Taylor Encourages Steffy to Leave Town with the Kids, and Quinn’s Shocked by What Carter Tells Her

In the Monday, May 30, 2022, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Steffy’s family try to support her, Eric thinks he’s lying to himself, and Carter wants to protect Quinn.

We also have Friday’s B&B recap where the claws came out between Quinn and Paris and Brooke argued with Taylor about Ridge.

steffy heartbroken work bold beautiful

At Forrester Creations, Thomas apologizes to his sister and father for keeping Sheila’s secret. Steffy doesn’t blame him for what happened in the alley. She just has to accept that her husband is never coming back.

Thomas keeps apologizing but his sister wants to focus on work. She can’t. Ridge urges her to take care of herself and her family.

Sobbing, Steffy says she can’t do any of this without Finn. Thomas and Ridge remind her that they will be there for her. She feels like she has to be everything for her children now.

She hates that everyone knows she is grieving. She wants to feel normal.

Her father tells her that she doesn’t have to be everything and her family’s got her.

Taylor comes in. Steffy complains everyone is treating her like she’s broken. “My husband is dead! He’s gone,” Steffy huffs.

taylor shrinks her daughter bold and beautiful

Her mom tells her it’s okay not be okay. Steffy doesn’t think she will ever heal. Taylor says that talking is part of the healing process.

Steffy says she’s heartbroken and worried about the kids. They’re confused and don’t really understand. Taylor suggest she take them and leave town for awhile. Steffy arches an eyebrow.

taylor and family bold and beautiful

Her mom assures her this would not be running away but finding space to heal. Thomas thinks she should be processing this with her family. Taylor suggests getting away for a little bit could help.

Steffy doesn’t want to get away from her memories. She is continually remembering Finn’s presence and can’t leave that. She never even had a chance to say goodbye.

Looking at his photo, she says, “If only I could see Finn one more time.”

carter stuck bold beautiful

Carter walks in on Quinn in the design office. As she blows on some jewels, he remembers her telling him that what they had has to stay in the past. Clearing his throat, he tells her they need to talk about Eric.

Knowing how committed she is to her marriage, he doesn’t want anyone to mess with it. She’s confused. He reminds her of when Paris put them on notice. He’s worried that could become an issue.

She insists that she is devoted to Eric. Carter doesn’t want to let Paris jeopardize her happiness. Quinn waves this off and says Paris is seeing things that aren’t there.

carter on the rebound again bold and beautiful

He thinks he could have handled things better with Paris and wonders if they should get back together. Quinn reminds him he said that wouldn’t work. Has he changed his mind?

He says he wants a relationship with someone. He wants to build something that matters so what is he waiting for? A family would be possible with Paris.

quinn tries talk sense carter bold and beautiful

Quinn doesn’t know where this is coming from. He feels stuck and needs to move on. He can do that with Paris and it will make her stop asking questions about his feelings for her.

Li reads as she sits by Finn’s bedside. She stops to caress his face and tells him this isn’t how his story ends. “You will come back to us one day,” she says.

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Donna sighs and flops around the bed in lingerie at the health club. Eric hopes she’s relaxed, but he realized he should be there with her… but there is no place else he’d rather be.

She tells him not to feel guilty for being happy. He doesn’t, but it’s complicated. Quinn thinks he’s playing pickleball.

Staring out a window and sipping champagne, Donna guesses he’ll always love Quinn. Eric admits part of him always will. He wanted them to try and rediscover their trust.

Donna says he doesn’t need to explain any of this; she already understands. He thinks she’s wonderful but he’s not being honest with himself. Quinn affair ruptured their marriage in a way that is irreparable.

She tells him frowning is forbidden in their little oasis. No one makes her laugh like he does. She’s missed that since she left Forrester. He tells her how wonderful and vivacious she is.

Is she sure she wants to be doing this with him? Donna says nothing about this feels wrong.

She’s making beautiful new memories with the most fascinating man she’s ever known. She loves him and that will never change. They kiss.

Donna doesn’t want to add more conflict and stress to his life… but he needs to tell her the truth: does he want this to end?