Ridge Declares His Love For Taylor and They Reunite With a Kiss as Brooke Leaps on a Jet to Aspen

In the Friday, October 7, 2022, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Thomas tries to convince Steffy to stay optimistic, Donna surprises Eric by telling him the latest on Ridge and Brooke, and Brooke takes off.

We also have Thursday’s B&B recap where Ridge told Taylor that he wanted to spend forever with her as Donna tipped Brooke off about him being in Aspen.

Inside Bill’s Aspen house, Steffy watches her parents and prays that her mom will listen to Ridge.

steffy focused parental reunion bold beautiful

Her brother calls and she worries to him that their mom is not in the headspace to listen to their father.

Thomas tries to be more optimistic, sure their mom will say yes once she hears all she wants to hear.

thomas thinks tay go back to dad bold

Steffy worries she’s too afraid of Brooke swooping back in and dragging their dad away.

In Aspen, Ridge begs Taylor not to run away. He tries to make small talk about her old running trophies. She says they are buried just like some other things should be.

taylor angry ridge bold

He says he would run to the ends of the world to be with her.

Throwing her arms around, she declares she won’t get sucked in by all his romantic statements. He says he wants them to heal so the family can have a future.

taylor tries get rid ridge bold beautiful

Taylor runs. He jogs after.

ridge chasing taylor metaphor bold beautiful

They run up into the hills until he nearly has a heart attack. He begs her to say she wants to spend the rest of her life with her.

She has every right to doubt. He will always care about Brooke but he’s lying to himself by being with her. It’s wrong. He wants the future with Taylor they could have had.

“I want that with you…forever,” he says. He recalls the recording of the call Brooke made to CPS.

Taylor assumes Brooke must have done something. Ridge claims he saw the light when he was hit in the head with a pinecone. He laughs.

“You got hit in the head with a pinecone and all of a sudden you want a future with me?” she asks. She’s seen the kind of future they could have but it keeps collapsing.

He can understand why she is so skeptical, but he won’t let her down anymore. He wants to be a better man and she makes him a better man. Ridge wants her for always.

ridge emotes in aspen bold beautiful

Tapping him, she says she’s sure he believes what he’s saying, but…

He repeats that he won’t go back to Brooke. He’s done repeating himself and doesn’t want to spend one more day away from her.

Ridge insists this isn’t about the kids. It’s about them. “I’m here for us and I want you to be here for us too,” he says.

Sniffling, she asks what took him so long.

They kiss.

taylor accepts ridge bold beautiful

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At Brooke’s, she talks to Donna over the phone. She’s sure that Ridge and Taylor must be together in Aspen and the harassment from their kids is actually working.

brooke can't believe ridge in aspen bold beautiful

She doesn’t have a good feeling about this and needs to get to Aspen as soon as possible.

As soon as she gets off the line, she packs. When she tries to call Ridge, she only gets his voicemail.

brooke's heading to aspen bold beautiful

At Eric’s, he tells Donna the jet is on the way back from Aspen so they can take off for their romantic getaway. She suggests they go somewhere closer to home.

eric learns brooke in aspen bold

It sounds like Brooke needs the jet to race to Aspen.

He’s surprised to learn things have become so bad between his son and Brooke. Donna doesn’t know if he will leave her sister for Taylor, but they’ve seen how much the kids have been pushing.

Brooke leaps on the jet. The pilot is surprised. He had no idea she was coming and hasn’t even re-fueled. She orders him to get her in the air as quickly as he can.

brooke tells pilot get me to aspen bold

Once the pilot makes some arrangements, he assures her they will be in the air soon. “My future could depend on it,” she says.

After they take off, she flashes back to her conversation with her husband about CPS questioning Douglas and Thomas.

Donna calls and her sister is still trying to figure out why Ridge went to Aspen and didn’t tell her about it. She keeps getting voicemail. It’s baffling.

She worries his kids have brow-beaten him into thinking she makes him unhappy.