Y&R Opinion: Half of Genoa City is a Hot Mess & — the Surrogacy Story’s Offensive

Young and the Restless’ pacing changed this week in a good way, which had viewers wondering what was going on. The pacing wasn’t break-neck speeds but took a little more time to reveal all of the pieces. I was into it, though I may not have enjoyed all of the stories.

Jackie Boy and That Mess Sally

I’m still not sure there is chemistry between Smilin’ Jack and that hot mess Sally. COVID times haven’t helped matters since we haven’t seen them touch or kiss, but I admit that when Sally revealed to Jack that she was a big ole mess, I liked that he didn’t judge her. He’s no saint. I felt bad for him. He’s so unlucky in love and deserves better. I also surprised myself in feeling for Sally and her abandonment, since I hated on her for going a wee bit nuts on B&B. I loved the layers they added to her character, which have endeared me to her. I prefer to enjoy all characters at least to some extent.

sally confesses young and restless

Highschool flashbacks

I was a little surprised that Lauren got into Sally and Summer’s little feud. Normally management doesn’t get involved unless HR is called. Even then, often nothing happens. I wasn’t feeling Lauren’s hurt at Phyllis or Summer and Sally. And as much as I love Phyllis, Summer and I really blame her for things coming to a head. Not that I would expect less of her. And I’m not sure I would want it any other way. Her involvement adds drama, but dragging Lauren for doing her job was embarrassing. Summer can fight her own battles. And Lauren may have been a hot mess herself when she was a teenager but she’s always the first to say so. Let’s just be glad this lame story is over.

Lily’s patronizing, Ashland’s not that badass

Billy is like a dog with a bone. A bonehead if you will. The deal with Cyaxares was long since done. Ashland sold the company to Adam and Victor. But Billy Boy is an addict and he couldn’t stop thinking about it. He couldn’t let it go. And oddly, Victoria tried to warn Lily about his gambling but she should have called it addiction, because instead of listening, Lily wanted to put Victoria in her place. I can’t blame her but that’ll come back to bite her.

Because Adam’s a suspect in attempted murder, Billy thinks he can swan in with Victoria and buy the company out from underneath his enemies. I don’t care about the moral implications. Business is cutthroat. Believe me. I know! There’s no room for concern about feelings. I side with Lily. She’s right in that Billy wants the company for the wrong reasons. But I don’t care for the way she speaks to him. It’s condescending. She treated him as though he’s one of her kids. They’re dating, so it’s worse. It’s a turnoff. And because of that, it’s turning me off the couple. Okay, so I’m not even sure I’m a fan of the couple. I don’t really see a lot of chemistry but I was totally into seeing them make out. It’s been so long since we’ve seen couples making out on the show that I was into it!

Now that Ashland stopped the deal from going through with Jabot, I still want Victoria to win, not Billy Bonehead. Ashland isn’t as badass as I thought if he let his personal issues enter into a business deal. I’m greatly disappointed.

victoria run in lily young and restless

Kyle has a lot to learn about business

My mum can’t stand Kyle. She thinks he’s “so far out of his league,” concerning Ashland and that he’s too young to be an executive.

I’ve always liked Kyle with Summer but I don’t find Kyle believable as a junior executive or whatever he is. I agree with my mum. He’s too young. He should really have listened to Jack and stayed far away from Ashland. Jack hasn’t been at the top in his field this long without reason. Kyle’s so green that he doesn’t understand that business comes first. Not his personal life. Not his ego. Ashland pulled out of the business deal and Kyle wasn’t even admonished by Jack for it, which surprised me. He lost the deal because he couldn’t stay away from Ashland and there seem to be zero consequences for him other than the usual, he banged some chick and got her pregnant…blah.

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Team Sharon over Rey and Nicholas

Here’s the thing. Sharon is one of those characters that you can root for while at the same time, calling her out for making a mistake. Frankly, all characters in soaps are generally like this to me, but that’s not how most people watch.

Sharon’s been lying to Rey’s face over and over about knowing where Adam is and he doesn’t deserve it. The lies are building up and I don’t see how Rey’s going to forgive her. It was shocking that Sharon and Adam’s kiss wasn’t the last straw, this very well may be. And who could blame Rey for dumping her lying ass? I wouldn’t.

sharon tired of nick and rey young and restless

That said, I’m still Team Sharon.

Rey suggesting that Sharon get her assistant to take over the coffee shop while their life gets back to normal or closing down is the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard. It makes him sound controlling, though other viewers might argue that he was perhaps looking out for her mental wellbeing. Other viewers. Not me.

If Sharon suggested that Rey take time off from the force, he’d find it asinine. As he should. People can still deal with life’s complications and have a job. And honestly, what’s the point? Faith is fine, Rey’s fine.

I was a little miffed seeing Nick and Rey telling Sharon what to do and talking about her behind her back, especially since Nick was once married to her. There are no boundaries there.

Some viewers would argue that Sharon’s only angry with this because she feels guilty that she is lying. Sure, that’s a big part of it but who the hell wants their husband and ex-husband talking about them behind their back? No matter what lies Sharon’s telling, it doesn’t make what they’re doing any better.

I have to say that Chelsea and Chloe’s scheming isn’t as exciting as Sharon and Adam’s. Watching Sharon go over to Chelsea’s to toy with her was fun. I loved that it spurred Chelsea into revealing herself a little to Nick. I’m dying to see how it plays out next week.

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Surrogacy story is a dud

Y&R, I beg of you, please drop this storyline. Just drop it. Read the room. Nobody wants to watch this. I’ve polled all of my friends and social media. Nobody is into it. And the dialogue? I’m not disrespecting the writers. I’m sure that this story is difficult to write but it’s cringey like a Hallmark movie.

“We’re all pregnant. Abby’s egg, my uterus, Devon’s DNA, Chance’s love equals a baby.”


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