As Sasha Feels the Pressure at the Deception Launch and Does Drugs, Liz Takes Drastic Action Against Her Stalker

General Hospital recap for Tuesday, April 5, 2022. In today’s GH episode, Esme isn’t pregnant, Selina repeats her offer to Curtis, and Ava weighs her divorce options.

We also have Monday’s GH recap where Selina blackmailed Britt, Ava threatened to move out, and Liz got another shock.

At the gym, Sonny encourages Dante to see the whole picture when he digs into Esme. Brando arrives and they congratulate him on his wedding. Wearing a suit, he’s headed to The Savoy for the Deception launch.

brando gym GH

They talk about how much Sasha deserves all the success with her business. Sonny thinks Brando should be happy too. Brando admits that for awhile he thought that it would be over after they lost Liam.

Dante and Sonny tell him that he and Sasha bring out each other’s strengths. Brando tells them Sasha is stronger than he thought and dealing with things in her own way. They remember how much Mike liked Sasha.

After they joke Dante will be next down the aisle, Brando gives Sonny a hug and thanks him for all he’s done. If he can ever repay the favor, he’d be honored. After he leaves, Dante asks Sonny how he’s doing.

They chat about life after divorce and then joke around before Dante has to head off to work.

face voice ipo party nina sasha gh

Lucy, Maxie, Sasha, and Brook Lynn arrive at The Savoy for the launch after ringing the bell at the stock exchange. It’s been a rough year but they are ready to reap the rewards.

nina sasha only beginning GH

Nina arrives and congratulates Sasha, telling her this is all just the beginning.

Finn and Felicia fawn over Maxie and her success.

Curtis, Lucy, and Brook Lynn are surprised to see Selina there and on the guest list. She informs them that she’s been a major stakeholder since nearly the beginning.

Lucy thanks her for her support and leads her colleagues away.

curtis rejects selina again GH

Selina corners Curtis and tells him that she has varied interests. She reminds him of her proposition to host poker games in his club. He repeats his rejection but she still feels like there is a chance.

Nina joins them and they chat about fashion and Sonny until Wu walks away. Nina asks Curtis what’s up with that. “Trouble,” he says.

Brook Lynn, Maxie, and Lucy guess that the gangster has been buying up their company through a shell corporation. As they watch the stock rise on TV, Austin strolls in and gives Maxie a kiss. Brook Lynn gags and turns away.

She rushes over, tells Maxie she is dating her arch-nemesis and storms off. Maxie assumes Brook Lynn thinks she was hiding this from her. Austin is okay with being her dirty little secret. Maxie wants him to make peace with her friend. The doctor can’t.

brook lynn no favor GH

Austin corners Brook Lynn. They don’t like each other but are friends to Maxie. They agree to a ceasefire so people like Leo and Bailey don’t get hurt again. She admits she would never agree to this if he wasn’t with Maxie.

Felicia and Anna talk about their trip to Switzerland and plans to go after Victor.

felicia talks switzerland gh

Brando arrives to congratulate his wife. His mother interrupts and swipes the flowers from his hands. He hands them to Sasha.

Lucy comes over and asks if Sasha would like to make a speech. Panicked, Sasha takes off and pops a pill.

Lucy calls Sasha up to say a few words about the launch. Everyone cheers and then Sasha makes a speech about the great women she works with.

As she lists the people to thank, she almost chokes up as she looks at Brando and they think of Liam. They toast to Deception.

Across the room, Selina makes her offer to Curtis again.

selina meets Nina gh

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At Charlie’s, Laura tells Finn that she’s glad Liz has him in her life, especially with what’s been going on.

Scott meets with Ava and guesses there is trouble on Spoon Island. She tells him about Esme and her potential pregnancy. Overhearing this, Laura begs them to tell her she’s misheard this.

They tell her it is only a possibility. Ava informs her that she walked out on Nikolas. Laura has no idea what her son is thinking and storms off to find out. Ava asks her lawyer what she’s entitled to if she walks away from her marriage.

scott ava trouble spoon island GH

Scott asks if this is really about Esme, or is she just looking for a way out? He thinks that pulling the cord may be a little premature but suggests she plant a flag on her marital property.

esme confession spencer GH

Esme joins Spencer for coffee at Wyndemere. She’s surprised he’s being nice now that they know she’s not pregnant after all. She thinks she should leave and take her chances with Sonny.

Nikolas pops up and asks why she should go anywhere. She’s better off there and it’s for the best that she’s not pregnant.

The Cassadines say she deserves to feel safe. Spencer tells her he will always care enough to protect her.

laura hears esme not pregnant gh

After Spencer goes off to get dressed, Laura shows up. She tells the prince his wife is meeting with her lawyer. Esme takes off and Laura is relieved to learn she’s not pregnant.

He admits to his mom that he had a fight with Ava and Sonny has been intimidating Esme. Laura points out how many other people think Esme is guilty. He’s sorry his wife is upset but won’t let anything happen to Esme.

His concern concerns her. He doesn’t want Spencer to have anything to feel guilty for if something happens to Esme.

He stepped into this to keep Victor at a distance after he got involved. Laura encourages him to get onto salvaging his marriage.

Once he steps out, Esme returns. Laura hopes she had nothing to do with the video. Nikolas returns and says they all need to keep an open mind. Ava swans in.

spence won't listen sonny GH

Spencer drops by the gym and holds the bag as Sonny punches it. They talk about his time in Spring Ridge and the sex video. Sonny wants to discuss Esme. Spencer confronts him for scaring her.

Sonny points out that he just got out of jail for terrorizing Ava. Spencer doesn’t think Esme is guilty of what she’s accused of.

The mobster claims that he was just trying to get her to own what she did and then she turned on the waterworks.

brando sonny favor GH

He tells Spencer he is backing the wrong horse. Sonny urges him to be careful. He’s made choices that have hurt people in his life and Spencer is dangerously close to walking in his shoes.

At Liz’s, she has a nightmare about a figure warning her not to forget him. When she wakes up, she tells herself that was just a dream but finds “Don’t Forget Me” freshly written on one of her paintings.

Jake comes down the stairs and notices the painting before she can throw it away. Aiden joins them and she assures them she will do everything to protect them, even if she has to do it alone. Jake calls Finn.

finn liz kids reinforcements GH

When the doctor arrives, Liz tells him about the dream and the painting. The kids point out there could be fingerprints on the painting. They call the cops and Dante arrives.

He explains there are still nightly patrols and they didn’t see anything. Liz is freaked out that someone was in her house again.

The cop adds they seem to be getting bolder. He points out that whoever it is keeps getting in so they should stay somewhere else.

After the cop leaves, Finn offers to book a hotel for Liz and the boys. She won’t allow it and will ask Laura to look after the boys while she goes far away. He thought she could stay with him but she insists she needs to stay by herself to protect everyone else.

granios kids GH

In the kitchen, Jake and Aiden eat Honey Nut Grainios and worry. Aiden suggests that a person might not be behind what’s happening at all. It could be Franco.