Sheila Is Shocked to Learn Steffy Is Still Alive and Tells Taylor How Sorry She Is

In the Wednesday, April 6, 2022, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Deacon tries to comfort Sheila, Steffy’s family remain in shock, and Liam and Hope try reassuring Brooke again.

We also have Tuesday’s B&B recap where Finn died and Bridget tried to save Steffy’s life.

sheila cries over finn bold beautiful soapsspoilers

In Sheila’s room, Deacon tells her he knows how much she loved Finn. He can’t believe he was shot. He doesn’t know what to say or how to help.

As he cuddles with her, he explains that he found them when he was taking the trash out. Whoever did it is long gone.

He can’t imagine what kind of lowlife would do this.

sheila sobs on deacon bold beautiful soapsspoilers

Sheila says she can’t understand how this could happen. It doesn’t make any sense. “It probably never will,” Deacon says. Crying, she says that Finn was letting her know him.

He was her life and future and now he’s gone. “Why Finn?” she sobs.

He assures her that her son knew she loved him. Sheila wants to go to the hospital to see him one more time. Deacon warns that she might run into Steffy’s family if she goes to the hospital.

He tells her that he was the one who called Ridge and the family went straight to the hospital. They are hoping that they can will Steffy to pull through.

“Steffy’s alive?” she asks, forcing a smile.

taylor, ridge and thomas steffy bedside bold beautiful soapsspoilers

Steffy lies in a hospital bed. Taylor, Ridge, and Thomas are by her side, begging her to stay with them.

Ridge tells her they are all there for her and some random person can’t take away their future.

thomas cries sister bold beautiful soapsspoilers

It’s weird for Thomas to see his sister so still. He tells her how much the kids need her. “I need you,” he sobs. She’s his best friend. “Come back to us… please,” he begs.

Bridget enters. She needs to examine the patient so the family files out. In the corridor, they marvel at how none of this makes sense.

What kind of monster would kill Finn and leave Steffy for dead?

This doesn’t feel real for Ridge. Taylor can’t help but think about Sheila right now. She can’t imagine the devastation she will feel when she finds out that Finn is gone.

Thomas thinks this is all crazy. His mom says they’ve already lost Phoebe, they aren’t losing Steffy too. She’s scared.

sheila hugs taylor finn dead bold beautiful soapsspoilers

Sheila steps off the elevator. They tell her Steffy is alive. Taylor gives her a hug and tells her how sorry she is. “I’m so sorry,” Sheila says, hugging her close.

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Liam and Hope are enjoying the silence in the cabin. She wants to take advantage of them being alone. As they fumble with their shirts, Brooke interrupts.

Her daughter reminds her the kids are out. Liam asks her to stay and give them the dirt.

liam and hope listen to brooke intuition bold beautiful soapsspoilers

Brooke sits down and tells them something feels off with Ridge. The kids assume Taylor is complicating things. Liam thinks it’s likely for the best that Ridge isn’t brooding alone somewhere and Hope is sure that he will come back home.

Brooke thinks it’s probably good that Ridge is spending time with Steffy. For some reason, he’s always felt like he wasn’t with her enough when she was growing up.

brooke worries ridge issues bold beautiful soapsspoilers

She can’t shake her feeling that something has shifted with her husband. The longer it takes him to answer her calls, the more she worries. If something is wrong, she wants to be there to help.

The kids offer to help her with anything she needs. As Hope gives her a hug, Deacon shows up to check on them. They clearly haven’t heard the news.

Brooke wonders if something is wrong with Ridge.

liam surprised steffy shot bold beautiful soapsspoilers

Deacon explains that he found Finn and Steffy after they were shot. Everyone is shocked.