Wanting to Keep Diane at Bay, Jack Agrees to Tell Kyle She is Still Alive

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Jack’s siblings wonder what Allie is up to, Jack and Phyllis try to digest Diane’s reappearance, and Diane fills Allie in on some history. In the previous episode, Victor secretly thwarted Ashland and Phyllis was rocked to learn Diane is alive.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for April 5, 2022 episode airs in the USA April 6. Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.)

ashley billy traci talk YR

At the Abbott estate, Billy welcomes Ashley back. She wanted to speak to him and Traci about Allie and Jack. She’s tried calling their brother a few times but he’s not picking up. Billy assumes he’s busy. Ashley thinks Jack is headed for heartbreak.

Ashley comments that the way Allie’s existence came to light is a little bizarre.

She wonders if it’s two people or if Allie has been sending the texts herself. This whole situation feels manipulative.

Traci has voiced some of the same concerns to their brother. Ashley thinks Jack could be too blinded to see any red flags. Her sister worries that Allie may not share Jack’s enthusiasm to become part of the family.

But if she does, they should welcome her.

billy traci talk outside abbott family YR

Billy agrees with this. Ashley wants Jack to be cautious. She has already started digging into Allie and learned that she’s a grad student in chemical engineering. She’s sure it means a lot to Jack that his granddaughter is following in her father’s footsteps.

However, she worries that Allie could be taking advantage of Jack to get a job. They don’t know what her motivations are. Billy knows that there are people who would exploit such a situation.

Traci thinks he’s being judgy. Billy can sympathize with Allie. He was late to the family table too.

It’s not always easy feeling like the outsider looking in. Traci thinks Allie and Jack can help heal each other.

ashley doubts allie YR

Ashley has mixed feelings about all of this. She worries that Allie will reject Jack and he’ll have to suffer losing another relative. She hopes she can find some peace and a relationship with his granddaughter.

It helps that Phyllis doesn’t think that Allie is a threat. She’s been a good friend to Jack through all this.

Ashley wonders if they are more than friends. Her siblings have no idea.

Traci feels like Jack is on the way back to happiness and recalls him finding the teardrop necklace that promised true love.

She’d like to think this could be Jack’s moment to have it all.

Billy loves his sister’s gift for trying to imagine the best. Traci says they should put their faith in Jack and hopes they can do the same. Her siblings agree to keep an open mind.

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allie visit diane young and restless soapsspoilers cbs

At Keemo’s old house in LA, Phyllis is appalled to see Diane in the doorway. She had to come and see her for herself. Diane assumes she and Jack are back together again. Phyllis and Jack file into the house.

The women bicker. Diane asks if she will help her reconnect to Kyle. Outraged Phyllis tells her that she didn’t deserve him before and doesn’t now.

Standing between them, Jack says that Phyllis has convinced him to let Kyle make the choice about whether or not he will see his mother.

He insists that he must speak to their son first. Diane hasn’t tried contacting him yet, but she’s starting to wonder if she’s being too much of a coward and should just tell him she’s alive herself.

phyllis jack bicker diane YR

Phyllis and Diane bicker about Kyle. Diane muses about how she and Jack are grandparents now. He tells her she gave up that right when she walked away from their son.

Phyllis and Diane continue to force smiles and the redhead gloats about how mature she has become. Diane can understand why they both doubt her. She was sacred to each out and still is, but Kyle is worth it.

diane defends herself YR

Her texts to bring him together with Allie were a gesture of goodwill. Diane expected him to be more gracious given she brought him together with his granddaughter. She expected some forgiveness. He can’t forgive her for the grief she put Kyle through.

“I owe it to Kyle to try,” Diane insists. Phyllis tells her to stop threatening to go to Kyle. They all know Jack is the only one who could smooth a way for her back into her son’s life again. Jack orders Diane to stay out of Allie’s life.

Diane only wants the same chance with Kyle that he has with Allie. Because Jack is grateful for what she has told him, he will inform their son that she is alive. But if Kyle doesn’t want her in his life, she has to turn around and walk away.

jack furious phyllis drags away young and restless soapsspoilers cbs

Diane points out that’s what happened with Keemo. Was that the right choice? Jack is livid at this so Phyllis drags him out of the house. Diane sighs.

diane jack flashback YR

Left alone, she puts an old photo on the mantle and flashes back to old arguments with Jack over custody of Kyle. She’s startled out of these ruminations when Allie shows up.

Allie spots the photo and says little Kyle looked adorable. Jack warned her not to come back there and she could understand given all the talk about death and murder. Diane has regrets but she can’t go back in time. It would be magical to see her son again.

allie listens diane YR

Sitting down, Allie guesses she must really love her son. Diane is sorry Allie lost her father and doesn’t speak to her mom. She’s been alone too and it doesn’t have to be that way. Allie won’t talk about her family and wants to hear about the Abbotts from an outsider.

Diane tells her that Jack never expected to be Kyle’s father. She vaguely talks about the troubles with his paternity. This sounds crazy to Allie. “My son meant everything to me,” Diane claims.

She admits that starting a family the way she did was not the easiest path and flashes back to Phyllis ordering her out of town and accusing her of using her son as bait.

jack happy phyllis naked young and restless soapsspoilers cbs

The two women grated on each other’s nerves as they fought over their place in Jack’s life. Diane tried to seduce Jack away and Phyllis cut her off at the pass with skinny dipping.

Sighting Diane says there was a lot less tension around Kyle once she was out of the picture. Once the Abbotts let someone in, they will love and respect you forever. That makes Allie very lucky.

diane tells allie paternity story YR

This is all a lot for Allie to process. She asks what Diane thinks will happen when she sees Kyle face to face. Diane just hopes she can be his mother again so she can dote on him and his grandson.

diane thinks of future YR

There is no better place than being part of the Abbott family. “You’ll see. It will happen,” she assures Allie.

Diane is not expecting love. The most she can expect is some forgiveness and she needs to try for it.

jack and phyllis in shock YR

Arriving at the cafe, Jack and Phyllis’ minds are boggling to have seen Diane alive. She tells him that Diane has not changed at all. He needs to tell Kyle about her before she can get to him. His head is still spinning.

Phyllis assures him he couldn’t have done anything differently. Even if Diane hadn’t faked her death, she would have done to prison. She only used Kyle as a pawn to get what she wanted.

Now Kyle is an adult and will have to make his own decisions about her.

Jack has no doubt his son loves Diane. But he loves a woman that they let him remember, not this one. Phyllis reminds him of what happened with Dina. He hated his mother walking out on them, but this is different. Diane risked traumatizing her son for life.

jack phyllis worry about kyle YR

Phyllis tells him they can get past this with love and support. He wants to tell his son the news in person. She offers to go to Italy and support him. Jack hates the idea of leaving the country with Diane on the loose so Kyle and Summer should come back to Genoa City.

He needs to find a way to give his son some time before his life is turned inside out. Jack thanks her for coming with him and then steps away to call his son and lure him back.

jack call kyle YR

He returns to Phyllis and tells her that Harrison and Kyle are on their way back but Summer has to stay in Italy for work. Phyllis says that Allie has a twinkle in her eyes and is obviously intelligent. Jack thinks she is lovely, smart, and feels things deeply.

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