

No way does Billy’s brand new podcast about his man pain get thousands of listeners. That’s not plausible in the real world and I’ve read posts on every social media platform and there isn’t a single poster who has said that they love his podcast. They find it boring and not the least bit soapy. It could be if he was trash-talking half of GC, but we can’t have nice things! 

The only people who like it are Noah and Chance. No surprise there since all three have that man pain that women don’t care about that seems to be spreading through GC like a wildfire. What about women’s pain?

The show literally sent the most devastated woman in town, Victoria, away with her mama to deal with her woman pain at a spa in Switzerland. Because…misogyny.

If the show wrote this for their female demographic, they’d know that we want to SEE Victoria work through her pain, especially since she’ll want Ashland back once she returns. We need to see why she’d choose to forgive the man.

Nobody was tickled more when Eeyore Noah of all people, was spotted listening to Billy’s man pain podcast, with that usual hangdog expression on his pretty face. This poor guy.

noah listens billy podcasat young restless


Bring Crystal back

Noah deserves someone fun who can break him out of his shell. He and Crystal are both artists. They had incredible chemistry in the few minutes they spent together at the wedding, and he laughed and smiled while he was with her. And yet… the show still saddled him with sweet and yet equally low energy Allie.

Couples pair better and balance each other out when one is high energy. There’s still time to change this. 

Elena’s trust issues

Elena cheated on Devon with his cousin Nate, in true soapy fashion. That lingering mistrust that she caused herself is kicking her ass, now that she sees Imani as competition for Nate’s affections. And Imani sure doesn’t mind rubbing that in her face. It’s pure soapy goodness.

Because Elena’s already been the cheater, of course she’d be looking at Nate with side eye, especially since Nate seems so oblivious. I hate this soap trope that turns men into morons when it comes to other women, but I digress.

Elena walked in on Nate holding Elena’s hand at Society and didn’t much like it. Surely not as much as I liked it. Imani’s higher energy than Nate, while he and Elena are the lowest energy couple on the show.

I still remember how bloody hot Elena and Devon were. And how Elena used to have better storylines. The only thing poor Elena has going on right now is that she’s always tired. Yeah. We get it. She’s a doctor who works long hours, but the constant chatter about how tired she is translates on screen as tedious.

It only makes me think that Nate will become bored and cheat on her with Imani. I have no problem with cheating storylines but it’s kind of the show’s go-to story and they need something new. 

When Minx recapped Elena and Nate’s first sex scene of the year, she told me that they were relaxing to watch. So relaxing that it made Minx a little sleepy. That’s never a good thing. This is a soap opera and most of us aren’t here for relaxation.

We’re here for the conflict, the suspense, the drama, and especially the payoff. We want more for all involved than this.

If Nate turns to Imani, a ricochet effect could put Elena back with Devon and Amanda with Billy.

And you know what? I’m fine with all of that, unpopular opinion or not! What are your thoughts?

elena sees nate comfort imani young and the restless


Slapping the taste out of each other’s mouths

Nikki wasn’t happy to find Diane still in Genoa City and stomped on over to her, those lips pursed, and gave her a piece of her mind. The dialogue was so old and clunky that I had second hand embarrassment from it.

“What’s the matter? Is your broomstick in for repairs?” I cringed so hard and then immediately shared it with SoapsSpoilers’ contributor, Matthew Farris. He responded, “Oof that’s an old joke. Joan Rivers maybe.”

That checks. It was funny at one time but it’s so dated. Luckily, the scene was saved when Nikki and Diane got into a slap fight. I watched it way too many times, though I haven’t taken a side. I love both Nikki and Diane!

Is my Phyllis using Jack?

Phyllis is my favourite character on Y&R but that doesn’t mean she’s safe from mocking or that I don’t see what she’s up to!

My Phyllis refused Jack for months, telling him that they didn’t belong together and basically she wasn’t that into him and boom — the minute Diane returned to GC, Phyllis jumped into bed with Jack. Summer and Kyle aren’t the only ones wondering if Phyllis is telling the truth when she denied that she’s marking her territory. I don’t believe it.

Either she just realized how much she wanted him, or she doesn’t want Diane to have him. We all know Phyllis is a mess, and though I hate to see Jack hurt, I’m kind of loving this. I didn’t want another Phack reunion. I’m all for new romances, not repeats of the past, which this show is famous for.

I liked Phyllis with Nick and all the sex they had, but somehow, the male head writer of the show wants women to believe that having a lot of sex with your husband isn’t healthy, so they put an end to that.

I did once enjoy Phyllis with Jack, and they do have chemistry so I’m fine with this pairing. That said, I also like Jack’s chemistry with Diane.

Diane vs Phyllis is a good reason to tune in but I could do without Phyllis being so severely insecure. Now with Nikki in the mix, I wouldn’t mind another frenemy gathering of the women taking sides to discuss what to do about Diane. We need that!

Delusional Chelsea

We can all agree that Chelsea is taking Rey’s death perhaps harder than Sharon. His wife. It pisses a lot of viewers off. They want to see Sharon’s grief, not to make Rey’s death about Chelsea. It’s an odd choice. Melissa Claire Egan is killing it as usual and if Chelsea and Rey had a fling and she was pregnant I could see this having more potential, but it doesn’t look as though that’s what went down.

It only seems like Chelsea’s spinning out of control because she’s burned so many bridges that the one person in GC other than her lackey Chloe (I hate that for Chloe!) died. It meant the world to her that Rey forgave her for almost murdering him and now that he’s gone, she’s feeling it hard.

So why does it still rattle us? Because she actually thought Rey would leave Sharon for her. It was highly unlikely since he was devoted to Sharon.

chelsea burning out young and restless soapsspoilers.com cbs