Ashley Meets with Tucker, Elena Urges Nate to Reconsider His Plot, and Billy Makes a Big Admission to Lily

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Noah asks Audra to stay away from him, Nate suggests they accelerate the IPO, and Nikki makes digs at Tucker and Diane. In the previous episode, Adam wondered why Chelsea was so fixated on Johnny, Chelsea stalked the kid, and Abby and Chance argued about priorities.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for October 7, 2022 episode airs in the USA October 10. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Ashley arrives at the Abbott estate and apologizes for being a day too late for the vow renewal. Jack wonders why she hasn’t returned his calls.

ashley talks tucker drama Y&R

Telling her to brace herself, he explains Tucker is back. “Wow,” she says after getting the details of his flashy return.

Jack says the kids were pretty put off by it. She thinks it was over the top even for him.

Ashley assumes he came back to get closer to Devon and Dominic. Her brother explains he seemed far more interested in seeing her and is sure she wants to hear what he has to say.

She doesn’t see why he’s so wary of Tucker when he’s the reason they got Jabot back.

He’ll never forgive him for the way he treated her.

Ashley complains about how Tucker cheated on her twice. She doesn’t know how she ever thought he could have changed. Whatever love she had for him, burned itself up.

Her brother’s jaw drops when she tells him that she should see Tucker after all.

He doesn’t know why she would put herself through that and give her ex the privilege of seeing her. She’s sure that he’s up to something and suspects it’s connected to Diane’s return.

He reminds her that Tucker was also a suspect in Diane’s murder. His sister still wonders what his agenda is. “Good luck,” Jack tells her.

At Jabot, Diane and Phyllis discuss Tucker’s “vulgar and ostentatious display.”

Phyllis can’t wrap her head around him giving the kids a Bentley. Pointedly, she asks Diane if she has any idea.

phyllis lies to diane who lies to her Y&R

Diane suggests he was just trying to remind everyone of John since he used to drive the same model of car. Phyllis still thinks it’s an odd choice.

Tucker bumps into Nikki at Society. She accuses him of making a spectacle of himself. He says it was just a spirited homecoming.

She invites him to join her and asks why he’s back in Genoa City. He claims he already answers all Victor’s questions about this.

tucker talks nikki society Y&R

Nikki tells him if he’s planning on outing down roots there, he should know what they did to Ashland due to his reckless behavior.

After complaining about Diane, she tells him there is no place in town for anyone who wants to do harm to the respective families.

That raises a guffaw from him. When he spots Diane, he asks her to join them.

He marvels at the odd of them both winding up back from the dead at the same time.

diane fake referee Y&R

He fills them in about his car racing and being pulled from a burning car.

Nikki points out Diane didn’t face death, she faked it. Diane insists that was the past. Some people have open minds and are letting her move forward.

The Newman wonders how McCall is so well-informed of what’s been going on when he’s only been back for two days.

He claims it’s just obvious to see she’s made a lot of progress with her son. He’d love to learn how she got a second chance.

She claims they haven’t spoken in years, and she has no time to counsel him.

Nikki claims anything she could say would be malicious anyway. She suspects the two of them could bond on all sorts of shady things.

Diane refuses to let her bait her and walks off. He gets a text from Ashley asking to meet and takes off.

Phyllis drops by Jack’s office at Jabot to talk about supply issues. He asks her to send an email.

She senses something is wrong and offers to listen, guessing this must be about Tucker.

jack thinks ash mistake Y&R

Jack tells her his sister is back in town and has decided to meet Tucker. He thinks that is a terrible mistake.

They discuss what Tucker could be up to. It eats him up that his sister is wasting any time with his asinine games.

Tucker stops by the Abbott estate. After entering, he tells Ashley that he has missed her and dreamt of this for a long time.

“Why are you really here, Tucker?” she asks.

tucker visit ashley Y&R

Noah strolls into Crimson Lights. Audra walks up to him and guesses what he’s going to order.

noah tells audra not disparage allie Y&R

She congratulates him on his club, and he asks her how work is going.

She’ll be around as long as it takes to get her work done. After that, she’ll have to decide how worth her while it is to stick around.

She’s sorry about what happened in London and tells him his “little friend is very cute.”

He doesn’t appreciate her disparaging Allie.

Audra can see he loves Allie just as he once did her. What they had wasn’t all bad.

He asks her to keep her distance and walks away.

audra calls allie cute Y&R

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Victoria meets with Nate in the park. She asks him for details on Audra and her plans for prepping Chancellor-Winters for going public. They both worry about how sharp and ambitious she seems.

Nate asks vicky plan Y&R

Nate says she is very thorough, but when she’s off the clock, she likes her fun.

They were about Tucker coming back and the wrench he could throw into their plans.

vicky asks if tucker reached out devon Y&R

Billy meets Devon and Lily in the office.

He explains he’s done some digging into Tucker’s recent business actions and he’s not happy about what he’s found.

billy not happy findings Y&R

He’s been selling subsidiaries of his company. They worry this might be connected to them going public.

Devon thinks the smart thing going forward is to keep an eye on him.

Nate joins them. As they wait for Audra, Devon points out that she and Nate have been joined at the hip lately. He suggests he pull back on his work hours and try to make things right with his girlfriend.

Audra arrives and they get to business. Lily says someone has been taking advantage of the stock offering: Tucker. They are worried about the extra cash he has.

audra asks hypothetical Y&R

Devon wonders if they should put on the breaks but Lily doesn’t see a reason to pull back. Nate suggests they move even faster to throw Tucker off his game.

That sounds good to everyone, although Devon is a bit reluctant to agree to it.

devon gets into Nate's relationship business Y&R

Once the meeting ends, Nate leaves for another meeting and Devon asks Audra to get coffee with him.

After they take off, Lily asks Billy to stay on top of the Tucker situation. She’s disappointed when he doesn’t seem enthusiastic about this.

Billy would rather talk about this at home. She thinks something is fundamentally wrong with him; it’s like he’s just doing what she wants instead of following his bliss.

Crossing his arms, Billy admits she’s right. This doesn’t seem to be working. The company is in an exciting place but it’s just boring and unfulfilling. It’s hard to pretend that will change.

lily says billy not following bliss Y&R

She takes a deep breath and asks what his path is. He wishes he knew.

Nate calls Victoria and tells her that everyone is suspicious of Tucker. They’ve decided to move going public, so they need to act fast while everyone is looking elsewhere.

When he gets off the phone, he turns and Elena is there. She heard the end of his conversation and can guess what it was about.

nate elena hear her out Y&R

She thought that if she kept telling him he was doing something wrong and this was coming from a place of love, it would work. But now she’s asking him to stop for his own sake.

Nate says he’ll be fine but she’s sure the Newmans are only out for themselves. He may be friends with Victoria, but she’s the CEO of Newman and would dump him without a thought.

Is this really worth the potential downside?

elena love not enough Y&R

Devon and Audra go to Crimson Lights. He explains he wanted to get to know her out of the office the way Nate has.

He doesn’t know much about her.

She gets the sense he’s concerned about something and has noticed the dynamic with his cousin.

Y&R day ahead recap!

Tuesday’s Y&R: Tucker schemes with Audra

audra with tucker Y&R