An Unlikely Couple Winds up Married, while Another Winds Up Having Sex

Monday, April 12, 2020: On today’s full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Chloe reveals her feelings for Brady to Nicole, Kristen in disguise talks to Brady about his relationship with Kristen, and Sami is upset about how she spent the night with Lucas.

Nicole arrives at Basic Black and doesn’t see Brady. Chloe thinks he’s working from home today because of her. Nicole’s confused. Did they fight? Chloe reluctantly admits she almost shared her feelings for Brady. Nicole had no idea she felt that way. Chloe admits Susan is the only one who knows. Nicole thinks she’s nuts for telling Susan. Chloe admits she didn’t. Susan’s been nasty to her and possessive of Brady. Then one night she apologized and admitted she knew she was falling for Brady. Nicole hears the story about her admitting her feelings and thinks Susan sounds too crafty – unlike her. Nicole reminds Chloe of the nasty things Kristen did, including donning a Nicole mask to get Brady back. Nic encourages Chloe to give it a shot but Chloe’s feeling insecure about how he sees her.

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nicole hears chloe brady feelings days of our lives

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At the townhouse, “Susan” makes Brady breakfast. She tells Brady she put Rachel back to bed when she woke up this morning. Brady says she could have woken him up. She likes being with her. She asks if he misses Kristen. He does. She’s glad that “that songbird isn’t moving in on her man.” Brady doesn’t want to hurt Chloe. She means a lot to him. Susan thinks she did the right thing. Brady loves Kristen, “It’s just um…” “Susan” narrows her eyes. Brady doesn’t think Susan can keep a secret. She told him about Chloe’s feelings. Finally, he admits Kristen was different the last time he saw her. She’ll be in prison a long time and he’s feeling a distance between them. They used to have a special connection but neither of them feels it anymore. “Susan” goes nuts, “That is not true,” she squeaks. Brady tells her more about the visit. Kristen’s about to tell him who she is when Nicole calls to ask him to get to Basic Black right away.

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Meanwhile, Lucas and Sami wake up in her bed together at the townhouse. Sami jumps up and tells him not to look at her. He reminds her he’s seen her naked before. Sami says the statute of limitations has run out on that. He peeks at her and admits, “You look great.” He apologizes for taking advantage of her but she won’t accept his apology. She finally relaxes and says it felt good to be in his arms. He’s the only one that gets her. Lucas knows they’re good together even when they’re not married. Sami starts to cry. “I cheated on my husband.” She swore she’d never cheat because she walked in on her mom and John. Lucas defends her. Sami freaks out. EJ can never know about this. There would be hell to pay! Sami says she loves him and wants their marriage to work. She knows she didn’t say that last night but she slept on it. Lucas won’t tell anyone but he reminds her that EJ’s mother let him in there. “Susan? Oh my God!” Once Brady has gone to work,  Lucas dresses and Sami escorts him out the door on the sly. When she turns around, “Susan” is there.

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Eli and Lani make out at home until Paulina drops in, worried. Chanel didn’t come home last night. She shares that she wanted Chanel to get a job and told her not to come home until she got one. She didn’t mean that she should sleep in the streets. Eli thinks Chanel might be with a man. “Eli, I love you but are you calling my baby a tramp?” Eli denies that. Lani thinks she’s with Theo. They were dating in South Africa. Paulina didn’t realize Theo was the one she was seeing there. Lani goes to call him. When she returns, she says Theo doesn’t know where she is. Eli goes to call headquarters to check surveillance video at the square, while Paulina confesses she spoiled her since day one. Lani knows she and Mama did without when they were young. Paulina says Chanel got older and expected to get what she wanted. “I spoiled her rotten and now I gotta deal with it.” She wishes Chanel was like Lani. She asks Lani to be a good influence on her. Eli returns. Chanel was seen going into Salem Inn with a man. They had to the hotel to check into it. Once there, they knock on Xander’s door. Xander answers it.

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Xander wakes up in bed with Chanel beside him. “Good morning, handsome.” Xander has forgotten her name. He asks if they hooked up. “You could say that, yeah.” He apologizes if he acted like a drunken lout last night. He needs Aspirin. He gets out of bed and notices he is in his kilt. He’s baffled. He goes to shower. Once he’s back, Chanel tells him he had the kilt on because he didn’t want to waste it. She shows him her hand. She’s wearing Sarah’s engagement ring. Xander looks aghast. “You gave it to me,” she tells him. He’s shocked that he’d do that. He sadly tells her to keep it. It’s worth a lot of money. She can’t do that. He proposed and they got married. She produces a little white dress. “We’re married honey, we tied the knot last night!” Xander looks ill. “Oh God.” He asks what he said. He told her it’d help him get over Sarah. Chanel says she had a problem with it initially, “but he’s great looking, he has that accent and he’s loaded!” She shows the marriage license. Xander says they need to undo whatever they did last night.

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Back at Basic Black, Nicole tells Chloe she’s taking her meeting with Sergio and Chloe should wait there for Brady and tell him her feelings.

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