Y&R Day Ahead Recap: Faith Gets a Disturbing Visit From Jordan — & Ashland Sells Cyaxares to Someone Other than Victor

Y&R day ahead recap from the Monday, April 12, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Tuesday, April 13. On today’s episode, Ashland decides not to finish the deal with Victor, Faith is asked for forgiveness, and Victor goes to Michael for help with Adam’s predicament.

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Ashland and Victor do business at Society. Victor tries to assure the businessman that Adam’s situation will be remedied. Ashland asks Victor to pay more money for the company and he’ll overlook Adam’s situation. Victor doesn’t like that.

ashland meeting victor young and the restless

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Rey returns home from the cottage. He tells Sharon that the cottage was empty. He took off for good. Sharon doesn’t know what to make of that. Rey accuses her of tipping him off. She swears she didn’t. Maybe he knew she’d tell him where Adam was. Adam feels Rey’s biased against him. They discuss Chelsea and Nate says she’s getting better. Sharon says she and Adam believe that Chelsea has already been able to become mobile. She knows Rey will go question her and asks him to be careful. “She’s already tried to kill you once.” Rey goes and Faith appears. Sharon goes to make them popcorn and Faith answers the door, shocked to see Jordan. Jordan’s there to apologize. Faith says her mother was right. She’s a bad influence. Jordan had no clue she’d react that way to her prank. If she had died because of that she doesn’t know how she’d live with herself. She apologizes. Faith is angry and disturbed that Jordan is making this all about her. “You can take your apology and shove it,” she says, closing the door in Jordan’s face. Sharon appears. She heard it all and is proud of how she handled it. She receives a text from Adam. “I knew you’d tell Rey.” She asks where he is and he tells her she did what she had to do and now he has to do the same. Faith tells her mom that no apology can change things between her and Jordan. Faith’s not looking forward to going to school but Sharon says she has a lot of people to go to who love her and can help her through whatever happens next.

rey doesn't believe sharon young and restless

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At Chance Comm, Amanda tells Lily and Billy she needs a leave of absence. Billy worries it’s a medical issue but Amanda explains that she will be leading a criminal case for Naya. She can’t pass this up. She wants to show her mother what she’s made of. They’re understanding but will miss her. Her job will be waiting for her. She goes and Lily bitches that the timing is the worst. Billy gets a call from Ashland and Victoria. He’s having second thoughts about Victor and Adam’s deal. He asks them to meet — together at his suite. Ashland stares at Victor from across the table at Society as he tells them he’ll see them shortly. Victor laughs. “You’re enjoying yourself?” Ashland says he can sweeten his offer. “Who the hell do you think you’re dealing with?” Ashland blames Adam for going rogue. Victor tells him to have a nice day and Ashland takes off. Victor calls Michael to meet at the ranch. Meanwhile, Lily tells Billy that this feels like a trap. He can go but she’s not interested.

lily refuses meeting young restless

At Crimson Lights, Nate tells Elena’ he’s tired of walking on eggshells with her. Maybe they weren’t meant to be together. Elena let her insecurity ruin her relationship with Devon and was wrong to react the way she did. She assumes it’s too late for them but she still has feelings for him. He feels he pushed her in the beginning. She wasn’t ready to be loved but she’s let go of her expectations with Devon. She thinks they could be happy. He says he thinks they missed their shot. Elena insists she’s over Devon. Nate can’t trust that if Devon wants her back that she won’t run to him. She tears up and understands she ruined things. She goes.

elena insecurity young and restless

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Victor arrives home and sees Adam in the living room at the ranch. They share some scotch. “You need this,” Victor says. Adam didn’t know where else to go. He didn’t poison Rey. Victor knows. Who did? Adam confesses he’s certain it’s Chelsea. She’s not paralyzed. Victor lets Adam know that she’s speaking, too. Adam shares how things went, that Sharon helped him but he knew Sharon would tell Rey where he was so he hid in the woods. Victor urges his son to hide in the tack house until after Michael leaves. When Michael arrives, Victor tells him they need to look at Chelsea as a suspect in Rey’s poisoning. Her and Chloe. Michael doesn’t believe it. Victor tells him about the photo of Sharon kissing Adam. Chelsea was jealous and punished him. Michael thinks it’s foolish sounding but Victor points out that it’s not any more foolish than his son leaving a trail of evidence right to him. Michael goes.

adam reaches out to victor young and restless

Billy and Victoria arrive at Ashland’s suite. He asks Victoria why he shouldn’t put Billy in charge of his company. Vikki doesn’t want to trash the competition. Neither does Billy. This makes things more difficult for him. He takes a quarter from his vest pocket. It’s from delivering papers as a kid. It’s never let him down before and he’s going to toss it to see who gets his company. Heads and it goes to Victoria, tails, and Billy gets it. Victoria lets Billy toss it. It comes up tails. Later, Billy congratulates Victoria. All is not lost. She won’t use Cyaxares to come after Chance Comm like her father would have. Billy will console himself with that. Victoria goes to Victor at the ranch after to tell him her news. She gloats about Adam getting in the way of Victor’s big plans and Victor tells her she’s playing with the big boys now. He warns that if she crosses him in business, things can get dangerous. “Now see yourself out,” he says. She notices an empty glass of booze and gets a look in her eye.

At Adam’s, Rey gets Chelsea alone and she tells him she’s talking easier and can move her arm. Rey asks her to answer questions about Adam. She says it’ll be difficult since she’s ashamed. Rey wondered why strong women keep falling for Adam’s act. Chelsea admits she was offended. She thought Adam was a good man, wrongfully accused. “But you were right. I’ve been a fool.”She claims she changed her mind about Adam when she saw the news about Rey’s poisoning. Then, Chloe showed her the photo of Adam and Sharon kissing. She felt enraged and humiliated. She cries. She says Adam is obsessed with Sharon. She thinks Sharon knows where he is but Rey reveals she told him where he was hiding and he left. Chelsea tells Rey he must know how she’s feeling right now. “All they want is to be together.”

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