Young and Restless Spoilers April 12-16 Billy & Victoria Compete

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First up, last week’s refresher!

Kyle didn’t heed Jack’s warning to stay away from Ashland Locke, and Locke asked point-blank if Kyle had sex with his wife. Kyle made light of it and denied it and Locke pulled out of the business deal with Jabot. Lily and Victoria faced off against Billy, while Victor wasn’t happy to hear that his daughter was making deals behind his back with his enemies. Meanwhile, Sharon went to Adam to help him clear his name, and lied about it to Rey and Nick, while Chelsea spoke to Nick!

Coming up on Y&R from Monday, April 12 to Friday, April 16.

Monday, April 12

Y&R opinion – Surrogacy story is a dud

Y&R Day Ahead Recap  – Rey finds Adam’s house

Amanda connects the dots about the past of her family.
Sharon warns Rey regarding Chelsea.
Nate lets down his guard with Elena.
Rey closes in on Adam who is MIA again.
Amanda is excited to work on her new case and hangs out with Devon.
Moses likes Faith.
Moses plays matchmaker.
Victor shuts Amanda down hard.

amanda's excited young and restless

Tuesday, April 13

Y&R Day Ahead Recap – Adam knows Sharon tipped Rey off

Victor receives a surprise visitor.
Rey interrogates Chelsea.
Adam takes off before Rey can find him at the lake.
Victoria and Billy compete for a second chance at Cyaxares. Victoria wins.
Chelsea tries to manipulate Rey.
Jordan visits Faith.

faith gets visit jordan young and restless

Wednesday, April 14

Y&R Day Ahead Recap – Devon and Amanda reunite

Devon and Moses bond over memories of Neil.
Phyllis gets the upper hand.
Jack sets the record straight with Sally.
Nina voices concerns to Abby about Mariah.
Abby and Mariah get gifts for their party.
Chance texts Abby.
Moses and Faith connect at the coffee house.

phyllis yells at Sally young and restless

Thursday, April 15

Greg Rikaart returns to Y&R.

Y&R Day Ahead Recap – Sharon and Rey break up

Victor tests Chelsea.
Rey gives Sharon an ultimatum. Him or Adam. He dumps Sharon.
Summer and Kyle’s relationship hits a roadblock. They plan their future. Kyle wants to get married already!
Gloria has a drink with Sally and gives her advice about Jack.
Jack overhears Phyllis and Sally arguing and dumps Sally.
Sally tries to appeal to Jack but he’s done.
Victor is sad to hear Adam is leaving Genoa City.

victor wants to help adam young and the restless

Friday, April 16

Y&R Day Ahead Recap – Faith is bullied

Nick makes a confession to Phyllis.
Jack thanks Phyllis.
Victoria blabs to Rey about her brother hiding out at the ranch.
Victor refuses to let Rey search the ranch.
Victor argues with Victoria about her betrayal.
Nikki is tasked to keep the peace.
Victoria turns the tables on Adam.

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victoria victor argue young restless

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