Y&R Day Ahead Recap: Victor Forces Locke to Sign Over Cyaxares Before He’ll Call 911

Canadian Y&R day ahead recap from the Thursday, April 22, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Friday, April 23. In the previous episode had Ashland had a heart attack. On today’s episode, Tara learns her husband had a heart attack, Nikki is shocked at what she stumbles across at home, and Victoria feels used. She issues Victor a notice.

At Jabot, Kyle and Jack talk about trying to focus energies on one or two factors. The factory in London Ontario,” Kyle says is down. Jack’s shocked Locke is going international. He may be the only one who can stop them and undo the damage.  They have three factories up and running but Jack thinks this could be a disaster for them in the long term. Kyle gets an idea on how to save Jabot. Brash and Sassy hasn’t grown. They can use it to limit the damage. It’s a temporary fix and Locke might go over these factories. The company can be hurt but it’ll mean the damage done on Jabot is lessened.

Victor dialed 911 from the ranch. He tells Locke he just has to hit the send button. “Please do,” Locke says. Victor tells him he’ll call the paramedics. First, he needs to sign the contract. Victor is only asking him to honor their original contract. Ashland massages his chest as he considers it. He tries to sign when Nikki walks in and takes in the display. “Oh my God, is he alright?” Victor says they’re just finishing their business. Nikki snipes at Victor to call a doctor. Ashland finally signs and almost passes out. “Now you can call 911,” Victor says. “Oh my God,” Nikki says. She calls. Ashland’s face is wet with sweat as he raises a fist and tells Victor this game isn’t over yet. The paramedics wheel the man out as he asks Nikki to call Tara. She agrees to it and then blasts Victor for what he just did. Was the company worth it stealing from their daughter? She calls Tara’s suite as Victor decides the conversation is over.

victor lets ashland have heart attack young restless

At Society, Summer tells Tara her husband has to be stopped. He’s been sabotaging Jabot. Tara has nothing to do with that and there’s no way she can persuade him to make any changes. Summer asks then why did he marry her if she can’t do that? Summer is reminded that Kyle contacted Tara, not the other way around. Summer suggests she stop coming to Genoa City but Tara goes where her husband goes. She doesn’t think Kyle can win a fight against Ashland. Tara tells Summer they’re on the same page. She is also devoted to her son and her marriage. Tara gets a call from Nikki about Ashland’s heart attack. Tara worries and rushes off.

On a call at Crimson Lights, Victoria gets on a call to Billy about Ashland trying to play them all.

At Chance Comm, Lily thinks they dodged a bullet not signing with Locke. They can let Victoria deal with it. Billy can’t let go of the company being a missed opportunity. Lily’s sick of this. It’s a rollercoaster. They’re up, down, and disappointed. They can’t do this anymore. She’s planned a special evening tonight. A romantic dinner. They’ll commiserate over the loss of Cyaxares. “We’ll talk about it tonight so hopefully we can move on.”

lily romantic dinner young restless

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Later, as Tara rushes off to be with her husband, Billy wanders into the club to meet Lily for their dinner. He approaches Summer to ask what’s up with Tara Locke. Summer relays the conversation and Billy looks intrigued.

At Society, Lola and Lily discuss the evening’s dishes for her romantic dinner. Devon pops up and he and his sister discuss the embryo transfer being a success. Lily’s thrilled. “I’m gonna be an auntie.” She realizes she really isn’t but is very happy for Abby and Chance. She remembers her own experiences with surrogacy when Mac carried the twins. Talk turns to his reunion with Amanda and how he’s supporting her in her criminal case. Lily’s happy for them. Devon says, “I’m glad you and Billy haven’t gone down in flames yet,” which makes Lily roll her eyes and laugh. She asks after Moses and is glad he’s doing well.

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Summer turns up at Jabot to tell Kyle and Jack that Locke’s been hospitalized. Jack goes off to call the hospital for information and Summer explains her discussion with Tara to her husband. Kyle appreciates her going to bat for him but this is his problem. He worries about Harrison if something happens to Locke. Summer is certain the boy will be fine. Kyle reminds his wife that she has never know what it was like not to be without her parents. Jack reappears with confirmation that Locke had a heart attack. Summer hopes this means Jabot can recoup its losses while he’s in the hospital.

jack kyle at jabot young restless

Nikki meets Victoria at the coffee house to tell her about Locke’s heart attack. Victoria’s shocked to hear that Victor didn’t do anything to help. She relays the whole story and Victoria is rocked. Nikki says Victor has won again. He had Locke sign the papers to purchase Cyaxeres before he went to the hospital. Victoria realizes Locke used her to up the price for Victor and in turn, Victor used her. They bitch about Victor and Nikki can’t keep making excuses for him and then she makes excuses for him. Nikki suggests a massage but Victoria’s off to see Billy Boy.

Victoria greets Billy at his hotel suite. She tells him about Locke’s heart attack and that he was at the ranch at the time, signing the contract to sell Cyaxares. Billy’s pissed. They had a verbal agreement. Victoria suspects that her dad stole the company from her. She’s off to confront her father. He wants to come but she’ll call later with an update. He texts Lily that he’s going to be late.

Kyle finds Tara at the club. She updates him to say her husband will have surgery and a pacemaker. Kyle’s sorry and hopes he pulls through for Harrison’s sake. “But beyond that, I feel no pity for the man.” Tara doesn’t look happy. Kyle tells her that he sabotaged them on a global scale. She might have a way to help and will contact him late.

Victoria arrives at the ranch and blasts Victor. Billy wanders in behind her to get to the bottom of this. He knows Victor manipulated the situation. “You don’t know a damned thing, Billy Boy.” Victor yells that Locke accepted his bid and they tried to steal it out from underneath him. Billy admits to that but they keep arguing. Victoria is done with letting him pop into Newman. She’ll run the company on her own. “I’m closing the door on you.” She goes and Victor gives Billy the boot.

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